Few questions to Sardars and People of Balochistan

By Chee Mureed

Anyone who believes that Khan should be the King of Baluchistan then it is their democratic right to rally behind Khan; however, if you want a Democratic Republic of Baluchistan then you need to think out of the box. There is an ocean of difference between a political party and political organisations. The JWP was established to take part in the Pakistani elections. Taking of arms by Nawab Akbar Bugti signalled the end of JWP. Once you demand independence then there is no need for a Pro Pakistan party. What we have suggested is to establish a political organisation that views Pakistan as foreign colonial occupier. The organisation only strives for independent Baluchistan.

The Sardari system was first used by The Houseof Khan to serve The House of Khan. The British imperialist used the Sardari system to colonise Baluchistan. Pakistani authority occupied Baluchistan through the Sardari system, Pakistan could have abolished the Sardari system through a serious of reforms but Pakistan used the Sardari system to maintain its colonial rule. In 1948 Sardars were the first to support Pakistan. Hence throughout the history the only losers under the Sardari System have been the Baluch Nation.

Last King of India Bahadur Shah Zafar refused to sign annexation treaty with British. Every morning the British presented a treaty paper and one of his son’s head with a warning, sign the paper or tomorrow would be turn of your next son. The British continued with this cruelty until all eight sons of the King’s were beheaded and finally the King himself was hanged. The result is the British rule was viewed as a oppressive colonial rule. Nauroz Khan also refused to sign a letter of apology and preferred death/imprisonment. However, Khan Yar Mohammad did sign the annexation; Khan wrote he did not had the authority to sign because Khan empowered the Upper House and Lower House in 1945 to make decision behalf of Baluch Nation. The two houses decision was independent Baluchistan. Sardar Mengal signed a treaty with General Zia and Nawab Khair Bux Marri visited Islamabad in PAF C130 and accepted payments for himself, his son’s and Marri. Today may be 98% of Sardar view their vested interest with Pakistan. The Khan, Nawab Khair bux Marri andAkbar Bugti’s heir to crown are waving Pakistani flag. Akthar Mengal also has taken many U-turns.

The point here is not to praise or criticize butto realize that an individualistic approach is not the way forward. A Nation fate must not be left in hands of individuals. An individual however good orbad cannot be empowered to decide the fate of a Nation. Even Gandhi was underthe umbrella of Congress. Individual can take positive or negative U turn; a good example is Nawab Akbar Bugti. What we need is a mechanism that ensures that an individual’s decision does not harm the movement. What we need is an organisation which unites people on clear policies, clear vision for Baluchistan and directions. In an independent Baluchistan, are we going to have Nawabs, Sardars and King? The days of Nawabs, Sardars and Kings are over. Today the war of independence in Baluchistan is being fought by the Sarmachars;the Sarmachars through their hard struggles over the years have brought Pakistani army to knees.

Before we proceed to ask any questions, let me make it clears the Sarmachars should continue to fight as they see fit.

Let us ask just ask few Questions:

· Where is your our unified body?
· Criteria for selection of leadership?
· What is the policy of this body for Pre and Post Independence?
· What is the road map of for pre and post independence?
· What are the policies towards empowering the ordinary Baluch?
· Land Reforms Policies?


Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) and ISI Plans to convert secular Baloch people into Jihadis


US Ambassador Cameron Munter,
Islamabad, Pakistan.

Your Excellency,

We would like to draw your kind attention to the following new development which is a serious matter of concern to all of us and to Balochs who are fighting for independence.

Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) aka LeT and Pakistan Defense Council (PDC) are moving into Balochistan to implement the ISI plans which includes;

  • To counter the Baloch insurgents and Baloch Nationalist Secular forces.
  • To brain wash and recruits young Balochs as Jihadi Suicide bombers and to prepare them for future to attacks and counter the US, Indian and Israeli forces in case if they invaded Pakistan to separate Balochistan from Pakistan.
  • Both JuD and PDC will implement the same plan which was given to Al-Badr and al-Shams in Bangladesh to eliminate Baloch political figures, students, intellectuals and best brains of Baloch Nation.

Therefore, it is the urgent duty of all Baloch forces to stop and resist JuD and PDC (ISI) Plans unitedly. International community, especially the US and India must help Baloch to counter and foil these ISI plans of converting secular Balochs into jihadi and suicide bombers before it is too late. We strongly urge the State Dept and Indian policy makers to think about it seriously and do whatever needy to be done to save Balochs and Balochistan or else resource rich strategic Balochistan will fall into the hands of these Jihadi extremist forces and they will convert it into another safe haven for Terrorist activities to carry out their Jihad against the West, India, Afghanistan and Israel from Balochistan soil with the help of Iran.


Saleem Bizanjo, Phd

Jondullah terrorists living in fools paradise

Where is UN?

Dr Jumma Khan Marri

Baloch are under intense cruelty today?

Today Baloch people are under intensive cruelty and crimes which we should describe in few basic categories; intentional cruelty, neglect, indulging Baloch people in constant internal wars and military aggression and economical political deprivations.


When a government knowingly deprives a large number of people with most basic human needs like food and other basic means of survival, like clean drinking water, shelter, socialization, health, education, constant mental and maliciously tortures, kill or mutilates in large numbers. Constant military action against unarmed civilians would fall under intentional cruelty. Cases of neglect are acts of omission and gives satisfaction to the governments of Pakistan and Iran who are intentionally neglecting Baloch people and Balochistan’s development is one of basic human right violations in mass scales.

Why international community and UN are silently witnessing the cruelties against Baloch people?

Baloch people call upon the UN and US state departments and all human right originations why you are silently witnessing the abuses or neglecting the plight of Baloch people? Please drum up the support for peace loving Baloch people. The Humane Society of European union and world body have the authority to enforce their state and international laws related to Pakistan and Iranian Governments against human right violations in Balochistan and their capability to investigate and resolve and hold both Islamic states responsible in gross human right violations in Balochistan against innocent civilians. We rely on all concerned citizens of the world to be our eyes and ears in the community of nations and report all the sufferings inflicted on poor Baloch people.

You can choose to remain silent to our sufferings, although giving your support to the Baloch people in their hour need will enable the humanity to follow up with their principal stand against human right violations globally and justice to mankind in general is must and necessary.

All conscious people of the world are dedicated to justice and equality has the important job of ensuring that justice is universal in our jurisdiction to make sure that right information is received and people get their basic rights for proper food, water, shelter health, education, freedom of choice, freedom of expression, freedom of movement and are protected from abandonment wars inhuman treatments cruelty tortures killings and dumping. The prevention of cruelty against human being represents the core mission of UN and all Humane Societies of the world. UN must investigate and request all her member countries and community of nations to make sure that they arrest the human right perpetrators and put them in trial under international law for violating human rights.

Policies for united Balochistan: Sardars must accept these

Chee Mureed
I am only putting forward few policies, the body hopefully consisting of individual and organisation would formulate a constitution for a Modern Democratic Independent Baluchistan. This can be done provided we believe in ourselves and in Ordinary Baluch People.

The solution is an independent body. The body must be outside the reach of Pakistani/Iranian army.

Pre independence:

Baluchistan is currently under colonial system of Pakistan/Iran. Therefore our primary aim is to get rid of the colonial powers. Hence the primary policy of pre independence must be Independent Baluchistan

The body strives for an Independent Baluchistan

Members of the body take a oath that they will have nothing to do with Pakistan/Iran; they will not accept any favours, ministerial post, civil and military post.

All individual or political parties/organization who agree with the above basic policies are welcome to be part of the body.

Post Independence:

The body may govern for an interim period of 5 years. In this interim period the body would lay the foundation of independent institution such as judiciary.

The body’s primary task would be to ensure tAll Baluchistan citizen have equal right.

Establish a mechanism which would enable democratic institutions and parties to take root without any interference from colonial institutions.

Election would be held within five years. The people will elect whatever type of government they want

Maqbool ,Can you please answer the following Questions?

Maqbool Aliani, Khair Baux Marri apologist

Dear Maqbool Aliani,

Nice Gay T-Shirt. Congratulation. When did you join the Gay movement?.

Can you please answer the following Questions?

1. Are you Khan Kalat’s spoke person in USA? If so, can you please tell us why he fled Pakistan in 1980 to Afghanistan?
2. Are you related to Jam Yousouf Aliani, the ex-Cheep Minister of Balochistan, who Killed Nawab Bugti?
3. What did you do in NED University Hostel in Karachi? Did you kill some one??
4. Why did you come to Pakistan two months ago? was it an ISI mission??
5. Does your wife beat you every day twice? If so, why? What do you do wrong??

Thanks and Regards,


Ali Akbar Baloch, Karachi

Some Facts about Khan Kalat


Dear Shabir Ahmed,
No body is criticizing Khan Kalat, but we are just narrating the facts and the facts> I Know they can be bitter some time but they can not be changed, hidden or disrtorted. Let me ask you this;
  1. Isn’t this a fact that Khan Kalat’s son was sitting with the butcher of Balochistan, FC Core Commander General Alam Khattak , who has blood of hundred of Baloch youths, hoisting Paki flag with him, cleberating Pakistan day over the dead bodies of Balochs.
2. Isn’t Khan Kalat’s entire family is against him and don’t trust or support him on his so called “Call for indpendence”? (If your son and close family memeber don’t trsut or support you then there seems to be big problem, unless Khan Kalat is palying double game, which seems likely is the case).
3. Didn’t Khan Kalat’s grand father Mir Ahmaed Yar Khan sold Balochistan to Pakistan by signing the document of Accession (Document of death warrant of millions of Balochs) with Mohmmad Ali Jinnah against the Baloch will (despite both upper and lower Baloch houses voted unanimously against the merger), claiming that he did it because he was ordered by Prophet Mohmmad to do so in his dream. (If Prophet Muhammad was so in love with Pakistan, why didn’t he ask Saudi King and other Muslim rulers of Islamic countries to join Pakistan too?)
4. didn’t Khan Kalat’s grand father Mir Ahmaed Yar Khan  weighed Qaid Azum Mohamad Ali Jinnah and his sister into Golds and Silvers and give it to them as gift where the ordinary Baloch slept in hunger with empty stomach.
5. Didn’t Khan Kalat sold the most attractive part of Balochistan, Quetta district and adjoining territories, to the British government in 1883 for an annual grant of Rs. 25000 and non of the money received was used for the welfare of ordinary Baloch people, or built any Road, Hospital or School for ordinary Balochs, but was pocketed and was used to build palaces for themselves.
6. Didn’t Khan Kalat sold Gwadar to Taimur Sultan of Oman in 1783.
7. Recently Khan Kalat sold a piece of priceless diamond-studded Baloch crown and a centuries old carpet of Kalat palace, that belonged to Baloch National heritage, to multi millions dollars in Dubai and bought himself a nice home in Cardiff, U.K for cash, instead of using money to take Balochistan’s case to the ICJ as he was supposed to do so.
8. The lust of selling Baloch land and resources continue as the current Khan Kalat Mir Suleman Daud Ahmadzai is joining hands with Afghanistan’s Northen Alliance Warlords to sell the Balochistan’s natural wealth and Gwadar port to higher bidder such as UNOCAL and other oil and gas giant companies in exchange for to re-establish his monarchy (Khanate) with the help of some Iranian thugs, Savak agents and Jundullah terrorists.  He is shouting loudly slogans of Azadee (Freedom) from London, while his son sits on the lap of Core commander, shouting “Pakistan Zindabad” and waving Paki flags over the bullet riddled dead bodies of Baloch people. What a cruel Joke with Baloch nation??
 Riaz Baloch (A Baloch Patriot)