Letter to Ahmar Khan


From: Khan Jan Baloch <free2baloch>
Date: Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 11:13 AM
Subject: Re: Open letter to American Friends of NP
To: Ahmar Khan <ahmar_scribe>

Mr. Ahmer Khan Masti,

How long one should request a Baloch to worlk for Baloch cause? Baloch casuse is to confront the brutal activities of ISI, MI and Paki Military with all means i.e. by walking, talking, writing and
if it not works, counter activities whom no one can stop, neither Masti Khan nor any Marri Baloch. Go & ask those in Balochistan who have missed their sons, brothers,sisters and fathers.

The intellegent way to foil the Paki Policy towards Baloch of “Divide & rule” is to attack their weak points on economic,social, political, diplomatic and their stratagic grounds. Speak and
write for unity. The uniity to confront the enemy if you can, in other case be silent and don`t harm your coming generations.

We know, like in the period of Baloch freedom fighting in 1971-74, a few greedy gays who chased us for their “Lubb.” Lubb means the money broker get for selling his daughter.




“If Balochistan were to become independent in today’s geo political regional situation we would be such a weak state that any of the powerful nations like the US or Russia could dominate us, as we would be economically and militarily weak.It is better to live and negotiate with a weak master (Pakistan) than a powerful master who would dictate its own terms and conditions for strategic and vested interests.” –—Nawab Khair Baksh


http://www.sungi.org/custom-1/Balochistan_Booklet.pdf “Lack of Democracy and Socio-Economic Development of Balochistan”  (Page 30)


Please, avoid to get Lubb and avoid to eat “Geet” in exchange for the blood of Baloch Martyers. The circle of evil come to struck those who get Lubb and give Geet (shit) to their children to eat.

Why, Mr. Ahmer Khan Mastoi has taken a U-turn like Phokistanis on the question for the the freedom of Balochistan? Please tell us what happened with you?

(Save Balochistan Campaign )

One Response

  1. As a Baloch and well wisher of Baloch people I think that is the most hard time for baloches and baloch,s cause and this is not time to confront with each other on a single issue.We suppose to be UNITED today all baloch tribes of Balochistan,sindh and punjab to rise the voice against Pakistan militiary operation which these guys commiting bloody crimes of innocent Baloch people.

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