From ahmar with regards & respects to Ameeri

Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 19:00:10 -0700
Subject: from ahmar with regards & respects

Dear Nako Saeed Ameeri:

You are an extremely senior Baloch actvist of Baghdad fame. I hope you understand we can never tolerate acts of terrorism against common, unarmed citizens and political activists by any rogue state or for that matter any nawab, sardar or their sons.

If Hafeez Hassanabadi devises this policy of killing all members of the Mengal family and all 70,000 members of the National Party, we have the right to condemn him.

If Hyrbyair Marri supports this wrong policy he will face our public criticism on all forums. We are proud to refuse his patronage on the grounds of human decency, public morality and the basic ethics of reverence for human life.

We did our best to stop this madness. Please see story below:

At first the militants targeted unarmed very poor Punjabis like barbers and tailors and called them government spies. Now they are targeting my own blood and bone, friends and family in Mekran on the same charge.

Baloch militants must explain wrong policies, including the killing of Prof. Nazima Talib, unarmed civilians and political activists. They are not sacred cows, rather blood-thirsty terrorists if they commit such crimes against humanity.

Killing of Mohammed Hussain in Kosh Kalat on September 14 was an eye-opener for me. His young sons Meerain and Gazzain were always so proud of their Baloch heritage and such ardent supporters of the independence movement, but their father gets killed with Taliban brutality and in MQM-style by these hichmachars. Killers of Hussain, the hichmachars, have not just killed a man, they killed an idea, a dream. A dream I shared with his sons Meerain. and Gazzain.

We are happy to note Mehran Baluch has taken a very positive stand. At the same time, to command our respect he must treat other members of his tribe like Dr. Jumma Marri and Sher Alam Marri with utmost dignity and respect.

I hope each and every Baloch will support our noble stand.

In closing the land where human life has no value, that land in my eyes has no value.


Ahmar Mustikhan

Tel: 301 957 0008


twitter: @mustikhan


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