Urbanization, Detribalization of Baloch people is must to break the back of sardars

The Baloch constitute a nation distinct from that of the Persians and Punjabis by every fundamental test of nationhood, firstly that of a separate historical past in the region at least as ancient as that of their neighbours, secondly by the fact of their being a cultural and linguistic entity entirely different from that of the Persians and Punjabis, with an unsurpassed classical heritage and a developed language which makes Baloch fully adequate for all present-day needs and finally by reason of their territorial habitation of definite areas.
The political situation of Baloch today reflects two contradictory tendencies. As the warrior Sher Mohammed Marri in the early 1990s stated, “Baloch nationalism has penetrated the masses and is not confined to the Nawabs and Sardars alone”. The urbanization, detribalization and the migration of the Baloch people to the cities of the region, have contributed to the development of mass national consciousness. Yet their political leaderships have often fallen prey to internal divisions on both ideological and tribal lines. Division between the Balochs’ political parties started with Zia’s party less elections in 1985, and later it sharpened during the so-called 1990s democracy. The regional aspects of the Baloch society have greatly complicated the task of the Baloch national movement in achieving unity and a coherent strategy to achieve their goals.

(The National Question and Right of Self Determination. By:Dr. Inayat ullah Baloch)


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