Bahrain police officer part of Baloch international terror syndicate

Mureed Al-Balushi, Bahrain Police official,


Ahmar Mustikhan, Baltimore Foreign Policy Examiner

A boyish-looking Bahrain police officer who doubles as a correspondent for the shadowy Radio Gwank in Sweden is part of an international terror syndicate that is busy committing crimes against humanity in Balochistan alongside the Pakistan’s paramilitary Frontier Corps and intelligence services, investigations carried out by The Examiner have revealed.

Bahrain-educated Mureed Al-Balushi, who works in the Bahrain police bomb disposal unit, uses the pseodonyms Borhan Arifee and Archen Baloch on Facebook and the larger internet world,

Al-Balushi was in the Washington DC area in winter 2009 for police training.

Other than Radio Gwank, that is based in Boros, he also works for the Radio Balochi in London.

Al-Balushi, originally from the Mand area in Mekran, is said to assist the terror operations of the Baloch Liberation Front from Manama, Bahrain.

Al-Balushi also assists in translating the extremist writings of Hafeez Hassanabadi, former chief election campaigner of General Abdul Qadir Chanaal. Oslo-based Hassanabadi mostly targets two Baloch parties Balochistan National Party and National Party and advocates killing their workers.


In a recent exchange the Bahraini police officer said, “…. we will continue to support our beloved Sarmachaars/Freedom fighters over the killing of traitors and terrorists belonging to that Mafioso Criminal Syndicate called National Party.”

He added he did not care whether the victims’ relatives work for the CIA, DIA, FBI, Homeland Security or Pentagon. “Because, we have not seen any support from them as yet.”

Baloch commoners are suffering.

“These armed thugs have made life miserable for the common man,” Mohammad Ali Baloch, a former political activist from Panjgur, who now lives in Philadelphia said on the phone Thursday. “A guy who used to sell dates in Panjgur was killed by them. He was the lone son of his mother who cusses them day and night.”

Anyone who disagrees with the strong-arm methods of the B.L.F. is instantly labelled as an agent and killed.

Balochistan observers blame the tribal depotism and warlordism of former Balochistan education minister Hyrbyair Marri for terrorist violence and political fragmentation in Balochistan. Tall, lean and rich, Marri who now lives in London has earned himself the dubious title of “Baloch bin Laden” for his extremist views.

Alongside his aide Faiz Baluch, Marri was tried in London for terrorism in 2008 but the charges were dropped because of lack of proof.

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