“Common denominator” Or Common Sardari interests?


‘Mengal has offered to help diffuse Balochistan crisis’


ARIF TAJ Sunday, 6 Nov 2011 5:39 pm




ISLAMABAD – Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senator Lashkari Raisani said on Sunday that prominent Baloch leader Attaullah Mengal to held end the Balochistan crisis, and asked the establishment to take Mengal’s offer seriously. Talking to Pakistan Today about his meeting with Mengal, the senator said the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the common grounds which could help end violence in the province. “I met the Baloch leader last week and he wanted to play a positive role in resolving the Balochistan crisis,” Raisani said. When asked if he had met the Baloch leader on behalf of the PPP government, he said, “I have been in contact with various political leaders in Balochistan because a dangerous great game is being played in our province with the help of certain foreign forces. We want to save our people and province from disaster”. He added that he had been active for resolving the issue and had also convinced some groups for negotiations.


SARDAR WATCH COMMENT: Government and their stogies will always be in touch with Sardars as they are the only people who can be easily bought out for a price. Ignoring what Baloch people want and desire. The secret talks, calls for negotiations are bargaining done by Government with sardars. So Called  “common grounds “ and “great game” scare tactics won’t work this time to fool common people. Afterall these sardars need to be removed from the power equation of Balochistan for the well being of Baloch people.  Corruptions and duplicitous deals stinks from these sardars.


“Recently I met some armed groups who wanted to talk to the establishment and resolve the issue of law and order in the province but the establishment did not respond”, said the PPP senator. “Now I met Attaullah Mengal so that a lowest common denominator could be evolved to bring the situation under control through political initiatives. Mengal has influence in the area and experience which can help in brining peace in the province and convince the people to that common denominator,” Raisani said. However when asked what could be that common denominator, he refused to give details. When asked if the establishment supported his initiative, he refused to comment, but added that he would soon meet other leaders on the issue. He said the situation was extremely tense in the educational institutions in Balochistan, and that some elements wanted to exploit the situation and convert the insurgency to sectarian and ethnic violence.

SARDAR WATCH: What is the meaning of “Common denominator” ? Is it equal share in power structure for all sardars, kicking on the face of Baloch People ? We appeal to all Baloch people to ignore these double faced Sardars and march forward to secure our rights inspite of lecherous sardars joining Punjabis . Sardars are exploiting the poor Baloch masses. 

We will pull the Sardars out of the community,
These wolves and Nawabs, the bloodsuckers,
These biting black snakes,
These traitors to the Baloch nation
(Abdul Wahid (Azat) Jamaldini (1918-1982))

Remember what our forefathers told to us about Sardars, Never TRUST SARDARS.


One Response

  1. Yes I agreed. Same sardars were enjoying luxuries from Govt , the so called jackal Harbiyar were champion of sleaze minister in Pok history .

    It is quite interesting that they are talking bravely against POK but the father is still in Karachi playing cook fighting.

    Hey dude I would like to draw your attention that , Mr Gay ( Mehran ) is not a representative of UNO I have read mostly that the UNO representative of UNO for Baloch . NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO he is not a representative of Baloch for UNO any Baloch Participate in any seminar in UNO ..

    So kindly give a shut up call to that buddy do not use UNO name please…………

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