Know this fact about Khair Bux Mari & family

Nawab Mehrullah Mari, father of famous Baloch leader Khair Bux Mari, didn’t allow British government to open a primary school in his area some 95 years ago.  Sardars always wanted to keep people away from education.


People of Balochistan want Freedom from Sardars: Muhabbat Khan Mari

Muhabbat Khan Mari

Muhabbat Khan Mari

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As a US lawmaker tabled bill in the House of Representatives, espousing self-determination for Balochistan, Pakistani media has been airing string of programmes and holding debates on the issue with several Baloch leaders sharing their views on how to redress the miseries of people of Pakistan’s southwestern province.

In an interview with a local Urdu daily published here on Tuesday, senior Baloch leader and provincial minister Muhabbat Khan Mari has said that Baloch separatist leaders were responsible for all the problems facing the people of Balochistan. He says it seems absolutely ridiculous when Baloch Sardars like Attaulluh Mengal, Akhtar Mengal, Nawab Khair Bux Mari, Barhamdagh Bugti and Herbyar Mari speak about rights of Balochis as they were who exploited the nation. ( This is 100% correct)

He said had there been people support for Herbyar Mari, there would have been his influence in at least three Tehseels of the province.

Muhabbat Mari claims only five percent of people have been supporting the separatists.

( This is absolutely a lie, 100% people want freedom, while corrupt sardars want to live and negotiate with a weak nation called Pakistan)

He says every Baloch child is ready to shed his last drop of blood for Pakistan. ( he he he he , Muhabbat Khan, did you had a large peg of Wisky  before issuing thius statement, or your wife asked you to say this?)

When asked to elaborate situation in Kohlu district, deemed as stronghold of separatists, he said on the one side there were 180 million people of Pakistan while on the other hand only handful of terrorists and still the government of Pakistan seemed to be failed in controlling the miscreants. “Seeking separation is not new for this Sardars,” he said and added Khair Bux Mari lived in Russia for 20 years while his son Herbyar Mari had also been living in Europe. “They have no influence in Kohlu district despite they offered Rs10, 000 to jobless youth to join them,” he said. Mr Mari added that he knew financial status of Mari separatist Sardars and they could not purchase weapons. “Now they are having weapons and living in expensive cities like London.How come deprived Balochs live such a luxurious lives”.

He said Herbayar Mari had spent time in a London jail and was released after Rehman Malik’s efforts.

When asked to comment on excesses with Baloch, Mr Mari said it was beyond any doubt that excesses were committed not other than Baloch Sardars who ruled the province as governors and chife ministers. ( CORRECT) “I ask them what measures they took for providing basic amenities, education and employment to Baloch people,”. He said Sardars were responsible for injustices as they tried to make Balochis their salves.

He recalls the past and says Nawab Mehrullah Mari, father of famous Baloch leader Khair Bux Mari, didn’t allow British government to open a primary school in his area some 95 years ago. He said the Sardars wanted to keep people away from education.

Answering a question whether Baloch separatists could achieve their goal through US intervention he said: “Even father of this terrorist will not be able to achieve this goal”. We will free people of Balochistan form the shackles of this Sardars and our children would scarify for the integrity of Pakistan.

He also denied that any military operation was going on in the province. Mari said India was funneling arms and money to terrorists in Dera Murad Jamali, Sibbi, Kohlu and Makran through Afghanistan.