The answer to Balochistan riddle is Independence: For the people

Khair Bux Marri — the answer to Balochistan riddle?
By Nusrat Javeed
Published: October 15, 2011–the-answer-to-balochistan-riddle/
Far more important remains the fact, anyway, that the Prime Minister was reported busy in serious brainstorming with some of his trusted aides and ministers for long hours Friday. He now seems determined to move on Balochistan and claims to have extracted the required clearance from you know who as well. The mass scale alienation of the mass of people in our resource-rich but sparsely populated province is frightening for sure. It cannot be addressed until people like Akhtar Mengal were allowed to operate in a secure space. But Mengal, who remains willing to work within the political structures provided by the constitution of Pakistan, can only dare to return from self-imposed exile, if separatist militants were somewhat appeased. How to approach boys who had gone to mountains to wage separatist battles with the state of Pakistan remains the question? Everyone has been telling Gilani Friday that an ageing veteran of the Baloch struggle, Khair Bux Marri, is the one and only that can help building of workable bridges with ferociously alienated youth of Balochistan. How to approach him for engaging in a serious dialogue? Prime Minister was still looking for a doable answer to this crucial question.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 15th, 2011.

Baba & Aiyash Sons aka Khair Bux Marri & sons are busy meeting Pokis abroad and making all possible plans to kill or arrest “boys who had gone to mountains to wage separatist battles with the state”. The real bottleneck the Baba is facing this time is the youth and poor balochis who genuinely want independence that has become a “haddi” in his kabab called uncrown king of Balochistan to usurp all Oil and Gas reserves. The above statement indicate that Khair Bux and Sons are in direct contact with Pakistani administration and helping in their operations against sarmachars. Pakistani administration is directly promoting Khair Bux Marri family as the Only negotiators of Balochistan. A myth that is been circulated in articles like this. We appeal to Baloch people not to allow yourself to fall in this trap.

Reality is Khair Bux Marri is NOT ” the answer to Balochistan riddle”. The answer is Independent Balochistan for the People, by the people of Balochistan. The answer is NOT the greedy, opportunist Sardars.

Our appeal to Baloch people,”NEVER TRUST SARDARS”.


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