Who are two face, Bi-Polar, double standard persons ?

When Ahmar Mustikhan was attacking other Baloch leaders, you was clapping in Joy and calling him Ahmar Jan.. Ahmar Jan..Great Job..Great Job…, but now when he put the Dunda in your hole, you feel the pain and calling him an ISI agent? I think you are a two face, Bi-Polar, double standard person of yourself. A least we all know who Ahmar Mustikhan is but you are still a fake person with a fake ID. Please come out of your closet and show us your ugly Face so we know who this Archen ka Bachha. we all know truth hurts. so let it be.

— On Sat, 10/8/11, ArchenBaloch kaleer <archenbaloch> wrote:

From: ArchenBaloch kaleer <archenbaloch>
Subject: [balochi_culture] Ahmar Masti khan ‘Bi-polar’ or Pakistani I.S.I. Spy?
To: "balochi_culture" <balochi_culture>
Date: Saturday, October 8, 2011, 6:12 AM

Ahmar Masti khan ‘Bi-polar’ or Pakistani I.S.I. Spy?

I don’t know, what has gone into the head of this Ahmar Masti khan that he, all of sudden, started putting baseless blames on Baloch leadership, Saramachars, the freedom fighters, and writers, there was a time when he always used to praise Waja Hafeez Hasanabadi, HyrBeyar Marri, Dr Alla Nazar, Nawab Brahamdag Bugti and so on. One has to judge how controversial he is now!

Because of being controversial and not consistent with national cause for freedom, and the links with Pakistani embassy in Washington, Ahmar Masti Khan has never won the confidence and trust of Baloch leadership. Now he has openly joined the ranks of those who have always been toeing the line of Pakistani establishment. In the presence of lot of proofs of his own controversial writings, one needs not to go through details of his countless email, facebook and twitter comments what Ahmar Masti khan is?

In Baloch political society he is now suspected as a double agent working for notorious Pakistani spy network ISI.
He has almost 20 articles written only about Waja Hafeer Hasanabadi praising him, let alone others leaders and writers:


In this article he praises Hafeez http://www.examiner.com/foreign-policy-in-baltimore/baloch-intellectual-warns-baloch-diaspora-wolves-sheepskin-playing-politics

And In this article he declares Hafeer as a sinner http://www.examiner.com/foreign-policy-in-baltimore/norway-shelters

And also read these articles and see how much contradicted his thinking are?
1 http://www.examiner.com/foreign-policy-in-baltimore/allah-nazar
2 http://www.examiner.com/foreign-policy-in-baltimore/balochistan-heroines-back-bla-blf-bluf-and-bra-freedom-struggle
3 http://www.examiner.com/foreign-policy-in-baltimore/a-f-b-founder-urges-patriots-np-to-oust-senators-bizenjo-malik
4 http://www.examiner.com/foreign-policy-in-baltimore/a-f-b-founder-urges-patriots-np-to-oust-senators-bizenjo-malik
5 http://www.examiner.com/foreign-policy-in-baltimore/drug-kingpin
6 http://www.examiner.com/foreign-policy-in-baltimore/balochistan-indpendence-likely-if-tribal-elite-unite-for-common-good

MF <middle.finger4you> Wrote,
Date: Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 3:48 PM
Subject: Re: Norway shelters ‘Anders Breivik’ from Balochistan
To: Sheh Mureed <sheh.mureed>, balochi_culture, balochunity, Samandar Askani <palask>

Samander Askani is a double agent working for ISI and Iranian intelligence. He provided the cell numbers of Nawab Bugti and Malik Regi ( Jundollah leader) to Pakistani ISI and Iran so they can track their location and hunt them down. He is working as a informer to collect info of Baloch Diaspora and pass it on to Baloch enemies for few bucks. If he is so sincere for Baloch cause then he should go and join Baloch Sarmachaars instaed of Farting from behind from his computer, and put himself on the list as a maratyer so his sons can be proud of him. Time to expose these thugs and terrorist.

Samandar Askani

Shame on these people, enemies of Baloch nation.

GET LOST Samandar Askani

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Any question??

— On Fri, 10/7/11, Khan Jan Baloch <free2baloch> wrote:

From: Khan Jan Baloch <free2baloch>
Subject: [BSO_NA] Re: Norway shelters ‘Anders Breivik’ from Balochistan
To: "Breaking News" <breaking.news2000>, "balochi_culture" <balochi_culture>
Cc: "BSO North America" <bso_na>, "BSO North America" <bso_na>, "suleimankhan khankalat" <khankalat>
Date: Friday, October 7, 2011, 8:10 AM

To all and sundry,

Mr. Ahmer Masti Khan, a Journalist turned ISI agent has started his campaign against those
who aspire for the freedom of Balochs, freedom of Balochistan and struggle for the universal
human rights for Balochs in accordance with United Nations Organisation.

Now, amid their brutal massacre of Balochs, ISI, MI and Pakistani Army has started their
campaign to "divide and role" Balochs, as they have done in Afghanistan, through their wrong
propaganda through their purchased paid agents like Mr. Ahmer Masti Khan and others.

Mr. Hafeez Hassanabad is one of the million voices of Balochs who aspire Human rights,
right of self-determination and the freedom of Balochistan which was illegally occupied
by Pakistan in 1948.

( Friends of Balochs )

( Save Balochistan Campaign )

From: Breaking News <breaking.news2000>
To: balochi_culture
Sent: Friday, October 7, 2011 7:31 AM

Subject: Norway shelters ‘Anders Breivik’ from Balochistan

Norway shelters ‘Anders Breivik’ from Balochistan

Hafeez Hassanabadi, who is said to be the mastermind behind the killing of innocent Punjabi civilians and Baloch political activists. Credit:Baloch Warna

Read the article:

Norway shelters ‘Anders Breivik’ from Balochistan

Ahmar Mustikhan's photo

Ahmar Mustikhan

Baltimore Foreign Policy Examiner

October 6, 2011 – Like this? Subscribe to get instant updates.

The worst terrorist attacks that killed 100 in Norway left the peaceful nation in tears and hundreds of millions across the globe in mourning but Oslo is unwittingly sheltering an "Anders Breivik" from Balochistan.

Hafeez Hassanabadi, a Baloch political extremist and alleged terrorist, now a Russian citizen, who believes in killing political activists is living at an asylum home in Norway, but is inciting acts of terrorism by writing in Balochistan newspaper Daily Tawar and commenting for Radio Balochi.

Sources in the American Friends of Balochistan on Tuesday said they have informed one of the best human rights lawyers in Oslo, Randi Spydevold, about the terrorist activities of Hassanabadi.

Hafeez Hassanabadi, writing under pseudonyms, had defended the killing of Baloch political activist Maula Bakhsh Dashti in July last year. He advocates killing all the workers and leaders of two mass parties, Balochistan National Party and National Party, and in stead of exposing the Pakstan military, Frontier Corps and rightwing organizations, attacks these two organizations in his writings and propaganda.

"You will do a great service to humanity and go to heaven by exposing him," a family member of a Baloch terror victim told this scribe.

Hassanabadi receives financial support from London-based Hyrbyair Marri, a former education minister from Balochistan, who has recently earned himself the dubious title of "Baloch bin Laden" for sponsoring alleged terrorist activities even against Baloch political activists.

However, Hassanabadi gets on the nerve of Marri’s estranged younger brother Mehran Baluch and Balochistan Republican Party chief Brahumdagh Bugti for his extremist views.

In September alone, terrorists killed two sympathizers of the National Party.

Hassanabadi is assisted by Anwar Baloch, aka Anwar "Disco." The two are part of an international Baloch terror synidcate.

The A.F.B. tried to request Marri, a former education who left Pakistan after the killing of Justice Nawaz Marri in 2000, and his aide Faiz Baluch to help end the senseless killings. The two former terror suspects who were lodged at Belmarsh Prison looked the other way.

Hassanabadi was the chief election campaigner for General Abdul Qadir in the 2008 elections, which were boycotted by the N.P. and B.N.P. to protest military atrocities in Balochistan.

Manama, Bahrain based Mureed AlBalushi, who works for Bahrain Police and defends crackdowwn on pro-democracy supporters there, allegedly assists Hassanabadi by writing for him under the pseudonyms Borhan Arifee and Archen Baloch.

Jane Weisner, a member of the American Friends of Balochistan who was in touch with Borhan Arifeen and had refused to block him on her Facebook account on this writer’s request, realized later what she was getting into. "I have blocked Borhaan (Arifeen) he scares me. He is a violent, hateful man," she said.



From: MF <middle.finger4u>
Date: Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 6:17 AM
Subject: Re: [balochi_culture] Balochi Word
To: Sheh Mureed <sheh.mureed>, balochi_culture, balochunity

Waja sh*t Mureed Sahib,

The baloch word for Braeking News is L&%$#E….and here is a MF 4 you for asking this important question….any other Question????


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Any question??

— On Sun, 3/21/10, Sheh Mureed <sheh.mureed> wrote:

From: Sheh Mureed <sheh.mureed>
Subject: [balochi_culture] Balochi Word
To: balochi_culture
Date: Sunday, March 21, 2010, 5:11 AM

Waja Ameeri and friends

Any suitable balochi word for ( BREAKING NEWS)

Sheh. Mureed


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