FROM BUGGA: Two simple, open questions to honorable Sardar Akhtar Mengal

Khair Baux Marri's Gay son Mehran

Khair Baux Marri's Gay son Mehran


— On Mon, 1/24/11, karim alba <> wrote:
From: karim alba <>
Subject: Re: [balochi_culture] Re: Two simple, open questions to honorable Sardar Akhtar Mengal
Date: Monday, January 24, 2011, 5:14 AM

I will add what waja Ameeri said, every Baloch has the duty to inform each other about the  rats that could affect our struggle for an independent Balochistan.
Since  most of my Baloch brothers and sister on this forum are either living in abroad or never been to Karachi to know about Masti Khan.I thought it was my duty to inform my rest of brothers and sister on this forum about a shady and doubtful background of Mr. Masti Khan.
As we all know, Mr.Ahmar was known to most of Balochs just recently after he started writing nonsense articles like ” HOW BALOCHS DONT LIKE FURTING” and playing with Baloch’s emotions in this high time by writing articles against our leaders like Sardar Akhat Jan Mengal and others in his Advertisement based , free and out of business magazine which has been out of business since 2009 according to google.

Still I could not resist but to call Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal to find out why he was ignoring him and his questions.
Sardar Akhtars answer to my query was ” Who is Ahmar that I should answer to, I’m  liable to answer  to any  Baloch, who has fought and sacrificed or at least has an honest heart for Baloch and Balochistan’s cause.
Ahmar ” let alone being a Baloch” but he does not even know what are the Baloch DOD O ROBIDAG. Biggest proves are on his advertisement based  website. And time and again he tries to make his masters happy. He does not even worth giving attention to”
This was the answer of Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal.

My personal advise to Ahmar is …. Give up… Balochs can’t be deceived now. We have came a long way, this is not the first decade that we fighting  Your napakin Pakistan.
Let alone our leaders, but a common honest Baloch has sacrificed a lot for this cause of an independent Balochistan .
At the end, I wanna say couple of things , One is a saying another one is a lingo in Balochi.
Kada Baaz jan ey aap dar keit.
Bagaey nah poshta bro nah deima.


From: saeed ameeri <>
To: Balochi Culture <>
Cc: Ahmar Masti Khan <>
Sent: Sun, January 23, 2011 11:35:02 PM
Subject: RE: [balochi_culture] Re: Two simple, open questions to honorable Sardar Akhtar Mengal

Dear Ahmar: Your e-mail has been forwarded to Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal.
Every Baloch has democratic right to question their political leaders for their
stand on indipendence struggle of Balochistan.

Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2011 22:55:08 -0800
Subject: Re: [balochi_culture] Re: Two simple, open questions to honorable Sardar Akhtar Mengal

My questions were very simple basic questions that are in the minds of Baloch nationalists. No need for personal attacks.

From: wajoo12 <>
Sent: Sun, January 23, 2011 8:26:42 PM
Subject: [balochi_culture] Re: Two simple, open questions to honorable Sardar Akhtar Mengal

— In, Ahmar Khan <ahmar_scribe@…> wrote:
> Your participation in this honest and serious discussion is must. This is very
> relevant to the Balochistan situation today.
> Honorable Sardar Akhtar Mengal, former Chief Minister of Balochistan and “Baloch
> Nelson Mandela”:
> There are lot of confusion about your role in Balochistan independence struggle
> though you have lost senior comrades like Senator Habib Jalib. I would like to
> put my faith in your leadership and believe that you and B.N.P. want an
> independent Balochistan. I also try to convince many friends this is the case.
> However, since neither you nor your party B.N.P. have clearly spelled out
> independence of Balochistan as your main agenda, there are lingering doubts in
> the minds of people.
> Honorable Sir, I want to ask you two very simple and basic questions so that
> the Baloch people understand your politics better:
> Do you want an independent Balochistan?
> If yes, are you willing to struggle for it?
> I remain your humble servant.
> Sincerely,
> Ahmar Mustikhan
> Washington DC/
> ________________________________
> From: Ahmar Khan <ahmar_scribe@…>
> To: “” <>;
> “” <>
> Sent: Sun, January 23, 2011 3:01:15 PM
> Subject: [Baloch_Culture] Independence is the only solution
> Is there any doubts in the minds of the Baloch that the only salvation lies in
> the independence of Balochistan?
Masti Khan ,
I don’t think your post will get to Sardar Akhtar Mengal, and even if it did I don’t think he has a need to clear his rule to a person like you.
Being a Baloch, I thought I will write a couple of lines to increase a little bit of your and my Baloch brothers knowledge .

I would not blame someone like you , who in his entire life have never resided or visited Baloch territory like Lyari let alone Balochistan.And who is half Baloch and half Burmese to be confused about the struggle and scarifies of a Baloch Honorable family like Sardar Akhat Mengal’s.

Mr Masti Khan , there are few solid reasons why someone like you be confused or against the Baloch struggle for independence of Balochistan or at least try their utmost to confuse us Balochs.
First of all , you need to gain some more information from your masters ” ISI” friends about this honorable families , and familiarize yourself about the situation of Balochistan struggle since 1948.
I’m sure you will find out that your ISI friends will acknowledge that they have martyred
tens of if not hundreds of immediate family memebers of Sardar Akhtar , including his Brother Asad Baloch his Father In-law Aslam Gichki, his Uncle Nader jan Gichki and countless of his colleagues .
They have tried their best to keep him out of his demand of Independence of Balochistan “through the UN charter of External self determination including the seceding from Pakistan through a plebiscite , like its happening in Sudan as we speak.” by keeping him in an iron cage and poisoning him.

He and neither any informed Baloch about you and your background wants your faith in struggle for the independence of Balochistan .

Your background beckon to us that you and another college of yours always trying to divide and divert our attention toward things that are in your masters favor and against the demand of Baloch struggle .
I wounder if you ” like your Uncle did” is working for a General like Kayani or another General who is busy in killing of Balochs.
Have you in your entire life ever visited Balochistan without your ISI friends?
Aren’t you half Burmese, who belongs to the oppressor group who been denying the rights of minority in Burma . Like the Panjabi doing in Pakistan .
Mr Masti Khan , Balochistan will be independent soon, you and your masters will fail and can’t divide us anymore.

Adel Baloch







One Response

  1. Dear brothers and sisters….assalam o alaikum
    we read those two questions and they are very good questions……..i only want to add that Gay (ahmar masti Khan) is an idiot useless good for nothing person.
    and About sardars……..
    what ever we have and are suffering from till today is all because of this sardari system guyz…..
    they have destroyed us we have to finish sardar and sardari rule otherwise our struggle for an independent balochistan all will go in vain….

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