BRP say Good bye to Baloch National Front


Exposing the Hippocrates part 1

By Sher jan Aliani Marri

All Baloch and progressive thinking people must unite against exploitative Govt and Baloch Sardars and Nawabs!

Praise is to Allah.

Being truthful means speaking the truth and also saying things that reflect reality.

Being truthful is one of the necessities of a human society, one of the virtues of human behaviour, and brings great benefits, whilst lying is one of the major elements of corruption in human society, and the cause of the destruction of social structure and ties, one of the most evil features of bad conduct, and causes widespread harm. Hence Islam commanded truthfulness and forbade lying.

First off all hypocrites are those who does or says something opposite, or that contradicts what they have previously said, done, or believed. Today people usually use “a fake” instead of calling someone a hypocrite. Why? its just another word for because another definition of hypocrite is to put on a false appearence or stance against something or someone.

Khair Baksh Marri is repeating what Mr. Thomas Jefferson did because both are hypocrites because Mr. Thomas Jefferson believed that slavery was immoral, he wanted to abolish it, but yet he owned slaves he kept them as slaves as he became richer and richer though later leading into bankruptcy where he felt he still now more than ever couldn’t get rid of his slaves he didn’t want.

At the same times Khair Baksh Marri and his sons use Baloch nationalistic slogans and yet his whole tribe and his sons are fully collaborating with Pakistan against Baloch youth and nation you see that’s hypocritical, he said he want Azadi yet we go through his history and we will prove it Inshallah to Baloch nation he is again laying and playing with Baloch national sentiments and emotions its immoral. He wants Azadi and spreads lies and romours against Baloch national leaders and workers through his beloved gays.

We will expose their every lie from today, let Ahmaq mistaken write one fake lie we will write 10 proofs and let us see how long this will continue.
The hypocrites still raise their ugly heads from time to time, whenever they get the opportunity, in order to attack the basic and fundamental beliefs and true sons of the soil, or to cast doubts on its basic tenets, or to strip the Baloch community of its struggle and identity. What should we do about them, and how can we protect the Baloch peoples struggle against these evil gays and gay lovers? Answer coming soon!!!
Undoubtedly this is a problem from which the Baloch national struggle suffers from time to time, especially when it is faced with trials and tribulations and these hypocrites feel secure and feel that they will get away with what they do on name of Baloch people, and will not be punished if they attack the foundations of Baloch national struggle and try to spread division and tribulation.

Undoubtedly the damage that these people do is greater than that caused by the Pakistani army and their agencies whose hypocrisy is obvious. “They are the enemies’ of poor Baloch nation, so we request the Baloch youth to be beware of them and help us expose their lies and deeds. May Allah curse them! How are they denying or deviating innocent Baloch youth from the Right Path but playing with innocent people’s blood in order to make money? They are pure al-Munaafiqoon. Allah and Baloch nation will hold them accountable soon or later all their lies will be exposed INSHALLAH.

Undoubtedly it is better to waging war against those mushrikeen Sardars who sold their soul for money and play double standards and games, and sold Baloch lands for coins, waging war against traitor Baloch Sardars comes under the same heading as waging jihad against the apostates and Hippocrates.

All Baloch youth must start their war against these traitors and Hippocrates at the same times engaged in war against the occupying forces because otherwise they will use Baloch national cards as they used in past and negotiate with these occupying forces to make more money and suppress Baloch nation years to come.

If Baloch are to win their freedom they must crush these Sardars and their propaganda machines that are not fighting against Baloch enemies but giving empty slogans identifying the true sons of soil and getting them killed with help of ISI.

Moreover the harm that these people Sardars and Nawabs (hypocrites) cause to the Baloch are greater than that caused by Baloch enemies, indeed their harm is equal like that caused by the traitors and Baloch enemies who fight the Baloch nation using empty slogans and doing business around the world. The damage that they do to the Baloch unity and Baloch national struggle is far worse than the damage done by enemies and people by the agencies who wage war on us.

Every Baloch must do as much as he/she can of his/her duty to open the mask under which these Hippocrates hide. It is not permissible for anyone to keep quiet about anything that he knows about them; rather he must broadcast it so that the Baloch nation will know what they really are. It is not permissible for anyone to help them to remain among us and lead Baloch national movement unquestioned they must be held responsible and accountable for every drop of blood and coin.

It should not be permissible for anyone of Baloch to speak against or carrying out any kind of agitation or propaganda against Baloch national struggle but these greedy jinns have no moral or religion but have sold their souls to Satan for money. This is one of the greatest types of struggle to create awareness to Baloch people about their true nature and their intentions to create disunity and chaos among the ranks of struggling Baloch youth throughout the world for Baloch national cause and freedom.

We tried our utmost and refrained from answering the daily propaganda and spreading of lies and rumors created and wrote by the gay Akmaq mistaken with monetary blessing of some gay lovers, we are not going to sit idle and bear these lies and we will answer and openly challenge those gays and their lovers to open all the cards before Baloch nation and come for public debates.

We know perfectly well when and where they meet with Govt ministers and Ambassadors and get cash to derail Baloch national struggle all their thundering statements get prior Govt approvals they are masters in doing Black political magic’s with their hired gay’s supporters.
We ask them and will write on these subjects in series of articles to expose and bring the truth out.

Good news we exposed the owner of one of the best Baloch sites called is run by Ahmaq mistaken we have proofs and it will be exposed soon.

1. What were the real causes that broke Baloch national struggle in 90s?
2. Who cut deals with general Zia and MI, ISI and returned military planes from Afghanistan?
3. Who took Marri peoples shoulders guns and sold them to Afghan Talibans
4. Who took Dr Najibullahs party gold and money when he entrusted them to?
5. Who took compensation money paid by Govt in 90s for the excess committed against Marri tribe by Paki army from 1973 till 1978?
6. Who lives under the protection of ISI in defence housing societies in Karachi? And pin points Baloch youth to ISI?
7. Whose sons are thank full to Zardari and Nawaz sharif ?
8. Whose sons do business using Baloch sufferings?
9. Whose sons meet regularly with Baloch hated person Rehman Malik?
10. Whose son meets with General Musharraf in secret in London?
11. Who got medical treatment in Karachi cant military hospital one month before?
12. Whose sons do business of Rado watches and other exclusively expensive items in Geneva this is what your paid servant Ahmaq mistaken wrote in an Article?
13. We know the condition of your wealth from 70s from where all these wealth came from where as none of your son’s works or do any job?
14. Who killed 50 innocent Marris since 2004 and many other innocent Baloch?
15. Who is supporting Ahmaq mistaken to create disunity and disarray among Baloch Ranks?
16. Who calls all other Baloch leaders and think tanks ISI agents only your sons are best and true?
17. Beside Govt of Pakistan who else opposed Baloch national conference in Bangkok and now opposes the Baloch nation conference in Washington?
18. Who activates Ahmaq Mistaken and open ass gay against Baloch national unity? We know he works for Pakistan and he was planted there by Pakistani minster well known Zubaida jalal. Why you support him against Baloch icons?
19. Why if you live in karcahi and yours sons meet and do business with Zardari and Nawaz sharif business as usual but if any Baloch gets small job you target him as ISI agent?
20. What your sons did for Baloch when they were ministers?
21. Why your son hairy bairy took 25 million US dollars from International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for Baloch IDPs and did not give them a single coin where is that money?
22. Why international funds are misused by yours sons in buy elite property throughout world where as Baloch sarmachars are dying of hunger on mountains?
23. Whose sons bought seven high value houses in central London, Poland, UAE, France and Karachi defence housing society?
24. Whose sons own chains of restaurants in Dubai France and Poland?
These are only few points on which we will like Baloch readers writers and public to pay little attention much more is to come in months ahead unless they stop their Ahmaq and other paid dogs to stop barking against Baloch national struggle.