BLA is NOT a terrorists organization


Death to Sardari System


BLA is NOT a terrorists organization! We must not forgotten the sacrifice of Dr Khalid, Balaach Marri and many nameless brave son’s of courageous mothers. Baluch are fighting an invading army in their home. You have the right to defend your family in your own home by any means necessary against a thief, murderer and its associates. If you come home and discover your brother, sister, father or cousin has been killed and you find out your one of your family member helped; you then have the right to punish the helper.
Even Che ordered the killing of traitors in Cuba prior to liberation. In many countries many organisation’s leadership ordered killing of collaborators. I am asking all Baluch organization not to engage in a policy of killing each other. We are living under a colonial rule, our enemies are well armed and their numbers are greater than ours. A internal war would cripple the Baluch liberation movement.
I am begging to all Baluch organization to form a common front in order to over throw the clonal rule.

There always would be people whose main aim is to sabotage the Baluch unity for personnel gain, these narrow minded people from time to time do succeed in their evil deeds. It is therefore important we encourage unity rather than encourage revenge or name calling. There are people who love to see a war between Marie tribe.

Please put your personnel interest aside and act positively. I remember the quote from Sioux chief, the Chief has lost the war, what was left of them were put in train to be transferred to a reservation. While traveling in the one of the warrior said to a traitor "I will never forgive you because of you they were able to defeat us"! The chief interrupted and said we cannot afford to hate each other as we are now few. The point is at the end the traitors, the brave and Chiefs all ended up in the same reservation camp without a future.
Let us not get to situation where we are only few.

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