Open letter to American Friends of (NaPaki) National Party and Imam Bheel

From: Baloch Dashti < balodashti @>

Date: Sunday, October 2, 2011, 6:09 PM

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Dear American Friends of (NaPaki) National Party and Imam Bheel,

On the occasion of your organizing a public rally in Washington DC on 3rd October to incite US govt to pass a resolution against Baloch freedom movement and its components and declare Baloch freedom fighters terrorists I take the opportunity to request you to have a similar courage to at least ask your party leadership in Balochistan (especially to Dr Malik as he is the sole leader and policy maker of the party at present with Imam Bheel as his financer and mentor) why is that the BLF and other freedom fighting sarmachars are not targeting BNP (both Mengal and Awami), any of several Muslim Leagues, PPP or any of religious party? Why are they considering your party the enemy no. 1 of theirs, as you go around to say? No one will buy your lies if you say because you are a democratic party and the biggest challenge to an armed solution of Balochistan’s 64 years occupation as there are other parties who also opt for democratic means of politics (election process and enriching themselves with commissions and kick backs) but they are not targeted and why are you the only political party in Balochistan targeted by sarmachars? No one will accept your justification that your party intellectuals are more convincing than other party activists, and sarmachars see you as a real challenge to their path. The fact is that Baloch intellectuals have long left you (it started when you merged your BNM with Hasil Bizenjo’s BNDP and refused to take any reference of Baloch or Balochistan, cutting off all your relations with your previous politics of Baloch nationalism). Now you are simply a bunch of greedy watan-farosh in alliance with Paki agencies and military and its stooges like Imam Bheel and others. No one will buy your lies if you say that Baloch freedom fighters are targeting you because you have an electoral support in Makran. The fact is that you rank the bottom line in public support in Balochistan because of your open support to the naked aggression of Pakistani forces calling it a self-invited crises initiated by some Baloch sardars who are eager to get their people killed and satisfy their war-mongering egos. Dr Malik continues repeating in every occasion that NP is the only party in Balochistan openly opposing the independence of Balochistan as it will become a Balochistan of sardars and we don’t want a Balochistan of sardars.

The fact is that NP has become the A team of NaPaki military and intelligence agencies (Dr Malik said in his presidential address at the last convention of his party that people wrongly call NP the B team of Pakistani agencies, and Baloch friends in Quetta commented that Dr Malik is unhappy why his Party is not being termed the team A of the agencies which it really is).

NP has become the right hand of Pakistani agencies and killers of innocent Baloch workers. Dr Malik, without a minimum sense of shame, goes on claiming that following the murder of Maula Bakhsh Dashti his party prepared a list of above 20 supporters of BLF only from Kalatuk to Mand. But what he intentionally not mention is that all these 20 persons were soon picked up by Imam Bheel’s Baloch musallah defai tanzim or directly by Pakistani forces, tortured to death, and their bodies thrown in the wilderness. Among these include three brothers and immediate family members of guerrilla commander Mohammad Baksh Jagoo, one of them was an ambulance driver in Turbat and a father of seven while another worked as a brick maker and used to sleep on those bricks which he used to make during the day. Many of these 20 people were sole bread winners of their families and had no direct or indirect relations with the guerrillas (Ahmar Mustikhan now justifies this killing of innocent Baloch because he is believed to have been approached recently by Pakistani forces in order to buy him. He seems to have sold himself in the real price of him, that is for a few dollars. Now he terms this killing of innocent members of Baloch sarmachar’s families in Makran as bringing to justice killers of Maula Bakhsh Dashti. What a shame!!! On the one hand he preaches peace and on the other justifies killing of innocent people, what a true Bhuddist!!!). When asked why NP are spying against Baloch freedom fighters and their supporters and family members Dr Malik justifies without any hesitation and minimum sense of shame that “when they have put guns on their shoulders and are killing people with the name of spies, they should not find a safe haven in Balochistan”.

At present NP has become the right hand of security forces spying against Baloch nationalists whether directly involved in any armed struggle or just supporting a Baloch-based national struggle. In all villages NP has given task to its activists to spy sarmachars and their supporters and report to the Agencies so that they can pick them up, torture, and eliminate them. In contrary to this, no other political party in Balochistan, whether federalist or religious, is so deeply involved in the fight against freedom fighters. And this is the reason why sarmachars and their supporters are not targeting other political parties in Balochistan but ONLY the NP. A relative of a sarmachar from a nearby village in Turbat was recounting to me that they cannot even buy half a kg of more tomato than their routine shopping from a shop that family members of NP activists come immediately (female and male members are sent to check who is the guest and to immediately report it to their party high ups who then forward the news to the agencies). Long before the killing of Dr Lal Bakhsh and Nasim Jangian the NP had given task to their village leaders to spy the movements of sarmachars and the sources of their ration supply in these areas which brought the NP in direct conflict with freedom fighters each one issuing warrants to other. In this senior leaders have the task to monitor the information collection by local leaders who then hand it over to Imam Bheel who then forward it to NaPaki Agencies. This was intensified when Nasim Jangian was killed from Shahrak and the NP issued threats of killing all family members of a sarmachar belonging to that area. For about six months all members of that family are hiding in Karachi or elsewhere and can not even go back to Turbat. Among them are lawyers, doctors, teachers, govt contractors, simple land tellers and students. They cannot go to their works and homes because NP has kept them under direct threat of severe consequences unless they hand over the guy who is said to have joined the sarmachars and whom NP blames for killing of Nasim Jangian (Hasil Bizenjo is said to have got paid 5 million rupees to the Karachi gang war criminals who arrested and handed over BLF commander Qadir Baloch to the security forces who was soon tortured to death). I learnt that members of this family has arranged two jirgas of elders in Karachi inviting some tribal chiefs and notables of the area. In these meetings Dr Malik, Hasil Bizenjo and Imam Bheel participated on part of NP. Aim of the jirga was to tell the NP leadership that the family was not related to the actions of the guy supposed to have joined the ranks of the BLF and if NP arrested, killed or did anything to him the family would not take revenge of it as he was no more under the command of the family, but Imam Bheel and Dr Malik are said to have repeated their warning to the family that they don’t follow shadows meaning that they will not chase guerrillas on the mountains but hit their relatives living in cities. This resulted that family members of this guy live hiding away from their daily life activities. This type of actions have also caused a direct clash of the NP with the freedom loving forces of Balochistan and they are chasing each other when and where they can. One member of this family goes telling that few months ago he went to Turbat for a short visit and every time he saluted or approached a NP worker he was told he was under target of Baloch Defai Mussalah Tanzeem of Shafiq son of Nasir Mengal in Jhalawan and Imam Bheel and Mullah Barkat in Turbat so they won’t sit with him. At one point, he is said to have got angry telling a close relative of Aslam Boladai and a jayala of NP that why only the NP is being informed to keep distance from us and our family members because we are on hit lists of the Defai tanzeem and why not others in Turbat? This means that you know who are the target killers of this tanzeem. On this the NP leader had showed him a sms which nominated about 8 members of this family under hit lists of this tanzeem which is known to be working under NP guidances in Makran. What is surprising is that the tanzeem seems to have phone numbers of all NP activists and leaders and inform them about their actions and to no other political party or commoner.

A few months back about a 100 motorcycles, brand new Honda 125 CC, were distributed through NP among informers of Pakistani agencies only in Turbat district (50 to west of Turbat and 50 east of Turbat beginning from Kolwahi Bazaar in Absar to Kolwah and Balgetar on east) with 100 card holding members of NP working as informers in open as this is the shameless political decision of the shameless NP leadership now hijacked by Imam Bheel and Dr Malik. Some of these are also believed to be members of the Defai tanzeem including the younger brother of Dr Lal Bakhsh who used to use his influence as a village doctor to spy the movement of Baloch sarmachars in his area (Dr Lal Bakhsh’s brother was a pity gunda of his area who once fired on the workers of Rakhshani builders in Shahrak and Sami and a regular FIR has been registered against him of this. He is also believed to be behind the killing of three innocent workers of Rakhshani builders in order to extract gunda tax from the builder, these are facts known to every one in that area although NP and Dr Malik are doing their best in vain to put the blame on sarmachars). Despite all this we don’t support killing of any person, whether innocent or otherwise. We believe that opinion formation among the masses is the best way to counter opponents but not all of us think in the same way and Dr Malik is one of them who plans to eliminate all family members of sarmachars because he says “ma sahig na tachenan, we don’t chase shadows”.

This and many other actions of the NP and its mentors of Dr Malik, Hasil Bizenjo, Imam Bheel and Mullah Barkat have also put on risk lives of some naïve members of the party who go beyond their limits to please their shameless leaders.

My humble request to you, American Friends of NP, is to have courage to ask Dr Malik why is he putting the precious lives of his members in risk by bringing them in direct confrontation with freedom loving forces of Balochistan just to appease the NP feeders in Islamabad and their stooge of Imam Bheel in Turbat (Does Dr Malik feel somewhat responsible for the loss of Nasim Jangian and Dr Lal Bakhsh or he has become so blind in his love for this NaPaki state and his status as a senator-selected that he has lost all senses of reasoning???). Who is the real beneficiary in this confrontation? When sarmachars are not targeting other political parties and parliamentary forces in Balochistan, and targeting only the NP then there must be some reasons behind this, you should put this question to yourselves living in Washington? Have the courage to ask your leaders the reasons of this confrontation and condemn it in your Washington DC rally, if you have any Baloch blood in your veins. If not, go on barking against Baloch forces and give a pull to the rope of NP and Pakistani Agencies which they are tightening around the neck of Baloch freedom fighters and Baloch freedom struggle.



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