Moron Mehran! STOP BRAKING

Moron Mehran!

You are such a sucker, a semi-literate man, why you fiddle with politics and people’s sentiments. Everyone know that you are a ISI sponsored man and your entire family is slave of ISI. Stop barking .

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Dear Meer Jan Baloch: God bless you and give you long life !
I agree with you hundred percent.
Refrendum has already been done by both houses of parliament (i. e. Diwane Khas and Diwane 3Aam) 62 years ago that Balochistn rejects any merger with Pakistan and prefers to remain as an independent state.

To ask for refrendum now will be shooting in our feet and committing suicide because Pakistan brought hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees and peoples from other provinces especially from Punjab and issued domicile certificates to them to change demographic balance against Baloch. Plus any such referendum will be subject to vote rigging.


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First of all Mehran (Moran), the self proclaimed Baloch representative at UN, is irreverent. I don’t know why Pakistani Media is projecting him as a Baloch leader where his not and a no body. His entire family is with Pakistan, doing business. His one brother is in PML(N). His father is hiding in Karachi and shouting slogans of Azadee in the midst of ISI and MI with full impunity. His brother Mr. Hair Biyar just met with Pakistan’s top ISI stooge Imran Khan and had meeting with Rehman Malik.  Now here come Mr. Mehran (Moran), on Paki TV, calling for a Referendum in Balochistan so he can legitimizes Pakistan’s illegal occupation for good. He seems very confused and contradicting himself by saying one minutes that Balochistan is an occupied land and the next minute he says we want a referendum to legitimize Pakistan’s illegal occupation. Asking for a referendum in Pakistani occupied Balochistan contradict the claim of occupation.

Referendum is called for those who consider themselves as a part of a country, since we claim that Balochistan is an occupied land asking for referendum mean we accept to be a part of Pakistan, which we claim we are not, and never been. Plus asking for a referendum, a Pakistani card , would be a terrible mistake as we all know Balochistan has been so polluted and over populated by non-Baloch, Afghans refugees, especially in Quetta, Khuzdar, Gwadar and Hub and millions Baloch have been dislocated from their homes and are living in Sindh, Punjab, Gulf countries and in Diaspora.
If a referendum is held in these circumstances, Baloch Nation will definitely lose and Pakistan will win. I don’t think Mr. Mehran (Moran) Baluch, the so called self proclaimed Baloch representative in UN, knows well that a referendum under these circumstances would be suicidal for Baloch nation. He make no sense by promoting his masters ISI agenda. Baloch will not accept any such move. We already had a referendum and Baloch upper and lower houses already gave their referendum on the question of merger with Pakistan and it was unanimously stated that we will stay independent. Pakistan have occupied Balochistan against Baloch will and the only demand should be made is to ask the withdraw of Paki napak forces from Balochistan, not a referendum to legitimizes Pakistan’s occupation. So, Mr. Moran go to hell with your referendum and stop promoting a Paki agenda. Baloch knows very well that you, your brothers and your entire family members are the stooge of Paki ISI.

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