Harbyar’s wife is Pir Tahir Allauddin’s daughter, and Pir’s wife (Harbyar’s mother-in-law) is the daughter of Khan Ahmedyar, and sister of Daud Khan, and so aunt of Suleiman, which means Harbyar’s wife is cousin of Suleiman and Suleiman’s wife, Changiz Mari’s wife is daughter of Munir Afridi – a known informer. Gazin’s wife is Nawab Zulfi Magsi’s sister (Present Governor Balochistan).

This so called opposition between Harbyar Marri and Khan of Kalat is a smart game to fool public and secure sardari system, after all they all are Sardars at the end of the day, with close family ties.  Khan of Kalat came to Kabul to help Khair Bhaksh Marri to return to Pakistan, he brought special information from Zia government for him.

ENEMY OF SARDARS! Educated middle class youth

Both Sardars and Government fear  educated Baloch youth and middle class, fearing them the govt started killing them. No Sardar or their relatives get killed in government operations. It is only the poor baloch who are vocal and educated ones are been identified and selected by Khair Baksh Marri and his sons are killed by the Government.


Sardars consider educated middle class youth as trouble makers and hurdles for their grand plan to negotiate a deal with Pakistani government, therefore they started killing youth so that they can sit and talk where Khair Baksh Marri and Sons and other Sardars will enjoy the benefits.


They want to sell Oil deposits, gas and mineral wealth to Multinational companies by joining hands with government.  Things are moving in that direction. Today also 2 young baloch were  killed, every day this goes on, all sardars are silent.


Nobody is interested in real work, they are just playing games.




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