Changaiz Marri statement: Exposing FRAUDSTERS, Harbyar Marri & Mehran

Khair Baux Sons & Co Ltd is crumbling, A GOOD NEWS FOR BALOCH FREEDOM MOVEMENT. Congratulations Changeiz! We salute for exposing corrupt brothers by speaking truth.
Semi-literate, corrupt leaders with no moral values, like Harbyar Marri and Mehran cannot be leaders of Baloch. Sooner Baloch people realise and take charge of the movement better for the people. A leader who did not completed 10th class, with no scruples should be kicked out soon.

Harbayar & Mehran are fraudsters of Balochistan– Jangis

The Baloch Hal News

LONDON/QUETTA: Charismatic pro-independence Baloch nationalist leader Nawabzada Hyrbyair Marri has termed his elder brother Jangiz Marri, who is a key leader in Balochistan of the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-Nawaz), as the killer of Baloch independence mission by selling his consciousness and deciding to become a part of the ‘enemy’.

The Baloch leader said this in a newspaper statement which was published on the front pages of almost all Urdu newspapers of Quetta on Thursday. The statement was a part of the ongoing media battle between pro-Islamabad Jangiz Marri and his younger brother, Hyrbyair Marri, a staunch supporter of an independent Balochistan.

The younger Marri said Jangiz’s role (in the Baloch movement) had been unsatisfactory and that of negligence since the inception. The members of the family as well as the ideological comrades did not trust Jangiz due to his “suspicious activities”. Friends, who had remained a part of the Baloch independence movement for several decades and monitored  the entire movement very closely always had their deep reservations, about Jangiz.

He was living in Afghanistan and Russia as an ordinary tourist by remaining totally aloof and indifferent towards the plight of the Balochs who were on exile in Afghanistan due to the injustices of Pakistan. He did not have any interest in the devastation caused to the people of his nation or the aims and objectives of the Baloch movement. Only the Balochs who were forced due to the injustices of Pakistan to go to Afghanistan can tell who stayed with theme and shared their pain during the hard times. They can also testify who received their price of their sacrifices.

“When  we were on exile, I was twelve years old while Jangiz was twenty-five. He only stayed once in Hilmand with the banished Balochs along with my father [Nawab Khair Baksh Marri] for merely twenty days. After that, he never inquired about the state of the Balochs languishing under the State (Pakistani) excesses in Afghanistan or inside Pakistan,” he said.

Hyrbyair Marri said the secretes Jangiz had threatened to disclose (in his previous newspaper statement issued against Hyrbyair) had already been shared with the enemy.

“He has sold his consciousness in secrete meetings with former ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) chief Hameed Gul in Sharjaha, UAE. After brokering the deal, he came to Kabul and told my father (Nawab Khair Baksh Marri) that he was going back (to Pakistan). Father was not happy with Jangiz’s decision of returning but the latter insisted that he could no longer stay in Afghanistan. He went back to Pakistan in spite of being forbidden to do so,” disclosed the Baloch leader, “because he had entered into a secrete deal with the State (of Pakistan). At that stage, we thought had been grown weary of life in Afghanistan. We did not have knowledge about his contacts with the State.”

He added that besides hefty amounts of dollars, his elder brother had been gifted a white land cruiser by the Home Department (Government of Balochistan) via “kind friends” of the ISI. In the past, his friends had continued to secretly reward him.

“ After two years in 1992 when we ended our exile from Afghanistan and returned to Balochistan, the longstanding deals between the State and Jangiz had been exposed. The State and its bought servants began to propagate that they had managed to create rifts in the Baloch movement.”

The Baloch leader said by offering a  land cruiser to his brother, the establishment wanted to assure the already present pro-government elements that we have added another (Baloch) member in your ranks.

“We parted our ways as soon as we came to know about the deal. Jangiz completely become rebellious by joining the enemy camp and confronted the Baloch independence movement. The Baloch cause was being affected due to his negative role. He was becoming a source of disgrace for the whole family and the great national objective. Thus, we ended all contacts with him. Taking advantage of the situation, the enemy came up with the poisonous propaganda that Baloch movement had been shattered,” Hairbayar recalled in his statement, “but the real situation was different. With the passage of time, the Baloch nationalist movement was adapting itself according to modern, scientific and ideological lines. Today, the Balochs are fighting on different fronts. The movement is not controlled by an individual.  It is in the hands of educated young Balochs who are cognizant with international principles.”

He said he could proudly declare that he had not sold his faith and never compromised on principles. “I stand on my demand about freedom for Baloch people. I have never claimed to be the leader of the nation. I am only performing my role as an ordinary Baloch. I see the respect given to me by the Baloch nation as a matter of honor for myself. Living in London, I still keep raising the voice of my nation. If I had compromised, I would be roaming freely like Jangiz. I do not need a certificate from the people who give “wake-up Punjabis” calls.”

He regretted that Jangiz was thankful to the Punjabis but would not utter a word for the missing Baloch persons. He wondered if his brother could not do anything for his own on suffering Balochs then what other big achievement he would make (for the others).  It is clear what it means to observe complete silence over the killing of thousands of Balochs but crying out on the killing of Punjab “informers” (in Balochistan). This is the deal between his small and elder masters i.e the Punjabis and the United States of America.

“Blaming the Balochs for getting external assistance is old fashioned now. By saying so, Jangiz is trying to follow (former Balochistan chief minister) Jam Yousaf and others to get the support of his masters. This is not a Baloch tradition.  By talking about victimization, he is advancing the Punjabi interests. Jangiz is the purchased servant of the very people who forcefully occupied the Baloch land. He should not teach the Balochs (to to do and what not to do). The movement of independence, entailing the martyrdom of thousands of known and unknown people, was not initiated on the wish of someone nor will it end with the propaganda initiated by some people.

“Jangiz’s remarks against the Baloch movement are an insult to the Baloch martyrs and freedom fighters which will not be tolerated by any sane Baloch,” he observed.

He said the will of his late brother Nawabzada Balach Marri was not included in Changiz’s decision to join the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N).

“As a brother, he (Balach Marri) used to come and go to Jangiz’s residence. On that day (when Jangiz joined the PML-N), he had told Balach to visit his house because some guests were coming. No consultation had been done with him about joining Muslim League. Suddenly he announced to join the PML-N. Balach’s presence in the meeting should not be translated into his consent to Jangiz’s joining of Muslim League,” he clarified, adding that late Balach never greeted Jangiz after year 2000.

In his words, Balach did not stay in touch with Jangiz from Kahan, Quetta and even after going to the mountains.

“The Baloch nation should think beyond family relations and resolve to cleanse the Baloch society from black sheep in their ranks. The Baloch movement is heading fast towards its destination with success. It is the time the Balochs distinguish between their leaders and robbers. Informed Balochs already know all the realities but the enemy is trying to mislead the ignorant Balochs by saying that is the issue of a family or an issue between two brothers.

“The enemy and its agents are our equal enemies,” he commented, “they share the same strategy and objectives. Balochs are being killed and kidnapped one by one. Some “sold Balochs” are helping this tree of disloyalty to grow up.  They are weakening the movement like a mint. They are supporting the enemy by selling the blood of fellow Balochs. They are still brazenly defending their actions. Such merchants of national interests do not deserve to be forgiven. With the arrival of the right time, it will be decided what the punishment for certain people is. Baloch nation is capable of deciding about its (future) fate. This nation knows what the ultimate punishment for the “national traitors” is. There is nothing above Baloch national interests. As far as personal relations are concerned, he (Jangiz) should know that for the interests of our motherland, Balochistan, we have ended all our relations and contacts with him. While living inside or outside Balochistan, we have not stayed in touch with him. Even I did not make a phone call to him.”

At the end of the statement, Hairbayar said he had to state with great regret that Jangiz, as his elder brother, should have guided him in the right direction but unfortunately he had joined the people who had occupied the Baloch land.

“It is primarily these reasons due to which we have decided to part ways,” he concluded.