FREEDOM CHARTER: Khair Bux Marri & Sons Co Ltd, shown ugly face again

If we believe what Malek Towghi, KB sons are rascals to the core..

From: Malek Towghi, Ph.D. <towghibaloch>
Date: Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 4:16 PM
Subject: Re: Re: Freedom charter or princely decree of feudal barons minus masses?
To: Baloch Patriot <baloch.patriot>
Cc: balochunity, balochi_culture, baloch_culture, balochvoice, Daily Tawar <Tawarart1>, Daily Intekhab <dailyintekhab>

Our dear and heroic Bramumdagg Bugti has nothing to do with Hayrbiar’s so-called "charter" and opportunistic activities. Cunningly, Hayrbiar went to Brahumdagh’s home in …. with the excuse of offering his condolences, and as soon as he reached there, he (Hairbiar) stageged this picture-taking drama pushing the paper in Brahundag’s hand which he and his companion picture-taker had already planned. Most probably, Brahumdagh being a gentleman par excellence — and less experienced than his great grandfather marhoom Akbar Khan Bugti about the disingenuous ways of the Marri-Mengal Sardar families — thought that the paper was a condolence note, condemning the murder of his loved ones. As far as we know, Brahumdagh has said ‘he will not consider’ the so-called charter of Hairbiar. Obviously, Brahumdagh does not sign any document of importance before consulting with his party (PRP) colleagues. We should not believe in statements released by Hairbiar and his cronies.

Our dear and heroic Brahumdagh should know that any association with Hairbiar will be political death for him in Balochistan. For Brahumdagh Bugti and his Baluch Republican Party, the only group in Balochistan worth alliance is the National Party headed by Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch. These two parties believe that both, political as well as defensive direct actions, are justified; and both, NP and BRP, know when to engage in political action and when to defend the Baloch nation by direct actions.

Dr. Malek Towghi (Tauqee), Liaison, Baloch Human Rights International, Michigan, USA


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