Balochistan by the People, but for the Sardars

Things are moving fast in Islamabad and various western capitals where Sardars are grouping despite of various differences among them to preserve there feifdom, in the event of Balochistan becomming independent state. While this is been recognised by all sardars, who will become exitinct with their Sardari System with the dawn of freedom as people demand freedom and equal rights. Super Sardar, Sardar of all Sardars, Khan of Kalat is living in denial mode. His dream is to become “Queen of Balochistan” as British Monarch and perpetuate Sardari system, for that he need support of sardars and also people. People hate Khan Kalat and so too his fellow sardars, he do not have any support in Balochistan. The so called Grand Jirga was a grand show, a melo drama to fool public and become a fool himself when his fellow sardars dumped him the moment he landed in UK and a political refugee. For a man who is not adequately literate and could not articulate has become victim of Iranian aided manipulators and ISI. This is evident when his choosen man ( an Iranian baloch) testified at US congressional hearing demanding “federalism” instead of “independence” from pakistan. The obvious questions

1. Did Hosseinbor gave a preview of the testimony to Khan of Kalat? If so did Khan Kalat read it?
2. If Khan Kalat’s objective of comming to UK is to take the case of annexation to “ICJ”, what made him to change his position?
3. Is the purpose of Khan Kalat comming to UK, a scheme played out by ISI to infiltrate various Baloch groups and manipulate?

Do Khan Kalat want to become “Sheik” of Balochistan?

If Khan Kalat wish to become “Sheik” of Balochistan then he must stop day dreaming, his position in free and independent Balochistan will be similar to next door Afghan King who disappeared after Taliban was kicked out. This will be the fate of Khan Kalat and his Sardari fellows.

Why Islamabad is giving more media coverage to one family, Khair baux Marri?

Public must be aware that Pakistan do not fear Khair Baux Marri and his sons, theey are on their payrolls. All they are fearfull is ordinary baloch people and middle class leaders, unfortunately Media do not give any coverage to independent minded, pro independent leaders like Bramdag Bugti,Jumma Marri, Dr.Wahid Baloch.

Solution: Baloch People must unite and form a independent political party to check any initiatives by sardars to impose their will.


2 Responses

  1. we want freedom from these sardars

  2. These guys ( SARDARS) want to make Balochistan another Pakistan where they will replace the Punjabi army to continue ruling the people. They have failed to offer any vision about the future of Balochistan

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