The Role of BLUF ?

BLUF (Baloch Libration United Front) a militant organization widely raised in the media after claiming the responsibility of kidnapping the UNHCR representative Mr. John Soleiky an American citizen. Initially they were claiming that, they have done it to raise the Baloch voice internationally. But the drop seen was very unfortune for the Baloch people at large and specially for the Baloch national movement. At premier instance the Baloch received Three mutilated corpse of there political activists on 18th April 2009. After that till date they are receiving the same from the other hand. By analysing the different reports it is evident that only in the first six months of 2011 more then 200 dead bodies of Baloch activists have been surfaced. From different sources it is believed that BLUF is a London based organization and being controlled by it is London based chief.

After more then two and a half years it is high time for the Baloch masses, activists and specially for the leadership that, they shall analyse that what they achieved by the acts of BLUF at the local and at the International level? A Baloch professor at Balochistan University Quetta said "that was a mess and a blatant mistake and the London based chief shall accept it. Since 1947 till date Baloch dictator and tribal leaders have done many mistakes but have never analysed the past and accepted their wrong doings. Unless and until an environment of fair analysis and accountability has not been established until then the Baloch people will be on the damaging end. The era of eighties is front of us that is why you see a society of conservationism no one is opening up and no one is trusting the self claimed leaders. To be true the Baloch political masses have never accepted and have any hope of future role from the BLUF and from its chief.

The era of monarchs is on its last breathing. BNM the political party has played a vital role. The disintegration of BNM was 2nd major event played by BLUF leadership”.

For me this was a very thought provoking statement from a Baloch academician. Then after few days hardship I made it to meet with an ex-BNM senior member. I asked the same question to him ”What a role BLUF has played for the Baloch struggle? He replied ”the inside story is very apathetic and rough. The hopes of being democratic were derailed by the loss of Shaheed Gulam Mohammad. And the rest is all which we have suffered as a nation weekly 5 to 7 tortured dead bodies of Baloch people.Now it is the mutual responsibility of all of us that we shall rethink on our policies and develop our political institutions. I politically completely out rule the any role of BLUF in Baloch politics. But the dictators, monarchs etc. can harm the societies in numerous ways for their designed interests”.

He is young and well educated Baloch and is working as an engineer in one of the Gulf famous oil production companies. His Nick name is Mr. Makurani. Mr. Makurani replied ”The wrong doings of dictators and monarchs leads them to their end. This is what we have seen in the recent days of Arab spring. Here we are more then 12 Baloch working to gather and discuss and argue with each other on the different aspects and angles of Baloch politics. The hope full view on which agree is that none of us see any role of BLUF and its london based chief in the Baloch politics. The Baloch is resisting against the occupation, oppression and for sovereignty. Surely neither for any dictatorship and nor for any monarchy. The British or Japan like Kingship is not out of question with the consent of masses. But the rest have to understand and allow the democratic institutions and parties to move on. Baloch at any cost will not allow the war lords to impose their hegemony on the society. The role of BLUF is nothing more then for the interest for a group or a personality. Long live Baloch struggle”.

At the end I leave the question open to rest of the Baloch community how they see the role of BLUF for the Baloch future ?

Dr. Zumrid Baloch


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