The Prominent International BUGGA ,Ahmer Masti Khan attacks another respected Baloch

– On Sat, 11/6/10, Issac.Baloch <> wrote:

From: Issac.Baloch <>
Subject: Re: The Prominent International BUGGA Ahmar Mustikhan attacks another respected Baloch leader
To:,, “bso_na” <>,, “Balochvoice” <>,
Cc: “Kachkol Ali Advocate” <>, “Jaorak Baloch” <>
Date: Saturday, November 6, 2010, 10:34 PM

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From: Jaorak Baloch <>
Subject:The desperation of certain Baloch nationalist
To: undisclosed reciepients

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From: jaorakbaloch <>
Subject: [BalochWarna] Re: Kachkol Ali first wife wins Norway lottery
Date: Saturday, November 6, 2010, 10:21 PM

no mater what you think about Kachkol or his political Alliances the manner in which Masti Khan has conducted his assault is not only shameful but regrettable, not only in Baloch society but even in the most progressive western societies peoples personal lives are not attacked by honorable journalists, Ahmar has proven that not only he is not a true journalist, even not a true baloch but in my opinion not even a member of a civilized human beings, Kachkol’s personal life should remain truly personal, unfortunately Kachkol made the gravest mistake of allowing Ahmer into his house in good faith as a Baloch but oversaw the fact that Ahmar is nobody is friend not even his own.

Ahmar unfortunately knows that he is a bourdon on Balochistan and liability to the west therefore he obeyed’s by no rules has no respect for any system or culture. The comments about peoples wives would cost heavily on Ahmer if he had been in balochistan but we also know the fact that if he had been in Balochistan he would not dare even think of passing such derogatory comments about baloch. Its about time the baloch Diaspora including the United States govt realize that such a human being who has no allegiance and respect for their own can not respect and promote the values of his host nation

On Sat, Nov 6, 2010 at 10:23 PM, Issac.Baloch <> wrote:

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From: Jaorak Baloch <>
Subject:The desperation of certain Baloch nationalist
To: undisclosed reciepients
Date: Saturday, November 6, 2010, 9:37 PM

The tragedy of Ahmar Masti Khan entering Balochistan;s politics, a person not worthy of kitchen politics has unfortunately sneaked his way into Baloch nationalism????


The sudden affiliation of Ahmer Masti Khan with nationalist hero Hyrbyair Marri and his  blossoming lieutenant Faiz Baluch is raising questions in the minds of genuine and sincere baloch nationalists, why??? The hero’s have compromised, has their heroic life expectancy come to an end therefore they have resorted to yellow journalism through a second grade journalist.

It is but normal for us none political people yet sensible people to assume that there is a flaw in the system we can clearly see that the present  patrons of Ahmar Masti Khan are hoping that Ahmer Masti khan can fill in the blank (replace) the ranks and files of those whom they have lost through the misconduct.?????
On Sat, Nov 6, 2010 at 7:39 PM, Issac.Baloch <> wrote:
Hairbiyar Marri and his lieutenant Faiz Baluch must stop supporting this BUGGA and completely disassociate from him if they still think or claim to be Baloch or Baloch leaders.
On Sat, Nov 6, 2010 at 7:24 PM, Abdullah Al-Baloshi <> wrote:
It is sad that some so called Legenadry figures are still supporting this Fag, who have abused everybody. Any one who associate with this Bugga is not different from him. It time for those who associate with him to reflect and realize that this Fag has doen nothing any good to their good name or improve their image among Baloch masses, but have demaged the Baloch cause and Baloch unity. It is time they should dump him in the dustbin like a trash.
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From: Baluch Reporter <>
Date: Sat, Nov 6, 2010 at 3:40 PM
Subject: Prominent International BUGGA Ahmar Mustikahn attacks respected Baloch leader
To: undisclosed reciepients

Prominent International BUGGA Ahmar Mustikhan attacks another respected Baloch leader
The Prominent International BAGGA Ahmar Mustikahn attacks another respected Baloch leader Haji Kachkol Ali Adovocate and ask him to appologize to him for rejecting and insulting him (not sleeping with him) during his stay with him in Oslo.
OSLO, Nroway: A prominent self proclaimed Fag, who proudly claims to be an international Bugga, is very upset and angry over the attitude and mistreatment of Haji Kachkol Ali advocate, a respected Baloch Politician from Pakistani occupied Balochistan, who had recently taken political asylum in Norway.
According to Kachkol Ali, Ahmar was drunk that night and he tried to seduced me at his place, but I told him that I’m not interested and told him that I have two wives and I want to be faithful to them, but Ahmar insisted me to act and dropped his pant in front of me begging me to do him. I told him no way and told him him to get out of my house and get lost, but he didn’t.Finally I kicked him out and closed my door on him. He left angrily threatening me to teach me a Big lesson”, Kachkol told this Baluch reporter over the phone.
“I can’t believe this. He has a dirty mind”. Kachkol told this reporter. Earlier Kachkol wrote an
e-mail condemning Ahmar Mustikhan for attacking him and his wives in Publich forums. I love my both wife. Who is this Bugga to tell me which one I should bring to Oslo”, said Advocate.
Ahmar Mustikhan is a close associate of the so called Baloch leader Hairbiyar Marri and his bodyguard Faiz Baluch of London. According to sources, Ahmar Mustikhan is getting $1000 dollars from Hairbiyar every month to promote him as “National Hero, Shining Star” and “Baloch Representative” in yahoo groups. The other two “close” associate of this Fag are Samandar Askani and Hafeez Hassan Abadi (Duzz), both are hired ISI agents and working against the Baloch Nationl struggle in Oslo (Norway).
Recently a Baloch sister from Quetta, Balochistan, Shazia Khalid,  questioned Hairbiyar Marri and his bodyguard Faiz Baluch, for supporting this gay. This is a shame and against the Balochi traditional”, she wrote. “How such a pious struggle of independence can be won with such immoral companions?”, she asked Hairbiyar Marri in her e-mail. “What you people want to teach us that if tomorrow a group of prostitutes comes and ask us that they support our cause then we shall make them our fellows and advisers and struggle leaders?”, she asked.  “Please do not put the whole Baloch nation in a Traumatize situation”, she concluded in her e-mail.
Here are Kahckol’s e-mail that he wrote to this Bugga, Ahmar Mustikhan.

— On Fri, 11/5/10, Kachkol Ali Advocate <> wrote:

From: Kachkol Ali Advocate <>
Subject: Re: Kachkol Ali first wife wins Norway lottery
To: “Nizar Baloch” <>,,, “bso_na” <>,, “Balochvoice” <>,, “Faiz Baluch” <>, “Baloch warna” <>
Date: Friday, November 5, 2010, 9:13 PM

If character is lost all thing is lost

Ahmar Mustikhan,
Your behavior is unpardonable without any justification you used filthy language against me, I am amazing what should I do with you if I do not refute your allegation which amount admission or to refute which create tempest then it would be reasonable to give you replay to you, I know you very well what sort of man you are and what is your character. Once Siraj Malik said that Ahmar wrote in his article that he has penetrated a bottle of coca cola in full size in his ass and enjoyed with it. It’s means that you are habitual if a so called bangali gorgej Baloch do not bother her honor in Baloch society which is odious and shameful. It is also pertinent to state here that you have applied for asylum and termed yourself as a eunuch in balochi called baga. Baga is Balochi word which Masti khan should ask this word from any Bizenjo, because this dengue virus haunted you by Bazenjo after that virus bazenjo are embargo to Masti khan home. In Balochi there is a proverb when anyone does not care his ass then what one can expect from that Bastarated  retarded animal. Hence in this respect one philosopher says that

Wealth is lost nothing is lost
Health is lost something is lost
If character is lost all thing is lost

K.Ali Advocate
— On Sat, 11/6/10, Ahmar Khan <> wrote:

From: Ahmar Khan <>
Subject: [Baloch_Culture] Very true: If character is lost all thing is lost
To: “” <>, “” <>
Date: Saturday, November 6, 2010, 5:24 AM

Dear Kachkol Ali:

I am very sad to see your uncalled for emotional outburst. I did not expect this from you as I have always written very favorably about you.

Very true:  “If character is lost all thing is lost.” I must humbly submit you have lost your character by writing such gibberish.

I guess you did not like my recent article about you having two wives? My advise is you must be truthful to the world.

You could have easily called and spoken with me if you did not like the recent post about your bigamy and I would have incorporated any changes without affecting the truth. Let me assure you many people liked it and one friend called me from the USA and said he thoroughly enjoyed reading the piece.

When you privately called some of your friends in National Party “characterless” and also said you had resigned from the party, I wrote this in an article. You were very upset and I removed the paragraph you did not like. Many web editors including Wendy Johnson and Faiz Baluch will bear testimony to this that I sent an email to them to remove the para.

For me the Three Shining Stars of Balochistan Hyrbyair Marri, Brahumdagh Bugti and Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch are almost like prophets from God, but you told me Dr. Allah Nazar is not much of a big shot as he calls you on the phone himself. I was with you for some days and did hear Nawab Zulfikar Magsi return your call, but never heard Dr. Allah Nazar call you. Any reason why you call Allah Nazar “small fry” when he is willing to give his life for Balochistan? Is this not National Party policy and approach to belittle Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch? You also call Balochistan National Movement leader Khalil Baloch a teenager and that you will never in your life work with him.

You also boasted about your friendship with Nawab Magsi and Parveen Magsi. I am not sure what kind of threats you face in Pakistan, when you are friends with people like Nawab Magsi and Parveen Magsi.

You also desired Hyrbyair Marri to call you personally. I do not see any good reason why he should do so when you have not publicly denounced the Kings party, National Party; neither have you announced your resignation from the party.

If Hafeez Hassanabadi, whose pen is devoted to the independence struggle, made the demand you must quit the party, he was very much justified to do so. Please do not use deceptive tactics like I have “spiritually resigned” from the party. What is this nonsense?

I recall very well when Taj Gichki asked you this same question and I clapped you became very emotional.

You also told me Samandar Askani is not trustworthy as he never showed up at the Oslo airport in spite of promising you to do so and that he went into “hiding” for several weeks after you arrived in Oslo. That is why you advised me not to visit him in Boros.

Please do not try to split the genuine people who believe in the liberation ideology like Samandar Askani and Hafeez Hassanabadi. Please do not try to isolate Hafeez Hassanabadi in Oslo. I call upon all good Baloch in Norway not to be misled by your deception as even though Hafeez Hassanabadi is rigid and I too do not like rigidity, but he is genuine, upfront and talks straight. Both Hafeez Hasanabadi and Samanadar Askani are our precious soldiers in the war of liberation of Balochistan and I condemn you for your actions of trying to create a rift between them.

I thought you were a friend and even when I was in Oslo I requested you to please choose one wife as Westerners do not like the idea of two wives. This idea seems very sexist and biased that a male can have two wives but females can’t. Will you allow your wives to have a second husband each? You say you believe in equality of sexes, please answer my question honestly.

If you do not believe that having two wives is wrong — while your wives can not have a second husband each –, please ask your honorable lawyer Randi Hagen Spydevold or for that matter any Western woman. I am sure they are going to smack you for being so selfish.

I hope you are not trying to poison Ms. Spydevold’s ears about the genuine forces who would definitly be put to death if they are returned to Pakistan.

I was also ashamed and highly embarrassed when out of courtesy I took you along to my meeting with Ms. Randi Spydevold and you asked her to give you a fraudulent letter that you work for her legal practice so that you can get residency in a commune in Oslo. In fact I was shocked when you made this demand and also insisted to her “you must.” Norway is not Pakistan and how do you expect a lawyer of high stature like ms. Spydevold to concoct a false paper just to allow you to live in Oslo? Like myself, she too will think you are “characterless” just like your other colleagues in National Party that you have not resigned from.

I also note with serious concern your personal, baseless attacks. I always thought you are a person of intellect and character, but your moves to isolate Hafeez Hassanabadi in Oslo is not aimed at one person but the entire movement.

Returning to the main topic, I humbly request you to please divorce one of your wives so you can start your new life in Oslo with a clean and honest chapter. Also as far as I recall you told me you had honestly told U.D.I. that you have two wives. Now i am having doubts about what you say as you say one thing in public and quite another in private, just like any other Pakistani politician.

Even if you have abused me left, right and center, I forgive you. Please let me know what was the thing you did not like in my article? I will try to revise it. But if you want me to remove the piece, sorry that won’t happen.

Best regards,
Ahmar Mustikhan
PS: I am not sure why you have also attacked Faiz Baluch of London and called me his “blue eyed boyfriend.” though he is like a son to me. Shame on you. The guy using that email is Wahid Baloch as I can recognize him by the style of writing. Please apologize publicly to me, Hafeez Hassanabadi, Samandar Askani and Faiz Baloch.
Regardless of difference in style and approach we are one in body and soul and no Nawab Magsi friend can divide us. Sorry.



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