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Abdul Hayee

to balochunity

Always  keep goal in mind and keep final destination in mind. Simple failures, setbacks are part and parcel of greater destination. Keep in mind that Balochs needs unity, Balochistan needs unity from sons of soil. Love Baloch people, love balochi culture and love Balochistan than every ailment, failure is minor and it should be non existent when you feel love distractions are non existent.  Choices, better choices for liberation is necessary. Contineous struggle brings positive results. Struggles which continues for longer duration have different effects over people who follows. Some start with sincerity and ends with treason. Some start with neutral lines and ends on  great notes. Consider the example of Razzique bugti and Nawab Akbar Bugti. Nawab got martyrdom and a martyrdom for balochs is a greatest achievement because balochs are pushed and dealt extremly wrong by punjab dominant forces and its allies from whole world. The people who needs desperately needs whole world attention are still get silent response from whole world and rising against such forces who have “NATO” and USA allies a decisive allies is a greatest thing in this world, a example which doesnot exist in whole world. Balach marri is a “Beacon of light”. All Balochs from child to older aged, from girls to older grandparents, from womens to labourer take pride having such great people in their nation. Although sindh suffers from punjab but such people is not available there, all pagaras, bhuttos, zardaris are doing wrong with the sindh. There is no akbar bugti, Balach marri, General sherof marri, mir hazzar marri, brahmadagh bugti, hameed baloch and many examples from balochistan is no more there in sindh. Always consider positive things and higlights positive side of struggle. Baloch struggle is full of positive things. Get good inspiration from martyrdom and contineous struggle from resourceless, supportlesss balochs.

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  1. dear,

    jab tak baloch qoumi tehreek ki qiyadat sardaron aur nawabon k hath men hey tab tak baloch qoum ki unity na momken hey kunke ye aik haqiqt hey ke sardar aur nawab sub say opehlay apna aur apnay tabqati mafadat ko tarjeeh detay hen darhaqiqt unhen middle/lower class ki interest say kowi sarokar nahin hota.her qabila ka sardar apnay qabila ki na srif baladasty chahta hey balkeh wo dosaray qabahili sardar k zere dast kam karnay ko herqiz bardasht nahin karta. magar afsos ki baat hey ke hamaray middle/lower class k workers aur intellectuals b sardaron aur nawabon k hath mazeed mazboot kar rahay hen yahi baloch siyasat ka almiya hy.

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