Baloch Sardars are trying to fool world leaders

As you all know Khan Kalat organised a meeting of Sardars (Harbyar,  Akhtar  ) in London,  an effort that is seen as not  to squash out differences among them but to put a united front of Sardars to reduce and eliminate  influence of middle class, poor Baloch in the liberation movement. Sardars want to deny any space for non Sardars in any field, the message is clear to common people, it doesn’t need a genius to understand their cruel motto. They issued a joint statement signed and endorsed by paper organizations, to show  the world leaders that they are the whole and sole group representing  Balochistan and key stakeholders. In the event of any negotiations with Poki establishment or world bodies, Sardars will be on the table and we the common Baloch and middle class leaders and fighters and families who shed blood for their mother land will be denied a chair.

For Sardars common middle class, educated baloch is a threat to their control. We must counter sardars at any cost by appraising world leaders about cruel past.

We repeat again, these Sardars are coming together and joining hands for their own interests, not out of love for Baloch people and Balochistan. This is purely to control and squeeze Balochistan’s mineral resources and make money. Khan Kalat want to sell Gawadhar port to pustoons as per our sources, therefore we appeal to all common Baloch people to teach a lesson.


President of Baloch Society of North America pointed out in a email group that “Some of these orgs listed below, such as Baloch Liberation Movement, Balochistan United Front-IF, Balochistan Liberation Organisation and International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons are fake and #2 number Kaghazi (paper) organizations which we never heard about before. Beside BNP, BHRC and BRP, the rest are Iranian pro-federation small groups.

They are trying to fool State Dept, US ambassador to UNHRC and others that so they can claim that they are the real representatives of Baloch Nation so they can collect more dollars and put it in their pocket but we will expose their evil game and their faces.”


Appeal to World Leaders


We caution world leaders to be watchfull about these fake groups and selfish Baloch Sardars and not to fall in trap. The real people who are fighting for freedom are living in abject conditions in Balochistan with their sons and relatives thrown in jain and collecting bullet ridden bodies daily. While tese sardars are shouting slogans of freedom and independence in european capitals, their own family members are part of Pakistani establishment and singing songs of United Pakistan. These Sardars are playing double game.





A joint statement welcoming the US intervention


March 25, 2012
Baloch welcome US intervention at 19th Session of Human Rights Council of the United Nation’s in Geneva, to support Baloch concerns over deteriorating human rights situation in Balochistan.On 14th of March 2012 at the 19th Session of Human Rights Council in Geneva Mr Mehran Baluch and Ms Nina Petek of World Environment and Resource Council made and read their interventions on appalling human rights situation in Balochistan.
Shortly after Ms Nina Petek’s intervention, exposing the systematic discrimination of Baloch people and unjust exploitation of resources by Pakistan, the representative of Pakistan as usual was on point of order to stop the intervention on the grounds of two principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity.
The US representative at the 19th Session of Human Rights Council in Geneva immediately stood on point of order to support Baloch people’s concern on appalling violation of human rights in Balochistan. He intervened by asking the President of the Session that the representative of the NGO, Ms Nina Petek should be permitted to proceed with the intervention. The US representative affirmed that despite Pakistan’s objection, “the intervention was addressed to the subject matter”.
The intervention by the US representative confirms that contrary to the view and policies of Pakistan, the issue of human rights is a universal subject in which perpetrators, for this matter Pakistan can not and must not be allowed to shield behind the “cited principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity”.
On the same day, 14th of March 2012 at a press conference at the White House, the President of the US and the Prime Minister of the UK reaffirmed that human rights is universal and the violators will be brought to justice no matter how long it takes.
Baloch people and Baloch leaders welcome whole-heartedly the intervention of the US representative at the Session in Geneva, and consider the stated approach of the US President and the Prime Minister of the UK as long-awaited, necessary, encouraging and in the right direction to address the human rights issue. Since violation of human rights is a criminal and deplorable act, the gravity of the violation of human rights of people, necessitates intervention by the international community to protect life and property, whether it is in Bosnia, Congo or for this matter in Balochistan. Baloch people also greatly appreciate the supports and the effort of the NGO’s which are assisting Baloch people to raise awareness at international forums and institutions.
Baloch people seek and urge for firm international intervention to protect them from slow motion genocide and from the crimes against humanity in Balochistan, orchestrated and committed by Pakistan and Iran; and to bring an end to the ongoing, countless and frequent enforced disappearances, torture, killings and dumping of the mutilated and executed bodies of innocent Baloch people. Therefore Pakistan and Iran must be stopped by unambiguous international interventions.


Signed by Baloch leaders and political parties:
· Akhtar Meingal
· Bramdagh Bugti
· Hayrbiar Marri
· Khan Suleiman D Ahmadzai
· Baloch Liberation Movement
· Baloch Republican Party
· Baloch Republican Student Organisation
· Balochistan Human Rights Council
· Balochistan Liberation Organisation
· Balochistan National Movement (Zrombesh)
· Balochistan National Party
· Balochistan People Party
· Balochistan United Front-IF
· International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons


· U.S. State Department
· Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe U.S. Ambassador to the UN Human RIghts Council (UNHRC)
· International Bodies


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