Report to US House wrongly says Balochistan wants federalism

Actaully Balochistan was occupied in 1839 and then divided into two. The Iranian part was given to Iran’s Shah by Gold smith, while Pakistani portion was kept as “British Balochistan”. The Iranian part was further dived Between Iran and Afghanistan, while the British Balochistan became independent on Aug 15th, when British left the Indian subcontinent. Balochs want Freedom, not federalism.

On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 4:12 PM, Barkat Ali wrote:

He keep saying Baluchistan was divided into two, Iranian Baluchistan and Indian Baluchistan? where the hell he got Indian Balochistan from? It was British Balochistan, not Indian?

On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 3:48 PM, Mohd Ali Baluch

He is promting Jundullah’s idea, which is a federal Iran, which mean permanent Ghuolami (slavery) of Iranian Mullahs. If he wants to clean Iranian Mullah toilets, he is free to do so, but he has no right to speak for Baloch people to mislead and confuse the world. Baloch wants nothing but freedom from Iran and Pakistan.

On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 12:25 PM, Mustufa Ali wrote:

His whole speech is misleading and a blunder. In his speech he wrote, “Baluch welcomed with open arm the newly elected Govt (in Pakistan) in 2008. I have not seen any Baloch who have accepted Pakistani Govt with open arm”. This is the biggest blunder he is making. He really needs to be hit on the head with a dirty shoe for misrepresnting Baloch demands, which is Azadee (freedom) from Pakistan and Iran not federalism. Shame on him. Who told him to represent Baluch?

All the Baloch should call and send letter to Congressman Dan Rohrabacher’s office and ask him to trash his misleading and distorting speech in the dust bin. He is a agent of Pakistan’s ISI and Iranian revloutinary guard. No wonder he visits there often for business and doesn’t get arrested.

On Fri 10, 2012 at 11:08 AM, Dora Mohd wrote:

Who appointed this Ganook to testify for eastern Balochistan. He is even not from there? his speech sucks. He is originally from Iran. He even can not speak English very well. We heard, he used to be a drug smuggler in Iran and was a close associate of Jundullah terrorist leader Malik Regi, who was later arrested and hanged by Iranian revolutionary guards and Jundullah was declared by United States as a Terrorist organization.

Report to US House wrongly says Balochistan wants federalism Add a comment

Ahmar Mustikhan
Baltimore Foreign Policy Examiner

Dr. M. Hosseinbor testified Baloch in Pakistan want federalism at a historic meeting Wednesday at the U.S. House of Representatives.. Credit: Malik Siraj Akbar, The Baloch Hal

—>> Jundullah Video:

Serious blunders on politics and history of Balochistan have been spotted in what appears to be a hastily prepared report submitted to the U.S. House of Representatives.
The report entitled “Baluchistan and Baluch Nationalism: the U.S. Interests” was submitted to the Oversight and Investigations Sub-committee of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Wednesday afternoon.
The hearing was chaired by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a Republican from California. At the history making session five leading U.S. congressmen
Rohrabacher, Russ Carnahan, Brad Sherman, Ted Poe and Louie Gohmert all demanded right of self-determination for the Baloch people of Balochistan.
“The Baluch envision a federal state whereby the central or federal government will be responsible only for national defense, foreign affairs, currency and national planning. All other powers will be preserved for the federating units or states,” Dr. M. Hosseinbor, the author, said in the report.
Hosseinbor’s report carries a warning against the success of the freedom movement.

The best presentation as far as the popular aspirations of the Baloch people are concerned was submitted by Lt. Col (Retd.) Ralph Peters. Peters made an impassioned appeal, “Pakistan’s borders make no sense and don’t work,” and said Pakistan was not a friend of the U.S. Hosseinbor report reads, “The future of Pakistan as a modern and progressive state could be guaranteed only through participation of all national groups including the Baluch, Pashtoons, Punjabis, Sindhis and other ethnic and religious minorities with equal voice in a federal state.”
Most Baloch look upon Pakistan as a state that occupied their homeland and turned them into slaves.
There is a historical blunder also. The report talks about four insurgencies while there have been a total five insurgencies 1948, 1958, 1962, 1973 and the fifth one that peaked in 2005 but is still continuing.
Hosseinbor report completely left out the mention of the 1962 guerilla movement called the Parari movement that was launched by Sher Mohammad Marri, nicknamed General Sheroff by slain Pakistan premier Z.A. Bhutto.
At one place Hosseinbor writes “The Baluch wlecomed with open arm the newly elected civilian government in 2008,” though the reality that Rohrabacher also pointed out was that nationalist organizations had boycotted the elections as a show of lack of confidence on Pakistani institutions.
He also failed to mention the names of key players and parties such as Brahumdagh Bugti of the Baloch Republican Party, Senator Dr. Malik Baloch of National Party, Hyrbyair Marri of Baloch National Voice and Dr. Jumma Marri of Baloch Unity Moscow among the main stakeholders from Balochistan.
Hosseinbor is from Western (Iran) Balochistan and is one of the staunchest supporters of slain Jondullah leader Abdolmalek Regi. Jondullah is an al Qaeda type Wahabi organization and its slain leader Regi was shown on youtube cutting the throat of his brother-in-law like a sheep on a charge he was an agent.
In the past, Hosseinbor avoided speaking at Eastern (Pakistan) Balochistan events as he said his firm Entwistle & Cappucci LLP has a client base in Pakistan and he visits that country often.
Full testimonies of the panelists can be read at:
M. Hosseinbor, Ph.D., C. Christine Fair,
Mr. Ralph Peters,
Mr. T. Kumar,
Mr. Ali Dayan Hasan

©Mustikhan Syndicated News Service

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