A comment by Pakistani, SardarWatch response

No doubt that misunderstandings and injustices are likely to happen but it is always in a house matter and should be solved with mutual understanding. Has anyone ever seen the kids calling the neighbours for help in case of differences with their parents? Brahamdagh is not the representative of whole Balochistan and those who know Balochistan well will endorse my point. His late grand father deprived a faction of his own clan Kalpar Bugtis and ousted them from Dera Bugti. What does he say about that injustice before showing concern for ‘Whole’ Balochistan. Everyone knows who is behind the game and soon this insurgency shall die. Insha’Allah —- chasif

SardarWatch response

chasif Sahib,
Your point is well accepted, we at Sardar Watch welcome your concerns for pokistan aka pakistan, it is expected, no surprise. We completely understand from where you are comming.These sardars controle every aspect of baloch life, be it freedom struggle, be it parliamentary politics, economic, social, political etc etc etc. Where are common middle class educated baloch leaders?  Did Pokistan ever thought of promoting middle class educated baloch  to cut to size these overgrown, fat ass, sardars? We common middle class educated baloch people have 2 enemies, Sardars and Pakistan, while both work together and squeez baloch people, we are denied all opportunities to develop and take part in development of Balochistan. Our fight will continue and will see the end of Sardars hegemony in political sphere.


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