COLLECTIVE LEADERSHIP: Only one thing contributes to success

Only one thing plays important role in Baluch struggle for independence– COLLECTIVE LEADERSHIP

Textbook theories hardly work on current Baloch leadership which is comprised of semi-literate, inarticulate idiots hell bent to enjoy luxury life in London and Gulf.For them Baloch movement is a Business, soon their kids and grand-kids are following their path. Mr.Sarjov, Kindly ask your people in London to arrange a meeting to discuss for “collective leadership”. No negotiations will be accepted without involvement of all Baloch leaders, sardars should be just part of the collective leadership.



Three functions play important roles within the Baluch struggle for the independence.
Baluchistan has a rich history the Baluchistan invasion and occupation has been well documented. Many external powers accept that the entire Baluchistan is an occupied and divided land and the Baluch claim to independent is legitimate claim. It is up to Baluch to claim their independent. One has to understand that external powers have no problem to recognise current boundaries, if Baluch cannot mobilise their power to claim their land for themselves and challenge the legitimacy of the Iranian and Pakistan rules.
Three functions play important roles within the Baluch struggle for the independence.
A)     Coordination play in bringing together diverse political and interests groups into a single movement, by providing each group with a unity of a reason.
B)      Mobilisation brings new groups into the struggle for liberation, otherwise have no interest in politic, and provide them with political objectives and explanation.
C)      Legitimisation  present an acceptable image of the independent Baluchistan to the world.
The Coordination brings groups together mobilise popular political action persuade insider and outsiders to provide sympathy and supports. The struggle for independence argument must be rational. The assessment of the struggle for independence depends upon the relative importance of the coordination, mobilisation, and legitimisation.
The struggle for independent must obtain external support and have to play a part in the internal organisation of the national movement in order to obtain and organise popular support. In the Baluch struggle for independent the mobilisation function is very important, because the Baluch nation is divided in tribes and regional and there are tribal and regional rivalry among tribal as well as educated elites, secondly Baluchistan is sparsely populated.

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