Shame to Aslam Bothani, Speaker, Balochistan

It is really a matter of shame & shock that Baloch elected, Mr. Aslam Bothani (Speaker Balochistan) used abusive remarks for Balochi language, yesterday, when Reporter of Vsh News was trying to ask some questions.  He simply replied
“Kia Balochi Balochi ki Rat laga rakki hai, Balochistan men rehna hai to Sindhi Bolna hai!”
 It is not a matter of wonder that Mr. Bothani has Sindhi blood in his vein & he couldn’t stop himself… His remarks are clear indication that he is with Establishment. He is with those whose hands are stained with Baloch bloods.
Shame to you Mr. Bothani!
Those people, who elected him, must also be shameful.
Baloch brothers, living inside or abroad must raise this issue in each & every forum.
A.A. Baloch

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