Khair Baux and sons Ltd Co. runing ISI death Squads

Nawab Khair Bux Marri aka KB, who Joined the ISI and was sent to Kabul in 1970”s to watch Mujeeb’s Afghan and Soviet’s forces to collect information for ISI, is running ISI death squads to eliminate Middle class Baloch nationalist leaders in Balochistan. In 1973, when Soviet’s left Afghanistan, he was airlifted in a C-130 Paki military aircraft into safety, first in landed in Islamabad where he was rewarded with lumpsum cash money by Gen Zia-ul-Haq and then flown to Quetta. He was an ISI insider then and he is an ISI insider now, living in Karachi in the midst of ISI and MI shouting slogan of Azaadee with impunity and running several ISI’s death squads, killing Baloch Nationalist middle class leaders using different names such as BLA, BLUF, Baloch Gheratmund Group (BGG) , Baloch Mussala Defai Tanzeem (BMDT) and Ansar-ul-Islam, to fool the peopel, while his sons are constantly intouch with Zaradari and Malik Rehman making deals. His son Mehran recntly visited Islamabad with Sana Baloch under the ISI protection and he met Rehman Malik and several other ISI and military personal.


The same group (BLUF) a BLA pocket outfit, who kidnapped John Solicky for ransom money is also behind the kidnapping of many Baloch activists including Zakir Majeed, Dr. Din Mohd, and Ahsan Arjumandi and killing of Ghulam Mohd, Lala Munir, Sher Mohd, Habib Jalib Baloch, Majeed Lango, and Liaquat Mengal. All of these have been killed by the same group, using different names, with help and full support of ISI. BLA, BLUF, Baloch Gheratmund Group (BGG) , Baloch Mussala Defai Tanzeem (BMDT) and Ansar-ul-Islam, are all different faces of same gang run by KB and sons, created buy ISI and have been given specific task to eliminate Baloch middle class leadership.

(BLUF, Baloch Gheratmund Group (BGG) , Baloch Mussala Defai Tanzeem (BMDT) and Ansar-ul-Islam) = BLA (KB and sons Ltd co).


Who is Rasheed Baloch?

— On Wed, 3/31/10, Np Balochistan wrote:

From: Np Balochistan

Subject: Re: [balochi_culture] Ahmar Mustikhan spreading lies and distorting facts…


Date: Wednesday, March 31, 2010, 4:12 PM

Waja Rashid is from my hometown Kech. I know him and his entire family. He is a one eye person, like Mullah Omar. He look here and see there. He is blind and can not see the facts. He is not a international lawyer and he knows nothing about the International law, but he still insists to make himself look like a fool and to show how stupid and dumb he can be????

Waja Rashid and Fag Ahmar are “close” personal friend. He visist this Fag often in DC and they eat, drink and sleep together. What Ahmar can give him, his wife can’t. So Waja Rasheed is obligated to support this Fag at all cost. With his one eye, he see only this fag as the only person who is supporting Baloch struggle. Waja Rashid will defend this fag and his rotten ideas at all cost no matter how much this fag attack and abuse Baloch leaders like Ghous Baksh Bezenjo, Khan Kalat and other Baloch leaders and activists.

If Waja Rashed had some Balochi gehrat he would not associate with this Fag him but he is a big Begerat with no Balochi water in his eyes, not even a single drop. They think by getting more Baloch killed or exposed them to ISI so they can be arrested or kidnapped is the way to liberate Balochistan, because there is no loss to themselves and it also provide them another day to celebrate their death, offer Fatia, collect more funds from poorly hard working Baloch in Gulf and then take off leaving grieving families on their own.

They are only there to use the martyrs blood to cash it in and blaster and polish their Murky rotten political image. They want to get every Baloch killed by making them emotional with fancy slogans so they can be exposed, profiled and killed or kidnapped by ISI, a part of Paki Baloch elimination plan.

Waja Rasheed Shame on you. Thra ye Burmi Bugga-e Koon mubarak BBeet.

On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 11:29 AM, Majeed Baluch wrote:

Waja Rasheed,

Can you tell us how many farts there including yourself in a donkey A$$. Are you an international lawyer? do you know anything about international law beside passing stinky gases in public? What is your purpose to join a Burma fag to spread misinformation??? Why are you blackening your face with this fag??

— On Mon, 3/29/10, Abdul R. Baloch wrote:

From: Abdul R. Baloch

Subject: RE: [balochunity] Re: [balochi_culture] Ahmar Mustikhan spreading lies and distorting facts…


Date: Monday, March 29, 2010, 9:32 PM

Mr. Mureed,

Ahmar’s activities are not questionable, rather your activities are seriously questionable. Ahmar is supporting the Balochistan’s genvin mainstream politics and supporting those whose sacrifices are not hidden among the Baloch people. You and your friends do not need to take 180″ degree turn overnight and discredit those who have given their life for the Baloch cause. Your politics is one man show, you just follow the personalities. We all should look at the ground realities in Balochistan, and should support those who have actually made differences and gave sacrifices, and have the capabilities to mobilize the Baloch people to right direction.

You can not mislead the Baloch people by establishing a legal fund in the pretext of taking the Balochistan case in the International court of Justice(ICJ). Did you read the ICJ jurisdiction for filing claims? ICJ has no jurisdiction over individual claims. Only the independent countries that are members of the UN, have the entitlement to bring claims to the ICJ against the other countries, even the United Nations Agencies cannot file claims in the ICJ. The UN Agencies can only seek an advisory opinion from ICJ in certain circumstances. Instead of wishful thinking of taking the Balochistan case in the ICJ, why not you establish a legal fund for filing human rights violation cases in the European court of human rights against Musharaf, where any one is entitled to file cases against human rights violation. My friend, support those who are trustworthy people, where betryal is on option for them. Those who are not serious and back-track any time cannot lead the Baloch struggle to its final stage. No offence intended.



To:; balochi_culture@yahoogroups. com;


Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 08:34:16 +0000

Subject: [balochunity] Re: [balochi_culture] Ahmar Mustikhan spreading lies and distorting facts…

Dear All,

Ahmer Mustikhan has deliberately trivialised the Baluch struggle. His activity are questionable, he knows no bound. He continues to try to find who is who and then prints the names on his site. His visits to Pakistani Embassy have been exposed.

Ahmer Mustikhan has declared him as the official voice of Nawab Khair BuxMarri and sons. It is up to Marri family to distance themselves from Ahmer Mustikhan. In my opinion it is not befitting that Nawab Kharir Bux Marri be represented by Ahmer Mustikhan.

From: Majeed AlBaluchi

To: balochi_culture@ yahoogroups. com; balochunity@ yahoogroups. com

Sent: Mon, 29 March, 2010 4:11:46

Subject: Re: [balochi_culture] Ahmar Mustikhan spreading lies and distorting facts…

If some one doesn’t show respect to Baba-e-Balochistan and Khan-e-Azum and his family, then he is not a Baloch. I think it is time that some one need to hit this Burmi fag on the head with a dirty shoe and slap him on the face to tell him to shut the “F” off and get lost. He think he can distort the facts to divert our attention from his Paki master’s crimes against Baloch people but he doesn’t know that he is just passing gas in the air. We know that Mir Ahmed Yar Khan never gave up to save Balochistan. He is the one who announced Balochistan’s independence on 11th of August and called the grand historic gathering to celebrate the Balochistan’s independence, but this Burmi Fag, Paki ISI agent, think that by spreading lies and distorting the facts he will succeed to sell the Paki fabricated distorted story and everybody will buy it?? he so mistaken. Baloch people know very well the facts and they can not be mislead by such cheap 3rd rated propaganda by a 3rd rated self proclaimed proud Bugga, dog shit eater.

Khan Kalat or his family are highly respected in Balochistan. No matter how much shit this Fag eats or spread around against Khan of Kalat and his family, it will not ebb any love of Baloch nation towards their Khan and his respected family members. Khan of Kalat and his family members have given more sacrifices than anybody else in defending Baloch land and Baloch honor. Even today his grandson Mir Suleman Daud Khan is with us and is trying to save Balochistan for the last time, despite the obstacle being created by these Paki Fag agent and his associates.

It is a shame that he didn’t say one word against his uncles Mir Nawab Bahi Jan, Jam of Lasbela and Nawab of Karan, who kissed Jinnah feet and joined Pokistan, but he keeps on barking against Khan of Kalat and his respected family and spreading lies against them and distorting the facts. We know who is paying him for all of this.

Those who associate with this Burmi Fag Ahmar Mustiken are the true Baloch enemy of Baloch Nation and they will be “marked” as such.

— On Sun, 3/28/10, Gull Mohd wrote:

From: Gull Mohd

Subject: Ahmar Mustikhan spreading lies and distorting facts…

To: balochi_culture@ yahoogroups. com, balochunity@ yahoogroups. com

Date: Sunday, March 28, 2010, 7:54 PM

This Burmi Fag Ahmar Mustikhan ate some shit last time by saying that Baba-e- Balochistan Mir Ghous Buksh Bizenjo was sodomized in Jail by Paki military, without any proof and now he is eating shit again by uttering another disgusting lie against the Khan of Kalat and his respected grandfather Baloch Ruler Mir Ahmar Yar Khan that he was slapped and beaten by Paki military, without any proof?? Sure he knows a lot what Paki military does or did. After all he is an insider and his one brother is in Paki Air force, but the question is why propagate lies and distort facts by blaming Khan of Kalat and his family to cover up and hide Pakistan’s ill against Baloch people and divert the attention from real culprits, the Pksiatni army and ISI. let me ask this Burmi Faceless Fag and Paki ISI agent, Can he tell us where was he when his uncles Nawab Bai Khan of Mekran, Nawab of Kharan and Jam of Lasbela joined Pokistan unilaterally, bypassing Khan of Kalat, to broke and weaken the Baloch confederation ?? If he have lossed his memory, doesn’t mean the historical facts can be hide or distorted?? Before blaming Khan and his family, he should check the facts to not make himself look like a fool by promoting Paki lies and distorted facts and propaganda. Sure he forgot that it was his uncles, Nawab Bai khan , Jam of Lasbela, Nawab of Kharan who all welcomed Jinnah, kissed his feet and joined Pokistan unilaterally without the consent and will of Baloch people and Mir Ahmed Yar khan, leaving him alone and surrounded. In fact Mir Ahmed Yar Khan tried to defend and save Balochistan’s sovereignty to the last minute and again in 1958, he rebelled against Pakistan, following his visit to USA and was put in Jail. With betrayal after betrayals from these Sardars and Paki collaborators, he did not want further more Baloch blood shed and finally he signed the so called instrument of accession under duress.

Read the facts: >> http://www.issi. 2006_files/ no_3/article/ a2.htm

Where was this Fag and barking dog at that time. Sure with a Barking dog like him Paki ISI doesn’t need anybody else to sell her Paki distorted version of Balochistan’ s story to mislead and divert the attention of her ills against the Baloch people by putting the blame on Khan of Kalat and his family instead of Pakistan and/or the Baloch collaborating Saradars, like his uncle Nawab Bahi Khan of Mekran, Nawab of Karan and and Jam of Lasbela, who acted unilaterally and joined Pakistan without the will and consent of Khan of Kalat Mir Ahmaed Yar Khan, to Isolate him and forced him to surrender to Pokistan. Now that His grandson, HH Mir Suleman Dawood Khan is trying again to Save Balochistan for the last time, these same elements have joined hands together along with this hired Fag to conspire against him to make him fail in his efforts to save Balochistan. And still these fake faces think they have some guts to speak and bark for Balochistan.

. What a Shame.