A.F.B. withdraws support to H.B. Marri, B.N.F. after spate of killings in Kech


Washington-DC based Amercan Friends of Balochistan has withdrawn support to former Balochistan education minister, Hyrbyair Marri, the organization anounced early Tuesday The withdrawal of support came in the wake of the September 14 Taliban-style killing of Mohammad Hussain, a cousin of American Friends of Balochistan presiding council member and U.S. federal government employee, Rashid Baloch.

The A.F.B. had asked Hyrbyair Marri to issue a statement against Taliban-style killing of Mohammad Hussain, who sympathized with the National Party, one of the largest political parties. "My cousin cruel death was stigmatized by a charge that he is a government spy," Rashid Baloch wept. Many youngsters defend the judge, jury and executioner role of the thuggish armachars and pounced on this writer like a pack of wolves on Facebook for believing otherwise. Mr. Marri’s sympathizer Samandar Askani, an Iranian Baloch based in Boros, Sweden, and producer of Radio Gwank, allegedly defended the killings carried out by the sarmchars Askani told a relative of the victim that the Baloch terrorists never kill anyone without proper investigations and have a very "good system of execution" with a set of three judges, four prosecution lawyers and three defense lawyers.

Mr. Askani is assisted in his news operation by Mureed alBalushi, aka Brohan Arifee. Two other major supporters of Marri are Oslo-based,Hafeez Hassanabadi, who was the chief spokesperson of General Abdul Qadir’s election campaign i 2008 and his sidekick, Anwar Baloch or Anwar Disco, who publishes BUC News. BUC News mostly carries breaking news from militant outfits. Less than two weeks after Hussain’s killing a second worker of the National Party, Dr. Lal Bakhsh, was killed by armed thugs who call themselves sarmachars, or freedom fighters. However, in contrast to the established norms of the heroic freedom fighters who show utmost respect to human life these killings resembled Taliban-style brutality. Some Baloch have named the
sarmachars as hichmachars or bloody terrorists.

Baloch Liberation Front owned the killing and accused Hussain of having assisted the slaying of Jameel Yaqoob, who was a victim of enforced disappearance and kill-and-dump policy of Pakistani security and intelligence services. Hussain was also accused in helping the enforced disappearance and subsequent slaying of Tariq Baloch, who was allegedly a mass killer during his lifetime but was burried with honors in the flag of an independent Balochistan after he was forcibly disappeared and his body recovered.

Tariq Baloch and Jameel Yaqoob’s younger brother Khalil Yaqoob were allegedly involved in hundreds of killings. Hussain’s other family members are still receiving death threats from Yaqoob who is called "Butcher of Kech" and is said to be a leader of the Baloch Students Organization Azad, a component of the B.N.F. The A.F.B. members were concerned over the recent trend of killing of Baloch political workers on a charge they are government spies and had appealed to Mr. Marri to play his role to endthe killings.

Mr. Marri failed to respond tothe A.F.B. request, though he had worked very closely with the A.F.B. over the last two years.. On July 11, 2010 district nazim Kech and leader of the National Party, Maula Bakhsh Dashti ws gunned down by Khalil Yaqoob and now dead Tariq Baloch in Kech valley. Mysteriously, three days later Habib Jalib Baloch, former chairman of
the Baloch Students Organization and general secretary of the Balochistan National Party, who was also a former senator, was gunned down by hired assassins riding on a motorbike outside his home in Quetta.

Mr. Marri’s Anjuman ittehad Marri, now named Baloch National Voice, at the time advised the N.P. and B.N.P. to join the independence struggle as struggle for rights within Pakistan had failed to save the lives of their leaders. Imtiaz Ahmed of the B.N.P, and two other N.P. workers Dr. Nasim Jangiyan and were also executed allegedly by the same hired assassins.
In a war of words last spring, the B.N.P. accused Mr. Marri of being one of the most corrupt ministers in Balochistan’s history.

Baloch terrorist outfit Baloch Liberation Front, which mostly consists of bandits and thugs, assumed responsibility for the slayings in Mekran and accuse the victims of being a government spy. "None has the right to become judge, jury and executioner," Mehran Baluch, Marri’s younger brother said on phone from Dubai. But he said the Baloch militants could kill after proper investigations. The B.L.F. is headed by Dr. Allah Nazar and according to Balochistan sources is 10 times more brutal and deadly than Pakistani soldiers. The cut-throat terrorist organization has allegedly killed quite a few of its own Baloch members.

Mr. Marri, who played a role in freeing UN official John Solecki in April 2009, is considered to be a hardliner and rejects struggle for democracy and provincial autonomy within Pakistan’s framework. Many hardliners in Balochistan say they believe in killing all 70,000 members of the N.P. and the entire Mengal family, who head the B.N.P. Two of the N.P. senators, namely Malik Baloch and Hasil Bizenjo, and also former chief minister and Baloch Nelson Mandela, Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal, are said to be on their hit list The N.P. on its part defends the presence of Imam Bheel in its party folds saying it welcomes all types of people since it was a mass party. Bheel was declared drug kingpin in fall 2009 by President Barack Obama, but was still inducted in the National Party in spring 2010.

There is no concept of political ethics or public accountabilty in Pakistan, according to observers. "Bheel is just an ordinary worker not a member of the central committee," Senator Abdul Malik explained on phone from Pakistan Monday morning.
Alongside, Mr. Marri, the A.F.B. also withdrew support from the Baloch National Voice that rejects what it calls pro- parliament parties and struggle for democracy within the framework of a federal Pakistan.

Mr. Marri’s younger brother Mehran Baluch and his nephew Noordin Mengal work on a human rights agenda at the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva and the European Parliament in Brussels. Noordin Mengal was refused refused entry into the the U.S. even though he is a British citizen when he landed at the Newark airport three years ago. He was handcuffed and sent back by the FBI.

Mr. Marri and his sidekick Faiz Baluch were lodged at the maximum security Belmarsh Prison on charges related to terrorism in 2007 but were exonerated. Pakistani cricketeer Imran Khan testifed in Mr. Marri’s defense, while the government of President Asif Ali Zardari also helped in his release.

Mr. Marri’s father Nawab Kair Bakhsh Marri, a cock-fighting enthusiast, openly calls for Balochistan’s independence from his
son-in-law’ Javed Mengal’s home in Defense Housing Society — built for the Pakistan military officers four decades ago –, Karachi, commercial capital of Pakistan. Pakistani authories look the other

Javed Mengal is linked with another militant group called Lashkar-i-Balochistan, according to Pkistani intelligence sources.
According to N.P. sources, they had also approached Nawab Marri to help end the killings of political activists, but he said he allegedly declined.

While demanding of Mr. Marri to help in the arrest of Khalil Yaqoob, The A.F.B. said it did not believe in death sentence for Yaqoob but wants his feet off the Kech valleys and in prison for life. "We don’t believe in capital punishment," the A.F.B. told Mr. Marri, while pointing out he has done a lousy job in protecting human lives. Marri family allegedly enjoy considerable influence over the deadly Baloch militants.

The Marri family has a chain of news outlet including Quetta-based Daily Tawar, London-based English webzine Baloch Warna, Sweden-based Radio Gwank, and Oslo-based BUC News. The family who belong to the Gazini subset, are daggers drawn
Bijaranis, which is headed by former guerilla leader Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani.


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