An Agent Provocateur or a Baloch McCarthy in the Making: BHRC (Canada) Responds to Accusations by Ahmer Mustikhan

This report one sided and lacks it credibility as it failed to mention a chapter on Dr. Wahid Baloch and Dr. Jumma Marri, who were also abused and attacked by Ahmar Mustikhan and these people not only encouraged him to do so but also supported him and called him as “Ahmar Jan”. Where was Mr. Zafar Sahib and Waja Aziz Sahib, when he was attacking all Baloch leaders. This report should had come then not now.  Mr. Zafar Sahib and Waja Aziz Sahib not only supported him to continue his slanders against Baloch leaders but also came to his conference in Washington DC along with a delegation to encourage him, while he was engaged in in attacking Baloch leaders. Waja Mehran Sahib sent him a ticket to Geneva. Khair Bux Marri called him personally from Karachi and told him “Shabaash” (you are doing good job by attacking Khan Kalat, Dr. Wahid, Mir Hazar Khan, Akhtar Mengal, Ghous Bux Bezenjo and his son Hasil Bezenjo and Dr. Malik), and Waja Hair Biyar Marri Sahib started sending him $1000/month to continue Bashing and Slandering Khan Kalat, Mir Hazar Khan, Dr. Wahid and Dr. Jumma Marri and other Baloch leaders and to make him the only “National Hero”.

Ahmar Mustikhan at least came out boldly and admitted that he was wrong. Will Waja Zafar Sahib, Waja Aziz Baloch, Respectable Khair Bux Marri and his sons will do so and say it boldly that they were also wrong and that they are sorry for their blunder and mistakes too. Are they ready to fix their mistakes and embrace their brothers and forge a unity for the greater interest of Balochistan?

Dr. Wahid Baloch, President of
Baloch Society Of North America (BSO-NA),
1629 K Street NW, Suit 300
Washington D.C 20036 USA
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Subject: [balochi_culture] An Agent Provocateur or a Baloch McCarthy in the Making: BHRC (Canada) Responds to Accusations by Ahmer Mustikhan
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Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2012, 4:46 PM

An Agent Provocateur or a Baloch McCarthy in the Making

An Agent Provocateur or a Baloch McCarthy in the Making:
BHRC (Canada) Responds to Accusations by Ahmer Mustikhan
Toronto, Jan.-12-12 – Baloch Human Rights Council (Canada) has expressed concern over the string of emails received by BHRC office bearers in Toronto and Vancouver from Ahmer Mustikhan, a self-proclaimed journalist and resident of Washington, DC. The disturbing contents of the emails stated baseless accusations and threats to Aziz Baloch, Vice President, BHRC (Canada) and co-ordinator, International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons. In his emails, Mustikhan, founder of American Friends of Balochistan, accused Aziz Baloch of supporting a murder that took place in Balochistan (southwest province of Pakistan). Furthermore, in his emails, Mustikhan threatened Aziz Baloch that he would report him to the Canadian authorities, police, and RCMP for his alleged support to terrorism and murdering of civilians, namely Imtiaz Ahmed of Balochistan National Party by Baloch militants in late December 2010. This document is a case presentation of Mustikhan’s history of yellow journalism, blackmail, extortion, harassment, and intimidation of Baloch political personalities and activists. He calls his writings ‘guerrilla journalism’ and believes that he can get whatever he wants from his victims by intimidating them of dire consequences if the demands were not met.
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Dr Wahid Baloch to juma, balochi_culture, bcc: me

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Dear Waja Juma Baloch,
I would really appreciate it if you could kindly introduce yourself because we don’t know who you are and where you from?
Dear, my whole concerns and reservations are that When Ahmar Mustikhan was attacking me and other Baloch leaders, Waja Zafar Baloch, Aziz Baloch and few others not only supported him but also encouraged him to do so. They went to his conference just to counter me and my work that I been doing for Baloch cause. All I’m asking from them to say that they were also wrong and they made a mistake, and that they are sorry. Every one makes mistakes. We all are human being,  but noble is the one who accept his mistakes and fix them.
Zafar Baloch, Aziz Baloch, Hair Biyar Marri and Mehran Baluch– they are all my brother and I have great respect for all of them. I’m ready to work with each and every one of them who is honestly and sincerely interested to work for the greater interest of Balochistan, and that’s why I proposed a Baloch In’tl conference where we can all sit down, workout our differences and forge a unity for the greater interest of Balochistan. Until and unless we brake the chains of our egoism that are holding us up to reach out and embrace our brothers, we will not be able to break the chains of Paki and Iranian slavery.
Are you ready to help us for a Int’l Balochunity conference?? We are waiting to hear from you and from all the stake holders. Please let us know what can and should we do to make the Baloch unity a reality.
We request Waja Hair Biyar Marri, Waja Samad Baloch and Zafar Baloch to take the lead and organize the Balocunity conference and we will come and join and extends our full support.
Warm Wishes,
Shomey Sangat,
Dr. Wahid Baloch
On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 11:56 AM, juma baloch <> wrote:


Do we not learn from our past? Shall we keep on doing the same mistake?
Waja Dr. Wahid Baloch you wrote “Ahmar Mustikhan at least came out boldly and admitted that he was wrong.

” If a person admits sincerely that he was wrong than he doesn’t commits the same mistake again, but Ahmar’s apologies are similar to Pakistani apologies, were after every apology two bodies of Baloch activist are dumped.

Just last 15 days what he has done…

On first week of January 2012, news was posted on BSO-NA web site for International Baloch Unity Conference – 2012 in London. On 7 Jan, Ahmar wrote an article “Kalat Khan convenes Balochistan unity conference in London” in support of the conference and you did post it in your web site (At the moment both are removed).

Following is the email written on 13 Jan by Ahmar to the Baloch leadership including Khan of Kalat.
The Honorable,
Khan of Kalat, Sardar Akhtar Mengal, Mir Hasil Bizenjo, Mir Hyrbyair Marri, Mehran Baluch and Sardar Brahumdagh Bugti:
As a writer and poet, I have the license to tell you guys what I feel.
I am sorry to say you guys are pathetic lords and barons. You are parasites of Baloch society.
Look at the yeoman sacrifices of the common Baloch and look at the disunity in your ranks. You guys do not deserve independence. In my lifetime you guys will not become free.
Even if someone gives you freedom today, you will eat each other raw.
All of you are shameful and disgraceful.
Ahmar Mustikhan

Just in a week he changed his mind, and on the base of his own email he wrote another article “Baloch tribal elites are rotten eggs, ready to eat each other raw” Neither he has changed his way of writing nor he has stopped bashing at the collective Baloch leadership. Still you write on his behave and give him space to continue his game of bringing disunite from within. His tactics is still the same using others shoulders to target his victims and bring bad feelings among them. He even uses alias names like Delwash or Patriotic Baloch when he wants to use extra vulgar language in his writings.

I appeal to all the Balochs please do not give him room to continue his dirty work. Just shun him from all the Baloch circles, let him be with his own type.

Juma Baloch

From: Baloch Society of North America <>

To: bso_na <>;;
Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 7:47 PM
Subject: Re: [balochi_culture] An Agent Provocateur or a Baloch McCarthy in the Making: BHRC (Canada) Responds to Accusations by Ahmer Mustikhan


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