Balochistan Anders Breivik’ seeks help of N.P. for his asylum; party says sorry

Ahmar Mustikhan

Baltimore Foreign Policy Examiner

October 11, 2011

NYET: Means no in Russian. Tahir Bizenjo (center) lost his father-in-law Maula Bakhsh Bizenjo to armed thugs who later joined the Baloch Liberation Front. He told Hafeez Hassanabadi "Nyet."

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The Balochistan based National Party has declined the request for help in the asylum petition of a Norway based writer who is an alleged member of an international terror syndicate.

Abdul Hafeez, aka Hafeez Hassanabadi, a Russian citizen applied for asylum in Norway after leaving St. Peterberg in Russia about two years ago. He lives safely in Oslo but openly advocates killing of political activists who are shy of raising the freedom slogan in Pakistan.

"He called N.P. secretary general Tahir Bizenjo and asked him to write a letter to the Norwegian officials in support of his asylum petion as he is a poor man," Jan Buledi, central information secretary for the National Party told this scribe on phone Tuesday.

Hassanabadi describes the "a network of spies" and also calls the Mengal family who head the Balochistan National Party as traitors deserving death.

He is now being called the "Anders Breivik of Balochistan" because of his extremist views. Breivik had killed nearly 100 in Norway in summer in the worst terror attacks in the Nordic nation’s history.

Tahir Bizenjo has known Hassanabadi sine the days the two were studying in Russia in the 1980s. Both are fluent in Russian. Bizenjo’s father-in-law Mir Maula bakhsh Bizenjo was a very decent man in Awaran but was killed by a hired assassin named Qadeer Baloch.

Qadeer Baloch later found sanctuary in the B.L.F. but was hismelf killed extra judically by the Pakistani security forces. Bizenjo’s cousin Senator Hasil Bizenjo in July refuted the B.L.F. spokesperson Basham Baloch allegations that he had a hand in Qadeer Baloch killing.

On its part, the N.P. has come under attack as it inducted Imam Bheel in its party fold in spring 2010, about six months afer President Barack Obama declared him a drug kingpin.

Hassanabadi left St. Petersberg as the town mostly is home to members of Bijarani clan of the Marri tibe, including Sher Alam Marri, a son of the late guerilla leader Sher Mohammed Marri.

Hassanabadi works closely with former Balochistan education minister Hyrbyair Marri, who is from the Gazini clan of the same Marri tribe.

"The National Party leadership has refused to help him," Buledi said

According to Jan Buledi things were under control during the days when Mir Balach Marri was the guerilla commander but a free for all started eversince his death on November 20, 2007.

At least five political workers, four from N.P. and one from B.N.P., have been killed by the militant Baloch Liberation Front since July 2010 in the Mekran area. Hassanabadi is believed to be one of the main instigators and an alleged member of an international terrorism syndicate with members in London, U.K.; Boros, Sweden; Manama, Bahrain; Muscat, Oman; Sydney, Australia.

He also works as a writer for the Daily Tawar and reports for the Radio Balochi, London. The two organizations are owned by Hyrbyair Marri and his family.

Hassanabadi as a history of attacking both N.P. and B.N.P. leaders.

Meanwhile, Bilal Baloch, an activist associated with Paris-based Baloch Voice Foundation, appreciated the exposure of the wrong trends in Baloch Diaspora by the Examiner.


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