Maqbool ,Can you please answer the following Questions?

Maqbool Aliani, Khair Baux Marri apologist

Dear Maqbool Aliani,

Nice Gay T-Shirt. Congratulation. When did you join the Gay movement?.

Can you please answer the following Questions?

1. Are you Khan Kalat’s spoke person in USA? If so, can you please tell us why he fled Pakistan in 1980 to Afghanistan?
2. Are you related to Jam Yousouf Aliani, the ex-Cheep Minister of Balochistan, who Killed Nawab Bugti?
3. What did you do in NED University Hostel in Karachi? Did you kill some one??
4. Why did you come to Pakistan two months ago? was it an ISI mission??
5. Does your wife beat you every day twice? If so, why? What do you do wrong??

Thanks and Regards,


Ali Akbar Baloch, Karachi


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