Ahmar Mustikhan dump KB and sons, call Hairbyar Marri “Baloch Bin Laden”.


On Fri, Oct 9, 2011 at 12:37 PM, Ishaq1200 <ishaq1200> wrote:

By Ishaq Baloch

WASHINGTON DC: A long time admirer and faithful supporter of Khair Baksh Marri (KB) and sons, Ahmar Mustikhan, in a bold and dramatic move, dumped KB and his son Hairbyar Marri calling him the "Baloch Bin laden". This is like kicking KB in the ass and throwing him out of the window of a 6 story building and telling him "go to hell". One said who remain to be anonymous.

The motive behind these attacks are still unknown, but according to sources, Ahmar Mustikhan was angry over the killing of his friend Rashed Baloch’s Cousin by KB’s militant groups BLA and BLF, but some believe there are also other motive behind the attack.

"Why Khair Bux Marri was “not even put in jail” by Pokis ?", Ahmar Mustikhan wrote on his facebook. " We are asking a simple and honest questions here. When Prof Saba Dashtiyari, Qambar Chakar and Ilyas Nazar talk about independence they are brutally killed, but when Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri does the same he is not even put in jail. Why?", he asked.

Khair Bux Marri (KB) is the God father of BLA, a terrorist militant group banned in Pakistan and UK. BLA has been, on the instructions of ISI, has been involved in attacking the Middle class Baloch leaders, Punjabi Barbers and Teachers to give Baloch struggle for freedom a bad name. KB is the top most wanted anti-Pakistan man hiding in Karachi, but often shouts anti-Pakistan slogan from his luxury house in defence Housing Society, amidst of ISI and MI, with full impunity. Many Balochs believes that he and his sons are playing a double agents role. On one side they are inciting the Baloch youths to come out. protest and and shout slogan against Pakistan while on the other hand KB and son’s are co-operating with Paki ISI to get Baloch youth profiled, Kidnapped and killed by Pak ISI death squads and FC men.

An alarming numbers of Baloch leaders, student and political actvists have been killed and their mutilated bodies dumped in desolated places all over Balochistan since 2006, when the 5th Paki military operation started against Baloch people after the killing of Baloch veteran leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. KB sons including HairByar Marri aka "the Baloch Bin Laden", who runs BLA and BLUF from UK, the terrorist militant groups, wowed to take revenge of his father’s humiliation and attack by Ahmar Mustikhan. It is funny that his BLA is banned in UK but he was given Political asylum, which is a BIG joke. According to Ahmar Mustikhan’s Blog " death threat are being issued against him".

"Kair Bux Marri (KB) was an ISI insider then and he is an ISI insider now", one Baloch shouted out of anger, who wanted to remain anonymous. " who flew out of Afghanistan in Paki military c-130 jet in 70’s and who got a huge lump sum money from Gen Zia? It was him. Who are they trying to fool? ", he asked. "And what did he do when his all son’s became minister in Akhtar Mengal’s Govt? Instead of Robbing Balochs with both hands and selling Jobs to Non-Baloch Punjabi’s and Hazaras, they didn’t do anything for ordinary Balochs", he went on.

The Pakistan’s most wanted man was flown out of Danger in a Paki military Jet to Islamabad and then to Quetta and was given a huge amount of money by then military dictator Gen Zia, for just being an anti-Pakistan man. "This was a BIG cruel joke", one Baloch laughed. He still enjoy ISI protection in Karachi despite being the most anti-Pakistan man and his son’s are in constant in touch with Paki interior minister Rehman Malik and Asif Ali Zardari in London and in Dubai. Recently Hair Bayar Marri was seen visiting , They think they can fool ordinary Baloch, using their patriotic emotions to get them killed and cash their blood in the international market, but they don’t know that Baloch know them very well and are aware of their evil actions. One day they will face the wrath of those Baloch fathers, mothers and Sisters who’s sons were killed and their bullet riddled bodies were dumped on the roadsides by ISI due to the collaboration of these Baloch enemies disguised as "Baloch Freedom Fighters".


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