Hafeez Hassanabadi an INFORMER, endorsed by Hyrbyair Marri

Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 11:48:10 -0700
From: ahmar_scribe@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: che bala
To: shei_negori@hotmail.com; sapidehsad@gmail.com; MAGGS459@aol.com; magass64@hotmail.com; rind_nn@hotmail.com; surizehi@hotmail.com; baloch08@mail.ru; drmarri@hotmail.com; dr_wahid_baloch@yahoo.com

Dear Waja Zubair “Sheh” Oslo:

You are a person of insight and understanding.

I shall never tolerate my Baloch brothers being killed by being called informers and agents. This suicidal policy has been crafted by Hafeez Hassanabadi aka Abdul Hafeez, who has himself been an informer of multiple nations, and endorsed by Hyrbyair Marri.

Not even Brahumdagh Bugti nor Mehran Baluch agree to such reckless policies. You could see the BRP parted ways with the Baloch National Front many months ago.

Killing of extremely poor Punjabis like barbers and tailors or women do not serve the Baloch cause as you can see from reports by Amnesty and Human Rights Watch.

Our values must not clash with the lofty ideals of humanism. Nationalism devoid of humanism in my humble view is Nazism.

We have to take along the political leadership, most importantly the BNP and NP.

Gunning down parliamentary politics is the most nonsensical approach as it breeds anarchy. I hope the BNP, NP and BRP will form a unfied front to field joint candidates.

I have already set the ball rolling and Hafeez Hassanabadi will soon return to St. Petersberg. I am sure the honorable Bijaranis will take good care of him there and we will have a more mature discussions in politics.

Please do inform him we will be closely monitoring his writings, even the ones in which he uses pseudonyms, and will religiously be informing the authorities in Oslo.

If I manage to save one Baloch life that will be the greatest service I can do for my people.


Ahmar Mustikhan
Freelance Journalist
Tel: 301 744 9366 & 301 957 0008
Email: ahmar_scribe@yahoo.com
twitter: @mustikhan


One Response

  1. waja hafeez hassan abadi made the political asylum in norway. he is non believer and russian national tripple natioanlity , PAKISTANI,russian,and
    norwaian. he is most hypocrat and his hypocracy show that he never
    believed in PAKISTAN.he is killer of several people and paid servant of
    nawabs and sardars. he is always named as seasonal bird. he never being trusted as baloch. because his own point of viewq is not clear.

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