ISI orchestrated attacks, claim of responsibility taken by ISI outfit BLA.

The reports say “At least 15 security personnel were killed and 15 others injured in an attack on a Frontier Corps convoy in Kangri area of Musa Khel district, some 350km northeast of the provincial capital, on Monday”

The claim of responsibility is been taken by BLA, which is hard to believe.
Some people doubt whether ” BLA did it as its claim can not be verified”. Many in Balochistan believe that “these soldiers died of an accident of their own or got killed by Taliban, as Musa Khail Loralai, where this accident happened is mostly a Pashtun area. It is sad that” Poki Govt wants to blame it on the Balochs so that they can use this as a pretext to crack down and arrest as many innocent Baloch as they can”. This happened in the past, where Paki military/FC have used such tactics and pretexts to round up 100’s Baloch and then made them disappeared.

Recently FC is condemned by International medi and human rights groups for their actions. Recently an editorial has been published in The Daily Times\11\21\story_21-11-2011_pg3_1

Finally the Federal Ministry of Human Rights has woken up to the woes of the people of Balochistan and taken notice of the rising number of deaths in the province. The human rights ministry has decided to form a task force that will probe human rights violations in Pakistan’s largest province. A report was earlier compiled by the interior ministry’s Crisis Management Cell (CMC). According to this report, Rs 900 million has been spent by deploying 17 regular units and paramilitary troops to put an end to rising violence in Balochistan. This is astonishing considering that the money is being spent on the same forces that the Baloch people hold responsible for their miseries. A military operation is going on in the province and the ‘kill and dump’ policy being pursued by the military and its intelligence agencies is no secret.

Few reasons among many:

1. FC was put under Provincial Govt. They don’t like it, they want to revert it.
2. BLA claim cannot be verified. No one knows who is Azad. It might be ISI.
3. BLA is a Paki sponsored outfit and it is Paki Govt that give BLA credit.
4. Pak want to use this as a pretext to round up, disappear, kill dump more Baloch and to justify their inhuman actions, human right volitions and kill-dump policy in Balochistan.
5. This is a ISI work to counter the criticism against Paki FC and to justify their actions of Baloch Genocide.



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