Gazain Marri praising Poki Masters aka Zardari, Rehman Malik

1. Here is an interview given by Khair Baksh Mari’s son Mr.Gazain Marri whose was interior minister during Nawaz Sharif term in 90s. The events cannot be called a history as these were only few years old, during his ministerial period Mr.Gazain Marri was heavily involved in corruption, drug smuggling grabbing land from poor Marri people, for example he forcefully captured the lands of a poor Mazarani Marri a Gazaini Marri sub tribe in Hub which is still known to people as Shahzain Marri farms named after his elder son, this poor Marri, Kapeem dad invested his lifelong savings and sold his lands in Marri areas and bought land Hub because of availability of water from Hub dam when the land prices were very cheap back in 80s.

2.We want to remind the readers his father is called Baba-e-Azadi who must be a just man, after the forceful capture of their lands the family of the poor Marri was in desperate situation looking around nowhere to go to seek justice an illiterate and poor man sent his wife to his Sardar house as women command big respect in Baloch society to seek justice from Khair Baksh Mari since the culprit was his son Mr Gazain Marri, the poor lady sit in front of his house under the heat of sun for seven days and nights without food and water her food and water was from the passerby and other visitors who used to give her drinks and biscuits, on the 8th day people were outraged and they knocked Mr.Sadar out and told about her, he meet her 5 minutes while standing, she told her story in crying and asked his help and justice, he told her it is not his business go seek help from Gazain himself.

3.Now to the interview presented above, most listeners can understand the way he flirts and kiss the hands of another person like his own kind ,both extremely corrupt people one in Pakistan history and the other in Balochistan’s for their recorded corruptions, now turned brothers.

4. In the interview

* Gazen Marri S/o Baba-e-Azadi, thanks Zardari for his help and kindness to him and his brothers for returning the Pakistani passport,

* A man calls himself freedom fighter, once charged for financing BLA subsequently released in Dubai is now accepting himself as Pakistani citizen and calls the return of his Pakistani passport as his fundamental right.

* Gazen Marri frequently thanks Zardari who squashed all cases against him and his brothers. The reality is Zadari under the dictation from his Army generals and ISI opened a new front with collaboration(s) from some people inside Baloch freedom struggle, their primarily role is to work as informers and pin pointers against the middle class, nationalist ,educated Baloch youth, whom ISI pick, torture and kill young nationalists without any mercy. This kindness is good for few like Baba-e-Azadi family and nasty holocausts for rest Baloch.

5. All these killing of middle class educated youth is a well crafted preplanned plot by few Sardars and Govt of Pakistan to push back Baloch national struggle for many years, if not destroyed completely. The question is why not a single Baloch Sardar or cash rich fat guys who issue rhetoric nationalist statements is neither arrested nor killed in these horrible times of Baloch history. These self styled freedom fighters of Baloch, move around freely inside Pakistan and around the world selling Baloch blood and increasing their capital and businesses.

6. We wish to remind the readers that Mr.Gazain Marri was one of the main business partners of Benazir Bhutto mostly in property dealings. We have many examples and are in the process of collecting enough evidence which will be presented in future writing. Mr Zardari who got power and wealth after Bhutto’s death ,simply became hire to her business empire. Gazain was her partner in the same business including chain of Restaurants and Hotels, eversince Zardai assumed power they added new business of importing Pakistani food items into UAE in their big business chain.

6. Mr. Gazain who is very famous in his cruelties against his own Marri once beat his own three Marri body guards and broke their ribs only because he was training on them using them as punching bags, once said Marri must be treated as donkeys use and kick their asses do not give them importance if you value them they will ask many questions never meet and talk with people who are lower than your standards.

7. Many poor Marri live and work in UAE mostly in AL-AIN we have seen Mr. Gazain invited and received people outside Sharjah on the death of his brother Mr. Balach Marri, the desert was covered with carpets pillows and blankets, do you know from where Mr. Gazain brought them from? He drove along with his friends to AL-AIN to the shops of those poor Marris who are most Gazaini because he fears Bijaranis, he ordered those poor Marris out of their shops filled 5 jeeps with carpets pillows and blankets and used them, now who will buy those used carpets and other items left those poor Marri without their yearly earnings, this he does all the time.

8. When he reached Dubai, he started collecting 1500 UAE Dh from each Marri working in UAE and other gulf countries, he threatened them by saying thoose who refuse to pay are playing with fire. Whole Baloch community in Gulf Diaspora knows that he collects chunda or funds in the name of Baloch freedom fighters and sends no coin to them, sarmachars are are eating grass and use one pair of shoe and dress for whole year.

9. The author of unilateral ceasefire between BLA and other Baloch groups in the year 2008 was Gazain and Zardari when Zardari came to power, Zardari needed ISI and MI approval to take the president seat referring to his close ties with Marri family and Gazain needed free fall of cash so the army gave green light to Zardari to become president and Zardari paid Two Billion rupees to Gazain who through his channels get a ceasefire deal which hold for more than 9 months which was lately broken by BRA and BLF seeing no change in Zardari Govt attitude to Baloch cause.

11. Gazain Mari’s old time friend, once a Narcotics boron and business partner, Sardar Umer Gorgage, knew that federal govt is going to change the ministers. In December he sent his cousin Mola Buksh Gorgage to Dubai to meet Gazain Mari because Gazain is a good friend of Zardari. Gazain did a deal with Sardar Umer, 2 crore rupees and one Grand Cherokee jee. Then he recommended Sardar umar Gorgage for a seat in the Ministry. Sardar umar Gorgage paid him money and his cousin Moula Buksh bought for him one Grand Cherokee jeep, Gazain Marri used his personal influence on his best friend Mr 10% and got success, Sardar umer Gorgage became federal minister for postal services on 26th February 2011.

Now few Questions to Mr.Patriotic Gazain Marri a so called nationalist to most corrupt human species on earth discuss the fate of proud Baloch Nation.

Question1: Gazain and his 4 other Baloch were Ministers throughout 90s, how many Baloch were employed by them?

Question2: How many schools, colleges, universities were built by them, Oh that is too much,, did they sponsor a single Baloch son or daughter to a school or college?

Question2: That also might be too much, did they ever bought a single pencil or a pen and gifted it to a Baloch child? If yes, we request to all readers send their names.

12. Gazain Marri in his interviews made tall untrue claim that his father sent Baloch to Russia for studies, there are thousands witness to prove his father was the only person who opposed education in all fronts and had one of the basic conflicts with Mir Hazar Khan who sent Baloch to soviet union for higher education.

13. Gazain Father did not allow BSO students and other Baloch to educate Marri pupils in refugee camps, before the arrival of his father there were 10 BSO ex-students who were teachers in Marri camps in Afghanistan, when his father arrived in Afghanistan he expelled them by calling them Gays and drug edicts.

Today his Nationalists son Harbyar Marris best advisers appointed representatives and friends are internationally famous Gays” tell me who is your friend I will tell you who you are”,

14. We request Gazain Marri to use his influence on Zardari to help release those thousands Baloch abducted peoples who are being tortured and brutally killed every day and thrown like empty packets of cigarette throughout Balochistan.

We request these close friends to open some relief camps for those displaced Baloch people using their names his nationalists’ brother Hairbear Marri took 25 million US dollars from ICRC to help those displaced Marri/ Bugtis but not a single coin has been given to those poor Baloch people.

We request Gazain Mari to request his nationalist brother who sits with Altaf Husain and Pakistan Ambassador and Punjabi businessmen never meets his Baloch brothers to make special funds to help families of those missing Baloch and those killed, since they are also human beings they have wives, mothers, sisters and small kids who need care food dress and a pencil and notebook these poor honorable Baloch if cannot afford life like him a luxurious life in London or Dubai like Mr. Gazain and Hair bear but at least deserver decent life, they must be helped.


Mazari Elite = Bugti Shepherd, Bugti Elite = Marri Shepherd

Mazari Elite = Bugti Shepherd  Bugti Elite = Marri Shepherd

Mazari Elite = Bugti Shepherd Bugti Elite = Marri Shepherd

Ghazani Elite = ? Shepherd

Where NP is strong, Sarmachars are strong

Once we saw Khair Baksh  interview with Hum TV, answering a question he said , Mazari’s elite is equal to Bugti’s shepherd and bugti’s elite is equal to Marri’s shepherd. What do u comment on such mentality?


Can anyone tell us what is the reason that armed forces have supporters in the areas where NP has supporters and where ever NP is weak they have no Sarmachar? Answer is, because NP is gives a platform and political awareness to the public which is leading them towards armed resistance.



Harbyar’s wife is Pir Tahir Allauddin’s daughter, and Pir’s wife (Harbyar’s mother-in-law) is the daughter of Khan Ahmedyar, and sister of Daud Khan, and so aunt of Suleiman, which means Harbyar’s wife is cousin of Suleiman and Suleiman’s wife, Changiz Mari’s wife is daughter of Munir Afridi – a known informer. Gazin’s wife is Nawab Zulfi Magsi’s sister (Present Governor Balochistan).

This so called opposition between Harbyar Marri and Khan of Kalat is a smart game to fool public and secure sardari system, after all they all are Sardars at the end of the day, with close family ties.  Khan of Kalat came to Kabul to help Khair Bhaksh Marri to return to Pakistan, he brought special information from Zia government for him.

ENEMY OF SARDARS! Educated middle class youth

Both Sardars and Government fear  educated Baloch youth and middle class, fearing them the govt started killing them. No Sardar or their relatives get killed in government operations. It is only the poor baloch who are vocal and educated ones are been identified and selected by Khair Baksh Marri and his sons are killed by the Government.


Sardars consider educated middle class youth as trouble makers and hurdles for their grand plan to negotiate a deal with Pakistani government, therefore they started killing youth so that they can sit and talk where Khair Baksh Marri and Sons and other Sardars will enjoy the benefits.


They want to sell Oil deposits, gas and mineral wealth to Multinational companies by joining hands with government.  Things are moving in that direction. Today also 2 young baloch were  killed, every day this goes on, all sardars are silent.


Nobody is interested in real work, they are just playing games.



I got my sons everywhere!

A message from Baba-E-Azadi (Baba of Electronic Azadi), Khair Baksh Marri

“If Balochistan were to become independent in today’s geo political regional situation we would be such a weak state that any of the powerful nations like the US or Russia could dominate us, as we would be economically and militarily weak.It is better to live and negotiate with a weak master (Pakistan) than a powerful master who would dictate its own terms and conditions for strategic and vested interests.” –—Nawab Khair Baksh “Lack of Democracy and Socio-Economic Development of Balochistan”  (Page 30)


Pull the Sardars out of the community

“We will pull the Sardars out of the community,
These wolves and Nawabs, the bloodsuckers,
These biting black snakes,
These traitors to the Baloch nation “( OWL)

Abdul Wahid (Azat) Jamaldini


“O my Creator! Give me courage to awaken
The Baloch from their deep slumber.
The Sardars have darkened the faces of the Baloch people.
Let me put them one by one on the gallows”

Gul Khan Naseer




Our forefathers predicted long back and exposed these Sardars in their poetry. Let us take inspiration from these poetry and march ahead to secure our liberty, freedom and Land from Pakistan.