Khan Kalat meet Nawab Hayir Biyar Marri

Khan Kalat meet Nawab Hayir Biyar Marri. Surparized? Don’t be. At the end of the day all these Nawab and Sardars are one, to fool the ordinary Baloch people. They were not talking for years and all of sudden they became one. What a joke. This unity is not for Baloch cause but to secure their own interests. Baloch people must know these snakes.

Ye Dung Janokin Seymaren
Ye Qome Baloche Ghadaran
Kudd Cheer Zamin Ayeshan Kanan
Ma Ahd Kanan Payman Kanan.
Azaat Balcohistan Kanan


FREEDOM CHARTER: Khair Bux Marri & Sons Co Ltd, shown ugly face again

If we believe what Malek Towghi, KB sons are rascals to the core..

From: Malek Towghi, Ph.D. <towghibaloch>
Date: Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 4:16 PM
Subject: Re: Re: Freedom charter or princely decree of feudal barons minus masses?
To: Baloch Patriot <baloch.patriot>
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Our dear and heroic Bramumdagg Bugti has nothing to do with Hayrbiar’s so-called "charter" and opportunistic activities. Cunningly, Hayrbiar went to Brahumdagh’s home in …. with the excuse of offering his condolences, and as soon as he reached there, he (Hairbiar) stageged this picture-taking drama pushing the paper in Brahundag’s hand which he and his companion picture-taker had already planned. Most probably, Brahumdagh being a gentleman par excellence — and less experienced than his great grandfather marhoom Akbar Khan Bugti about the disingenuous ways of the Marri-Mengal Sardar families — thought that the paper was a condolence note, condemning the murder of his loved ones. As far as we know, Brahumdagh has said ‘he will not consider’ the so-called charter of Hairbiar. Obviously, Brahumdagh does not sign any document of importance before consulting with his party (PRP) colleagues. We should not believe in statements released by Hairbiar and his cronies.

Our dear and heroic Brahumdagh should know that any association with Hairbiar will be political death for him in Balochistan. For Brahumdagh Bugti and his Baluch Republican Party, the only group in Balochistan worth alliance is the National Party headed by Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch. These two parties believe that both, political as well as defensive direct actions, are justified; and both, NP and BRP, know when to engage in political action and when to defend the Baloch nation by direct actions.

Dr. Malek Towghi (Tauqee), Liaison, Baloch Human Rights International, Michigan, USA

Freedom charter or princely decree of feudal barons minus masses?

Well said Ahmar Jan, Sardars are uniting as they are feeling threatened by common baloch comming on the forefront of freedom struggle. We wish to declare to all sardars that their days are numbered. Future of Balochistan belongs to people- NOT TO THESE SARDARS. It is better to change their mental makeup from feudalistic to democratic, rather face extinsion.

Ahmar Mustikhan
Baltimore Foreign Policy Examiner

Hyrbyair Marri (left) and Brahumdagh Bugti in Geneva. The picture appears to be an advertisement for designer clothing.

Somethings, especially when it comes to the life and death of a nation, must be done in a correct way without adding to the sufferings and untold miseries of the common people.

The two young but important Baloch leaders, both of them feudal barons, met in Geneva. One of them "Nawabzada" Hyrbyair Marri, who is now living in exile in London, is seen giving the other, "Nawab" Brahumdagh Bugti, 30, who is now living in exile in Geneva, what was described as the "Balochistan freedom charter".

More than a political meeting between two leaders, the picture appears to be an advertisement for designer clothing.
Baloch people are suffering and in blood, poor and hungry. But their tribal leaders are living lavishly in the West, flaunting Rolex watches and riding Ferari sports cars. They are no Gandhi; Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the thug who divided India and enslaved Balochistan, maybe yes as Jinnah too was completely detached from the masses, loved the fanciest suits and wordly comforts.

Freedom charters are not handed by one prince to the other, but discussed by the people. Because such charters are of the people and for the people. These documents are hammered out in elected assemblies or maybe out on the streets, but never in a drawing room.
Hyrbyair Marri is widely believed to be the operational commander of the militant Baloch Liberation Army while Brahumdagh Bugti is suspected to be the chief of the Baloch Republican Army.

Meanwhile, an ally of the two, a third Baloch militant organization Baloch Liberation Front led by Dr. Allah Nazar of Mashkay proudly claimed the killing of seven civilian road construction workers, all of them day laborers, in Buleda, Mekran. They also burned down all the construction equipment and four vehicles of the company.

Doda Baloch, spokesperson for the B.L.F., said the roads will help the military movement and vowed that the B.L.F. will not allow any development projects until Balochistan attains freedom.

Two of the most hated and anti-people politicians from the area Mir Mohammad Ali Rind and Ehsan Shah, who allegedly have extensive ties in the Inter-Services Intelligence, remain in the good books of the B.L.F., however.

According to Jan Bluedi, who is information secretary for the National Party and who was member of the provincial assembly previously, the road had absolutely no military value but would have brought some relief to the people of Buleda by connecting them with Turbat.
According to Ralph Peters, a defense strategist who supports Baloch freedom, the best fighters are those who know when not to fight.
U.S. congressman Dana Rohrabacher, who along with Rep. Louie Gohmert were the two members of the U.S. Congress who have unfurled the Balochistan freedom flag in Washington DC, told a historic house meeting Wednesday that it was crucial that people whose rights are being violated show respect for the human rights of others.

There are reports that the British government is extremely unhappy over some of the tactics being used by the Baloch militants. The Swiss government will also not close its eyes if militants target civilians.
Can "Nawabzada" Hyrbyair Marri and "Nawab" Brahumdagh Bugti answer should the Baloch commoners eat bullets while they themselves live in London and Geneva until the day Balochistan is freed? If they answer yes, then the charter they discussed might be described as a charter of death and destruction for Balochistan rather than a freedom charter.

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