Writing CONSTITUTION of Balochistan: Is Harbyar Marri smooking Grass again?

According to reports Harbyar Marri s/o Khair Bax Marri want to write Constitution of free Balochistan . Our contention is this Semi-Literate idiot who is not even a graduate thinking to write a Constitution is ridiculous. We middle class intellectual Baloch do not support any such senseless move by this Idiot.  We appeal to Baloch people to condemn this, how can Harbyar can start thinking about COnstitution when we are fighting for freedom.

Mr. Harbyar,

Did we people authorized you to write it or appointed as chairman of committee?

What are your qualifications, except being son of a corrupt sardar?

Our sincere suggestion:  Independent Balochistan will decide a independent Sardar-Free  committee for constitution, headed by an expert panel. We suggest you to depose before the committee and air your opinions.  Stop  your crude moves to fool Baloch people.



Moreover, critics say drafting of a new country’s constitution requires a large democratic party. Marri’s party Anjuman Ittehad Marri, now named Baloch National Voice, does not have any significant following but is largely a tribal organization.



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