Writing CONSTITUTION of Balochistan: Is Harbyar Marri smooking Grass again?

According to reports Harbyar Marri s/o Khair Bax Marri want to write Constitution of free Balochistan . Our contention is this Semi-Literate idiot who is not even a graduate thinking to write a Constitution is ridiculous. We middle class intellectual Baloch do not support any such senseless move by this Idiot.  We appeal to Baloch people to condemn this, how can Harbyar can start thinking about COnstitution when we are fighting for freedom.

Mr. Harbyar,

Did we people authorized you to write it or appointed as chairman of committee?

What are your qualifications, except being son of a corrupt sardar?

Our sincere suggestion:  Independent Balochistan will decide a independent Sardar-Free  committee for constitution, headed by an expert panel. We suggest you to depose before the committee and air your opinions.  Stop  your crude moves to fool Baloch people.



Moreover, critics say drafting of a new country’s constitution requires a large democratic party. Marri’s party Anjuman Ittehad Marri, now named Baloch National Voice, does not have any significant following but is largely a tribal organization.



ISI orchestrated attacks, claim of responsibility taken by ISI outfit BLA.

The reports say “At least 15 security personnel were killed and 15 others injured in an attack on a Frontier Corps convoy in Kangri area of Musa Khel district, some 350km northeast of the provincial capital, on Monday”  http://www.dawn.com/2011/11/22/major-14-others-killed-fc-comes-under-deadly-attack-in-balochistan.html

The claim of responsibility is been taken by BLA, which is hard to believe.
Some people doubt whether ” BLA did it as its claim can not be verified”. Many in Balochistan believe that “these soldiers died of an accident of their own or got killed by Taliban, as Musa Khail Loralai, where this accident happened is mostly a Pashtun area. It is sad that” Poki Govt wants to blame it on the Balochs so that they can use this as a pretext to crack down and arrest as many innocent Baloch as they can”. This happened in the past, where Paki military/FC have used such tactics and pretexts to round up 100’s Baloch and then made them disappeared.

Recently FC is condemned by International medi and human rights groups for their actions. Recently an editorial has been published in The Daily Times http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=2011\11\21\story_21-11-2011_pg3_1

Finally the Federal Ministry of Human Rights has woken up to the woes of the people of Balochistan and taken notice of the rising number of deaths in the province. The human rights ministry has decided to form a task force that will probe human rights violations in Pakistan’s largest province. A report was earlier compiled by the interior ministry’s Crisis Management Cell (CMC). According to this report, Rs 900 million has been spent by deploying 17 regular units and paramilitary troops to put an end to rising violence in Balochistan. This is astonishing considering that the money is being spent on the same forces that the Baloch people hold responsible for their miseries. A military operation is going on in the province and the ‘kill and dump’ policy being pursued by the military and its intelligence agencies is no secret.

Few reasons among many:

1. FC was put under Provincial Govt. They don’t like it, they want to revert it.
2. BLA claim cannot be verified. No one knows who is Azad. It might be ISI.
3. BLA is a Paki sponsored outfit and it is Paki Govt that give BLA credit.
4. Pak want to use this as a pretext to round up, disappear, kill dump more Baloch and to justify their inhuman actions, human right volitions and kill-dump policy in Balochistan.
5. This is a ISI work to counter the criticism against Paki FC and to justify their actions of Baloch Genocide.


Ahmar Mustikhan praises Husain Haqqani

Ahmar Mustikhan prsises Husain Haqqani, calls him a genius, Chrismatic, Dynamic with Golden tounge……! He must be on Haqqani’s payroll. No wonder all of sudden he dupmed KB and sons, took a U turn and started attacking the very same people that he was supporting like BLA, BRA, BLF and BLUF…

Husain Haqqani tenders resignation after Mullen letter scandal

, Baltimore Foreign Policy Examiner
November 17, 2011 –


A scandal surrounding President Asif Ali Zardari’s alleged request to outgoing chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, to help him get rid of Pakistan army chief and the I.S.I. chief is said to have forced the the U.S. ambassador to tender his resignation.

“You can quote me that he is gone,” Faisal Qazi, Pakistani editor of Harbinger Weekly, told this scribe early Thursday. “This news is 99.9 percent true.”

The sack is said to have come after a prominent Pakistani lobbyist Mansoor Ijaz wrote an article in the Financial Times about the demand made to Mullen by President Zardari to help roll the heads of two of the most powerful men in Pakistan, army chief general Pervez Ashfaq Kayani and chief of the Inter-Services Intelligence General Shuja Pasha.

Mullen drew a blank about Ijaz initially, but later admitted he did receive the letter.

Ijaz, who is said to be very close to former C.I.A. chief R. James Woolsey, himself belongs to the Ahmadi sect that is persecuted in Pakistan. Qazi claims his move seemed to be aimed at winning favors of the powerful military establishment for his tormented community.

Haqqani has been a thorn in the side of Pakistan’s powerful military and I.S.I. because of his liberalism and his book Pakistan: Between Mosque And Military. In spite of his beginnings as student leader of the Pakistani Muslim Brotherhood, he rose in the echelons of civilian power, serving both prime ministers Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto.

A born orator and debator and a skilled public relations genius, he enoyed the distinction of being one of the most charismatic and dynamic Pakistani ambassadors ever to be posted in Washington DC.

He is called the “man with the golden tongue.”

Haqqani did take bold steps. He was prresent at a condolence meeting to pay tributes to journalist Syed Saleem Shahzad at the National Press Club in June where the I.S.I. was put on the mat by human rights and journalism defense officials. He said those who killed Shahzad “were the ones responsible for the killing of Balochistan University Professor Saba Dashtiyari.”

If his resignation is accepted in Islamabad, it might mark the beginning of the end of the civilian government of President Zardari.

Call made by this scribe to Haqqani to seek his soundbytes was not immediately returned Wednesday night.

India Today newspaper reported that Haqqani has been advised not to go to Islamabad as his life might be in danger there. Pakistani generals are known to physically annihilate those they consider a threat and have not even spared elected prime ministers — Nawabzada Liaquat Ali KhanHuseyn Shaheed SuhrawardyZ.A. Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto.



Akhtar Mengal’s secret visit to Pakistan to meet Imran Khan

We were told by people in Islamabad that Akhtar Mengal went to Pakistan for one day on 9th November and met Imran Khan, a ISI man whom ISI wants to make him as next Prime Minster. It is now known whom else Akhtar Jan had meet in secret. We all know that Akhtar is living in Dubai . This is a callous, inhuman, serious back stabbing of baloch struggle. We baloch youth should not die for a Sardar’s passion for CM seat.

We demand Akhtar Mengal to make his stand clear.

Details of this will follow soon.

Malik Siraj Akbar granted asylum in US, why other baloch were not given.

US move to grant asylum to Baloch journalist called ‘unusual’ , the report published in “The Nation” is very puzzling to many among Baloch community abroad and at home.   The so called “Baloch Journalist”  is  not a Baloch in the first instance.  

It is unusual, because US refused to give Visa to Khan of Kalat, Akhtar Mengal, Sana Baloch and many other Baloch leaders to come to US to attend conference. However Malik Siraj akbar ( NOT A BALOCHI)  gets asylum he is  someone who has Pakistan’s blessing and Paki ambassador Hussain Haqqani’s support in US, who were tweeting each-other. Definitely Paki ambassador has given the green light to US Govt to give asylum to his agent, otherwise Pakistan would oppose and blackmail such move. Let’s not forget that the guy came to US with full Paki Govt support and that he was not a threat to Pakistan at all, and Yes, he is Pakistani Journalist not a Baloch one, if it was so he wouldn’t attack Baloch leaders to please Paki ambassador.


The moral of the story is Pakistan is somehow gaining upper hand in their campaign against our freedom movement. They are selectively promoting individuals like Malik Siraj Akbar ( who is not a Baloch) and control the Direction of the movement, discredit the movement through his webzine ( Baloch Haal). We middle class Baloch people must start a campaign against Poki government in US and Europe to weed out such vermin who masquerade as Baloch among us with a sole intention to gain control of the movement and spread misinformation.

_____THE REPORT __

US move to grant asylum to Baloch journalist called ‘unusual’

Published: November 15, 2011

WASHINGTON – In an ‘unusual decision’, the US has granted political asylum to a Pakistani journalist from Balochistan despite Pakistan being a democracy with a vibrant news media, The Washington Post reported on Monday.

Siraj Ahmed Malik, who is on a fellowship at the University of Arizona, applied for asylum on August 19th following reports he received of kidnappings and killings of his fellow journalists and friends in Balochistan.

Two weeks ago, the Post said, Malik’s petition was granted, the newspaper said. ‘It was a highly unusual decision by US immigration officials, given Pakistan’s status: a strategic partner in Washington’s war against Islamic terrorism; a longtime recipient of US aid; and a democracy with an elected civilian government and vibrant national news media’, Pamela Constable, the veteran Post correspondent, wrote, without elaborating.

In his petition, Malik, 28, said that his work as a journalist and ethnic activist in Balochistan, where he had exposed military abuses, made him likely to be arrested, tortured, abducted and ‘ultimately killed by the government’ if he returned.

‘I never wanted to leave my country, but I don’t want to become a martyr, either’, said Malik, who now lives in Clarendon, Virginia, from where he checks with sources back home to update his online newspaper – ‘Baloch Truth’.

‘What’s going on in Balochistan is like the dirty war in Argentina’, he was quoted as saying by the Post.

‘I need to be telling the story, but I can’t afford to become the story’.

Malik acknowledges that as an advocate for the Baloch nationalist cause, his journalism is hardly neutral.

‘Balochistan needs a messenger to the world’, he said, itching to get back to his reporting. ‘Here in the US, I don’t have an office or money, but at least I can stay alive and get the message out’, he added.

At the State Department’s daily briefing Monday afternoon, when an Indianjournalist questioned about Malik’s case, the spokesman said that cases like these involved confidentiality. The United States, he said, was working with Pakistan to strengthen democratic institution, but Washington does have some concerns that were raised with Pakistan from time to time.

“Common denominator” Or Common Sardari interests?


‘Mengal has offered to help diffuse Balochistan crisis’


ARIF TAJ Sunday, 6 Nov 2011 5:39 pm




ISLAMABAD – Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senator Lashkari Raisani said on Sunday that prominent Baloch leader Attaullah Mengal to held end the Balochistan crisis, and asked the establishment to take Mengal’s offer seriously. Talking to Pakistan Today about his meeting with Mengal, the senator said the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the common grounds which could help end violence in the province. “I met the Baloch leader last week and he wanted to play a positive role in resolving the Balochistan crisis,” Raisani said. When asked if he had met the Baloch leader on behalf of the PPP government, he said, “I have been in contact with various political leaders in Balochistan because a dangerous great game is being played in our province with the help of certain foreign forces. We want to save our people and province from disaster”. He added that he had been active for resolving the issue and had also convinced some groups for negotiations.


SARDAR WATCH COMMENT: Government and their stogies will always be in touch with Sardars as they are the only people who can be easily bought out for a price. Ignoring what Baloch people want and desire. The secret talks, calls for negotiations are bargaining done by Government with sardars. So Called  “common grounds “ and “great game” scare tactics won’t work this time to fool common people. Afterall these sardars need to be removed from the power equation of Balochistan for the well being of Baloch people.  Corruptions and duplicitous deals stinks from these sardars.


“Recently I met some armed groups who wanted to talk to the establishment and resolve the issue of law and order in the province but the establishment did not respond”, said the PPP senator. “Now I met Attaullah Mengal so that a lowest common denominator could be evolved to bring the situation under control through political initiatives. Mengal has influence in the area and experience which can help in brining peace in the province and convince the people to that common denominator,” Raisani said. However when asked what could be that common denominator, he refused to give details. When asked if the establishment supported his initiative, he refused to comment, but added that he would soon meet other leaders on the issue. He said the situation was extremely tense in the educational institutions in Balochistan, and that some elements wanted to exploit the situation and convert the insurgency to sectarian and ethnic violence.

SARDAR WATCH: What is the meaning of “Common denominator” ? Is it equal share in power structure for all sardars, kicking on the face of Baloch People ? We appeal to all Baloch people to ignore these double faced Sardars and march forward to secure our rights inspite of lecherous sardars joining Punjabis . Sardars are exploiting the poor Baloch masses. 

We will pull the Sardars out of the community,
These wolves and Nawabs, the bloodsuckers,
These biting black snakes,
These traitors to the Baloch nation
(Abdul Wahid (Azat) Jamaldini (1918-1982))

Remember what our forefathers told to us about Sardars, Never TRUST SARDARS.