Norway based Russian man involved in terrorism

Russian man Hafeez Hassanabadi aka Hafeez Ahmed with former Balochistan education minister Hyrbyair Marri in front of the U.S. Embassy in Oslo, Norway.

Ahmar Mustikhan

Baltimore Foreign Policy Examiner

October 10, 2011

Two Oslo-based men, one of them a Russian citizen and the second a Baloch activist from the Pakistan’s commercial capital of Karachi, are part of an international terror syndicate involved in killing Baloch political activists and Punjabi settlers in Balochistan, investigations carried out by the Examiner has revealed.

The two men, who have been identified as Abdul Hafeez aka Hafeez Hassanabadi and Anwar Baloch, aka “Anwar Disco”, are seeking asylum in Norway.

They openly advocate killing workers of two major Baloch-based parties, Balochistan National Party and National Party, on a charge they are "spies" and say such killings have taken place in Cuba and China.

Hassanabadi had worked as the chief election campaigner for former military governor of Balochistan, Gen. Abdul Qadir, in the 2008 elections boycotted by the B.N.P. and N.P.

He now works as a propagandist for the Daily Tawar newspaper based in Mastung, Balochistan, his Linked In profile shows, and the London-based Radio Balochi.

Observers say the killing of Baloch political activists began soon after Hassanabadi arrived in Oslo from St. Petersburg two years ago.“He had also desired to become the governor of Balochistan during the military rule of General Pervez Musharraf,” one of his family members said on condition of not being named.

Anwar “Disco” was active in Karachi politics since the 1980s and is publisher of the Urdu web zine BUC News.

The BUC News carries breaking news stories about massacres carried out by the militant Baloch Liberation Front and Baloch Liberation Army against Punjabi settlers. Observers say "Disco" is ahead of the killing game since he is himself one of the alleged planners.

“Disco”, who was part of team that negotiated the release of kidnapped UN official John Solecki in spring 2009, support to terrorism has angered his family members.

Hassanabadi, senior of the two, has earned the title of Anders Breivik for his extremist political views. Breivik had plunged Norway into grief and mourning by killing nearly 100 people in summer.

In addition to Oslo, the international terror syndicate has one paid member each in London, U.K.; Boros, Sweden; Manama, Bahrain; Sydney, Australia; and Muscat, Oman.

The terror syndicate also has a network of hired assassins in Balochistan who are posing as sarmachars or freedom fighters. Political activists killed by the terror syndicate in the last one year are Imtiaz Ahmed of B.N.P. and Maula Bakhsh Dashti, Dr. Nasim Jangiyan, Mohammed Hussain and Dr. Lal Bakhsh of N.P.

Meanwhile, former Balochistan education minister Hyrbyair Marri was in Oslo Friday.


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  1. he is top most terrorist and being involved when he was in afghanistan. HAFEEZ HASSAN ABADI IS MAIN PROJECTOR OF THE HAIR BYAR EARLIER TO THIS HE AS IN THE FAVOUR OF ATTAULLAH MNEGAL

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