Why Pokis are targetting middle class leaders ?

It is the middle class Baloch leaders and intellectuals the target of Pakistani establishment. “Punjabis fear middle class educated baloch more and think they can maim the struggle The best Baloch people can do is to continue resisting and seek international support.”said a Baloch Sarmachar

Raziq Bugti a middle class baloch was killed within one year when is told a TV channel -political parties and “Sardari system” cannot run together Gulam Mohammad was killed when dealing with Khair Baux Marri went raw on a kidnapping.  Similarities between the deaths of Raziq Bugti and PWP leader Nasrullah Khan Kakar, who was killed on March 1, 2006, – they opposed sardars.

Now it is Dr. Saba Dashtiyari eliminated by Pakistani agents. 

ONE THING MIDDLE CLASS MUST REMEMBER is we have no friends, only enemies. WE have to fight SARDARS and POKIS, because both hate us for one thing, that is a middle class educated are the genuine freedom fighters and do not compromise with enemy.

There is renewed anger across Balochistan over the dreadful assassination of one of the most popular icons of Balochi literature and civil society, Dr. Saba Dashtiyari. A professor of Islamic studies at the University of Balochistan, the fifty-eight-year old university educator was gunned down when he was taking a walk in Quetta on Wednesday night. ( Baloch Haal)

What does this high-profile murder mean to Balochistan?

Similar to Nawab Bugti’s killing, Balochistan will never be the same again after Saba’s murder. The fallout of his murder, however, is going to eventually come in a slow but a different way. Besides political rallies and shutter down strike calls given by the Baloch National Front, this incident is going to give a wake-up call to Balochistan’s lower-middle class.Much has been said about the role of the tribal elites in the past and the rise of the middle class in the current Baloch movement but one has barely heard of the Baloch lower middle class, which Saba represented.


Why Pokis are targetting middle class leaders ? 

Once they eliminate all vocal middle class baloch leaders and intellectuals, only Sardars will be invited to the negotiating table and there ends the dreams of Baloch independence. SARDARS want just this to happen and are hand in glove with poki establishment. BEWARE more middle class leaders are on the firing line of Sardars and Pokis.