Why Baloch Hal, Asap? Why NOT DAILY TAWAR?

The government of Pakistan has decided to ban Balochistan’s first online English newspaper, The Baloch Hal, on the advice of sensitive government departments, reported Dawn News.According to the details, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), which monitors the internet operations in the country, has confirmed to have received instructions from high-ups in the government to ban the Baloch Hal, which is currently the most widely quoted newspaper about Pakistan’s gas-rich province of Balochistan.

One Baloch commented “Malik, Now you are a legitimate nationalist, whether you acknowledge it or not. The enemy sees you as one. Congrats, and Good Luck.” Another reader said “It does not surprise me and it is not an unexpected news. Pakistan military thinks they can save this country only by killing Baloch people and imposing a media blackout in Balochistan.”
“Baloch Hal and other Baloch media is trying to expose the problems and issues of Baloch and Balochistan to world which wasn’t digestable to pakistani establishment and puppets sitting in Balochistan Assembly. .My sincerest sympathies and support is with Mr.Siraj Akbar and Baloch Hal team.we will fight for you and Baloch Nation till last.Struggle till victory.”

Abid Mir said ” When Asaap was banned then nobody came to us. Today, another Baloch media outlet is being strangulated by those who claim to be the champions of press freedom. Those who believe heavans have fallen down if certain news channels are cut off for one hour by the cable operators have observed unadulaterated silence.  They pretend as if nothing has happened at all.”

“They forget that 70 magazines have been silenced and nobody ever knew about them. This is the age of communication, internet, Facebook. If we keep talking about it, a lot can be said on the topic.  This is not the newspaper of a Baloch bureaucrat that people would distribute sweets while engaging themselves in a debate as to who is senior and junior. They remain ignorant about the capabilities, wrath and passion of these young Baloch professionals.  This is not merely a ban on one man or an institution.  This  is in fact a ban on the Baloch young generation’s ability to think freely, read, write and speak up. This is not the right but the responsibility of every educated, Baloch writer, orator and thinker to protest against the ban.”

Why the Daily TAWAR IS not banned, which is closely connected to Khair Baux Marri ? http://www.dailytawar.com/

REMEMBER ………..Khair Baux Marri is “made by Government of Pakistan” to hamper baloch liberation movement, his weapons were given by govt of pakistan. His men are not touched by govt, including himself. Govt does not see him as threat.



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