Imran Khan, ISI Man

  1. Imran Khan, cricketer turn politician, is a new political face, who is being prepared/promoted/projected and crowned by Paki military and its ISI to replace Asif Zardari. The other two ulternate faces in lines are Nawaz Sharif of PML(N) and Ex-military dictator Musharrf of PML(Q). 
  2. Nawaz Sharif is not military’s faverite but Musharrf is—but Musharrf has a bad record among people and is also wanted for two high profile murders, Benazir Bhutto and Top Baloch leader Nawab Bugti. So military is looking into other ulternatives, a third person to repalce Zardari and Imran khan comes handy and fit perfectly in this game, and that is why ISI is promoting him and have sent him to DC to make sure he is Ok’d by the Washington. 🙂
  3. Before comming to DC ISI staged big crowed of gathering for him in Pakistan last month so he can give speeches to show that he is popular, but in Pakistan Rent-a-Crowd is not a problem as people are so poor, jobless and hungry, that they will spend/shout slogan for you the whole day in thousands just to get $1 or a meal. 
  4. Aisf Ali Zardari is not a Paki Military favorite person. He was put in Jail and humiliated by military men during Musharraf era. When they killed his wife Benazir Bhutto, the people of Sindh province started shouting anti-Pakistan slogan and Pakistan was at the brink of collapse. Zardari was brought by US into power to save Pakistan from collapsing and he was temporarily accepted/swallowed as a bitter pill, by Paki military and ISI to let the situation cool down in Sindh at that time and to prevent the breakup of Pakistan. 
  5. Paki military has been trying to remove Zardari and the memo gate scandal is one of such attempt to use as it as a pretext to charge him and Mr. Husasain Haqqani for treason and eliminate them for good in a military coup.
  6. The fear and threat was so high that it led to Zardari to leave to Dubai for safety for treatment excuses, where he is still staying. Things are still uncertain but there is lot pressure from Washington to Paki military to not adventure in toppling the civilian Government in Pakistan. We will see how this will go.
  7. ln Pakistan elections are manipulated and results are decided by Pakistan’s military Inc and its ISI, a state within the state. ISI spends million of Paki rupees to help its favorite party to win the election. In some places like in Balochistan, they actually fill the boxes with fake bogus votes to announce their agents wining. 
  8. The political Parties that are associated and proxy of Pak military/ISI Inc. are PML(Q), MQM, and all Islamist Fundamentalist parties like Jamiat Islami (JI) wich is mostly active in Lahore (Punjab), Jamiat Ulma Islam (JUI) which popular among Pashtune Talibans and their supporters, and it runs thousands of ISI funded Madrases (Islamic religious schools to brainwash kids and prepare them as suicide bombers to Kill infidels (non-Muslims) is active in Pashtun areas including in some parts of Balochistan like, Pashin, Zhobe, Loarali and couple of other Pashtun districts adjacent to Afghanistan’s border.
  9. And then there are the student wings of all these pro-Paki military parties and the hundreds of terrorists militant proxies of ISI including Lasker taiba (LeT), Lasker Jangovie (LJ), Jamiat Dawad (JUD), Hizb-Tehrer  (HT) Tableegi Jamait (TJ) and many other….who are active to make sure ISI and Pak military is in full control of country’s resources.
  10. In Pakistan nothing will change and no any institution including judiciary will work freely unless Paki Jihadi military and its ISI are dismantled, who have a Pan-Islamic Jihadi agenda to re-establish the lost Islamic Caliphate (Muslim rule all over the world). 🙂

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