Policies for united Balochistan: Sardars must accept these

Chee Mureed
I am only putting forward few policies, the body hopefully consisting of individual and organisation would formulate a constitution for a Modern Democratic Independent Baluchistan. This can be done provided we believe in ourselves and in Ordinary Baluch People.

The solution is an independent body. The body must be outside the reach of Pakistani/Iranian army.

Pre independence:

Baluchistan is currently under colonial system of Pakistan/Iran. Therefore our primary aim is to get rid of the colonial powers. Hence the primary policy of pre independence must be Independent Baluchistan

The body strives for an Independent Baluchistan

Members of the body take a oath that they will have nothing to do with Pakistan/Iran; they will not accept any favours, ministerial post, civil and military post.

All individual or political parties/organization who agree with the above basic policies are welcome to be part of the body.

Post Independence:

The body may govern for an interim period of 5 years. In this interim period the body would lay the foundation of independent institution such as judiciary.

The body’s primary task would be to ensure tAll Baluchistan citizen have equal right.

Establish a mechanism which would enable democratic institutions and parties to take root without any interference from colonial institutions.

Election would be held within five years. The people will elect whatever type of government they want


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