Why Khan Kalat had fled Pakistan and gone into self-exile to Afghanistan?

Only people who have clean records and not associated with any militancy or acts of terrorism should make presentations before the House of Representatives. These people include Mehran Baluch, former senator Sanaullah Baloch, Dr. Jumma Marri, and Kachkol Ali.

If they be people from USA to speak at the House of Representatives,we have leaders from Eastern Balochistan like Speaker Waheed Baloch, Razzak Baloch, Dr. Wahid Baloch etc, intellectuals like Malik Siraj Akbar etc or Dr. Malek Towghi  from Western Balochistan who had no association with any terror outfit like Jundollah.

As an American taxpayer I call upon the Khan of Kalat Mir Suleiman Daud Ahmadzai to be honest with the US taxpayers and tell us the reasons why he had fled Pakistan and gone into self-exile to Afghanistan? What was the  deal with the army GHQ that enabled him to return to Pakistan after that incident of the late 1980s?

{{ …and what was the deal with the ISI when he left for the Gulf region,   with a Pakistan passport and official Pakistani exit permission, and then Europe ?? … and what was the reason that his (the Khan’s and a former Baloch senetor’s names  were put in the ECL (Exit Control List) after they had left Pakistan safely ??? More questions to come, e.g. about the money the Khan has been collecting ostensibly for taking the case of Balochistan to The Hague international court ….. 









Added by Malek Towghi }}


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