There will be no Khan and his Sardari-system in a Free Balochistan of the 21st century.

From: Malek Towghi, Ph.D. <towghibaloch>

Date: Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 4:52 PM
Subject: Re: balochi_culture
To: Baloch Patriot <baloch.patriot>

Cc: towghibaloch

Dear Baloch Patriot, Please send my following explanation to places where your Khan Kalat – related note was published.

I do not know Mehrab Sarjoy if it is a real name, and do not think I have ever mentioned him by name. However, I continue to be against creating any serious tension between the Balochs and existing Islamic Republic of Iran. I do not want Western (Pahlavi-occupied) Balochistan also become a slaughter house for the Balochs as Pakistn-occupied Balochistan is. That is exactly what the Paki ISI and other fascists want.

I believe the Baloch leaders, activists and opinion-leaders should concentrate on the situation in Pakistan-occupied Baloch lands and avoid creating new enemies. Our policy concerning the West / US and Iran should be like that of President Karzai.of Afghanistan. That is to say that we should be sincere friends and well-wishers of the West including the US but not necessarily the enemy of Iran or Israel or India. We have only one enemy called Pakistan. We can not afford to have more.

Whenever I talk about the Iranian Intelligence, I mean the notorious SAVAK, the Shah’s Intelligence which is working — with the help of the pro-Bush American NeoCons ( who mostly belong to the Republican Party) and the ISI — to restore the Pahlavi dynasty’s rule in Iran.

In order to divert attention from the heroic Baloch struggle of the Pakistan-occupied Baloch lands.. and to use the Balochs against Iran exclusively, circa-2006-7, the Neocons supported by the Bush-Blair Governments, the Pakistani ISI and the diaspora Pahlavi circles and supporters including some Balochs, e,g. Ali Akbar Mullazaadah s/o Maulawi Abdul Aziz, G.H. Hosseinborr, Muhammad Hasan Hosseinborr, Amanullah Regi, Isa Khan Mubaaraki family, and Nasser Bolaidai) planned to hire and use the Jundullah. There is enough evidence that from Pakistan with the help of the ISI, Khan Sulaiman and Senator Sana Baloch were partners in this scheme; they soon hired ‘our’ Dr.Wahid Baloch to be their propagandist. Because they had a lot of money and the Bush-Blair Governments’ backing, they succeeded also to dupe and hire many others. (The story is too bitter and long to tell here).

Thanks to the heroic resistance of the Balochs of Pakistan-occupied Baloch lands, and thanks to the Obama Administration which is exposing the Pakis’ deceptions and treacheries, the world including some Bushite Republican Party leaders are realizing that the real enemy is Pakistan, and that the Baloch cause of Paki-occupied Balochistan has to be addressed independently, not through the prism of Western complications concerning Iran.

So let us not worry much about who nominated a Pahlavi agent, Hosseinborr, or the Khan, to represent the Baloch nation in a discussion on Pakistan-occupied Balochistan. The Obama Administration, his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and their diplomats as well as Western think-tanks including the Neo-Cons know well that the likes of Hosseinborr — or the Sulaiman Khan — are no-body within the Baloch Nationalist Movement.

Whatever chances the Kalati Khan had, he lost them the day when he, advised by the ISI and the Pro-Pakistan cum pro-Shah NeoCons, left Pakistan while Nawab Bugti and other Baloch resistance forces were under siege and Balochistan was burning. There will be no Khan and his Sardari-system in a Free Balochistan of the 21st century.

Nadr pa Balochistan,

Dr. Malek Towghi, Liaison, Baloch Human Rights International


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