BHRC Supports Terrorism?

Waja Zafar Sahib Please answer (Pissso Beday) !

1 — Are you really a drinker? You like Beer or Whisky? Which one you like most. Let me know and I’ll send you some, but please stop selling Baloch blood for Beer. That is Cheap.
1- Were Imitaz Ahmed, Mohammed Husain and Dr. Lal Bakhsh government spies in your eyes?
2- Were the killings of Imtiaz Ahmed, Mohammed Husain and Dr. Lal Bakhsh justified?

— On Wed, 12/28/11, Ahmar Khan <ahmar_scribe> wrote:

From: Ahmar Khan <ahmar_scribe>
Subject: BHRC supports terrorism?
To: "zafer canada" <zaffar104>, "Imtiaz Ahmed Baloch" <imtiaz2000>, "Frank Baloch" <fbaloch10>, "Nader Baloch" <nader_baloch>, "shir abidian" <baluch416>, shirabidian, "noor omman" <nooromman>, "AZIZ Baloch" <wahewatan>, "akbar barakzai" <baluchma>, "noutak baloch" <ameerism>, "noutak baloch" <ameerism>, bizenjohasil, arbaloch, "Dr. Wahid Baloch" <dr_wahid_baloch>
Date: Wednesday, December 28, 2011, 6:30 PM

Dear Waja Zafar Baloch,

Whether someone else knows you know for a fact that our relatisonship dates decades back to the time when your grandfather and father were our family cook.

Please do not think I am trying to make any classist comment as my grandfathers were common day laborers when they first came to Karachi from Bahu Kalat in Iran and I have myself washed restrooms in gas stations and book shops here in the USA.

I am appaled to note that Rashid Baloch, my brother, friend and colleague in the American Friends of Balochistan and an official of the U.S. homeland security, repeatedly requested B.H.R.C. to come out with a statement of condemnation over the killings of Mohammed Husain and Dr. Lal Bakhsh, but you guys kept silent.

Mohammed Husain was a second cousin of Rashid Baloch killed by the militant Baloch Liberation Front.

We have also asked the vice president of the BHRC, Aziz Baloch, to state his position on the killing of Imtiaz Ahmed. What we have gathered is he supported the uncalled for and unjust killing by calling Imtiaz Baloch a government spy.

I hope you understand your failure to condemn the killing of unarmed civilians and the defense of the killing of a political activist by the vice president of the Baloch Human Rights Council of Canada falls under the category of providing material support to terrorism.

This will most likely impinge on the future well-being of all B.H.R.C. members and supporters.

I am already in contact with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police over the distrubing support to terrorism from Candian soil and would be obliged to report the B.H.R.C. of Canada as an organization that supports terrorism if you guys do not explain your position in a clear cut fashion.

Please make clear, these two points:

1- Were Imitaz Ahmed, Mohammed Husain and Dr. Lal Bakhsh government spies in your eyes?
2- Were the killings of Imtiaz Ahmed, Mohammed Husain and Dr. Lal Bakhsh justified?

I await your pompt response.

Ahmar Khan

Dear Waja Jehanzeb Jamaldini:

As you might be knowing this by now, no amount of money is more important to us than sanctity of human lives.

I recall you asked the militants to explain the killing of Imtiaz Ahmed last year. His cousin Mohammed Ali Baloch says he was innocent.

However, Aziz Baloch in Vancouver, Canada, allegedly defends the killing as he believes Imtiaz Ahmed was in fact a spy.

I have a hard time believing any spy will ever find a place in the B.N.P.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police contacted me today and am considering lodging an official complaint as Aziz Baloch has not responded to my repeated requests for an explanation. Waja Jumma Khan had counseled me against taking such a step and I did not proceed further.

We shall repeat the exercise everywhere we find people showing support to killing of unarmed civilians and politicial activists — London, U.K.; Boros, Sweden; Oslo, Norway; anywhere!

We simply can not remain silent spectators where the gun would subdue political debate.


Ahmar Mustikhan
Tel: 301 957 0008
Email: ahmar_scribe

Web site:
twitter: @mustikhan

From: Baloch Patriot <baloch.patriot>
Date: Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 7:28 PM
Subject: Where is this Thug??
To: baloch_Culture, balochi_culture, balochi_Voice

Waja Zafar Sahib Pissso Beday !

Are you really a drinker? You like Beer or Whisky? Which one you like most. Let me know and I’ll send you some, but please stop selling Baloch blood for Beer. That is Cheap.

On Tue, Dec 27, 2011 at 10:44 PM, Mobarak baloch <mobarakbaloch> wrote:

Anybody knows where is this Junky drug user alcoholic thug is hiding?? Why is he quite over the Baloch killings in Balochistan?? May be he went back into his hole to hide his face with his tail in his A**, waiting for the right time to come out and start dancing again… so he can market the Baloch martyr’s blood for a bottle of Beer or a Whisky. Doesn’t he feel shame??
Lakh laanat in Zameer Ferosh Begheratoon per.

Laanat … Lakh Laanat!!

— On Sun, 8/7/11, Majeed Baluch <majeed.baluch> wrote:

From: Majeed Baluchi <majeed.baluch>
Subject: Re: [Baloch_Culture] Justice for Shaher Bano Shahdady [2 Attachments]
To: baloch_Culture, balochi_culture, "zafer canada" <zaffar104>, "Imtiaz Ahmed Baloch" <imtiaz2000>, "shirabidian" <shirabidian>, "Nader Baloch" <nader_baloch>, "noor omman" <nooromman>, "AZIZ Baloch" <wahewatan>, "Frank Baloch" <fbaloch10>, "fnbaloch" <fnbaloch>, "Mariam Rauf" <mariamr1>, "Rashid Baloch" <arbaloch>, "kahanbaloch" <kahanbaloch>, "yushawmalik" <yushawmalik>, "zahidmir07" <zahidmir07>, "Nabi Baloch" <nbaloch>, "nazirbhattipcc" <nazirbhattipcc>, "ledeamer" <ledeamer>, "Jane Weisner" <janeweisner26>, "wendy johnson" <wendelinjohnson>, "Wendy Johnson" <wendelinjohnson>, "Dr Wahid Baloch" <dr.wahid.baloch>, "Hafeez Hasan Abadi" <hafeezbaloch63>, "annienocenti10013" <annienocenti10013>, "Ahmar Khan" <ahmar_scribe>
Date: Sunday, August 7, 2011, 4:37 AM

Dear Ahmar,

Don’t waste your time on this Alcoholic drug user. His silence indicates that he is supporting the killing of a Baloch women and still he think he should shout for Baloch Human Rights without feeling any shame. Shame on him. He should resign from BHRC immediately. I don’t think he is a true Baloch. If he was one, then he would come out and said it loud and clear that he is against the Honor killing no matter what, regardless his relationship with the Killer.

From: Ahmar Khan <ahmar_scribe>
Date: Fri, Jul 29, 2011 at 3:06 PM
Subject: Getting justice for Shaher Bano Shahdady
To: zafer canada <zaffar104>, Imtiaz Ahmed Baloch <imtiaz2000>, AZIZ Baloch <wahewatan>, Frank Baloch <fbaloch10>, Nader Baloch <nader_baloch>, "shirabidian" <shirabidian>, noor omman <nooromman>, "aub416rainbow" <aub416rainbow>, "ashrafali_shah" <ashrafali_shah>, "gmlalzad" <gmlalzad>, Makhmood Reznik <mrezma2001>

Dear Zafar:

I begin in the name of Baloch sarmachars whose struggle for justice anf fairplay gives me the strength and courage to carry on my work, with the help and support of few honorable men.

I am aghast that you have not taken any stand on the killing of Shaher Bano Shahdady.

Not only that you maintained a criminal silence, you are party to a grand conspiracy that involves covering up the circumstances of forced marriage, spousal abuse and beating to death of Shaher Bano Shahdady.

In doing so you have completely lost the faith and trust of the Baloch Diaspora. If you can not provide leadership in critical moments you have no right to lead the Baloch Diaspora in Canada.

I urge you to step down from the post of B.H.R.C. president which has already become controversial because of your communist-style conspiracies.

We are determined to make a horrible example of all those who are directly or tacitly supporting Mullah Abdul Ghafoor and Mullah Abdul Malik Rustam.

The beatings and choking to death of Shaher Bano Shahdady is not anyone’s personal, domestic or family matter.

I am personally indebted to Imtiaz Baloch but this does not mean I will compromise on political principles just because the alleged killer was his distant relative by marriage.

In the interests of Baloch secular and progressive politics I urge you to step down immediately and allow either Nader Baloch or Mohammed Ali Baloch to take over as B.H.R.C. leadership or let Aziz Baloch to become the acting president of the B.H.R.C.

As I said earlier when it comes to principles even my dead father can walk out from his grave but will fail to make me change my stance.

Ahmar Mustikhan


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