An open Letter to Faiz Baloch and Hairbiyar: Please Answer to a Baloch Sister?

From: Shazia Baloch

Date: Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 9:50 PM

Subject: Please Answer to a Baloch Sister?

To: AAmmeeri , Faiz Baloch

Cc: Balochi culture

Salam Waja Ameeri wa Durah Baloch Brasan,

With my deepest regards, I as a Baloch sister and member of a Baloch family, who is a victim of Pakistani intelligentsia has taken the courage to ask some questions from Baloch diaspora members.

Please do not take anything negative, I am asking with good faith, but the truth is sour and pinches everybody.

I have seen Mr. Faiz Baloch picture with Waja Hairbihar Marri and have heard lot about him that he is sincere to the Baloch cause etc. I have been a part of rallies walking on the roads and chanting slogans in favour of them. That may be one of the reasons today I and my family is a member of a missing persons families.

But today what has pushed him to join hands with Ahmar Mustikhan and his un-natural colleagues?

Whatever Faiz Baloch has written about Hafiz Hasan Abadi and Kachkol Ali that is right, I and many of my fellows agree with that. Specially at Balochistan University Quetta most of the Baloch boys and girls are aware of their agenda. Now they can not hide themselves under any non rooted or rooted tree. Even today General (R) Qadir Mengal says that, Hafeez is my men. Sorry to say that, both of them are the army man. Non of them are of their own so how they can be for Baloch.

” I will be the second one who will follow Dr. Allah Nizar if he takes up arms and goes to the mountains starts a freedom struggle” Kachkol Ali said at Bolan Medical College at a gathering on 20th September 1999.

Seem them where they are standing. Today it is very much apathetic that he claims to be the trusted man and friend of Mir Abdul Nabi Bangulzai.

Then how and why Mr. Faiz you have forgotten that, Who is Ahmar Mustikhan?

Even Punjabis and Muslim Leagues have not forgotten about the Parvaiz Musharaf and his companions. How many sacrifices Chaudary brothers have given for Punjabis ? But until now they have not forgiven and mixed up with them.

Muslim League Nawaz and Muslim League (Q) have not merged yet. Because Q league supported a non Punjabi. They did not harmed the Baloch nation.

But unfortunately, our Baloch heros and leaders have forgotten all. They are making heroes the companions of Musharaf. Who killed our leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bughti, bombarded Baloch villages, kidnapped Baloch males, females and infants.

It is a general norm that now the dictator fellows are writing and chanting against him. In any sense and logic it does not mean that they are clean and make them a part of the Baloch struggle or consider them as Baloch fellows.

Have you forgotten who was Zubaida Jala and for what purposes she exported her tout Ahmar Mustikhan to America?

Our Idealogy and will is so strong that even if Zubaida Jala herself comes to us and promises to join our camp we will not accept her until for the double of the period she served to Musharaf serves the Baloch cause with sincere intentions. After that we may think to consider her a fellow not as a hero and leader.

Zubaida Jalal in Feburary 2010 when there were news about Bangkok conference started campaigning for the idea of Ahmar Mustistan with Pakistani authorities at top levels for publishing a pakistani newspaper at Washington DC named ” Bright Pakistan”. She was having Ahmar Mustikan’s e-mails and project documents. This time she failed because it was PPP govt. and there were other much better and faithful Pakistanis then Ahmar Mustikan or the moral of Pujabi has grown up higher then of Mr. XX ( surely not of Baloch).

Dear it is a struggle of blood and idealogy. For only becoming a Gay Ahmar’s family has not forgiven him then how you people forgiven him and made him a part of Baloch struggle?

Have you forgotten that, one of the worlds most liberal country United Kingdom where you live. One of the Govt. Advisors resigned when this news came to the public that he is a Gay. How such a pious struggle of independence can be won with such immoral companions.

What you people want to teach us that if tomorrow a group of prostitutes comes and ask us that they support our cause then we shall make them our fellows and advisors and struggle leaders ? Abilities and potentials have never been a substitute for moral ethics. When and how you have changed it?

The Baloch mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers and elders have not changed it yet. Mubarak to you and Waja Hairbihar for such emancipation. He claims that Waja Hairbihar supports him.

As per my home teachings that, if an immoral person is in the fire or on the frying pan even then he or she lies and never trust him or her.

At the end I am sorry for my harsh writing and I request you all that, even if you find something right in my writing then please re-think on you plans twice and thrice and more and restructure your plans and fellows. Please do not put the whole Baloch nation in a Traumatize situation.

A Baloch Sister,

Shazia Khalid



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