Raj Karay Sardar

Gul Khan Naseer highlights  the plight of the Baloch people and the cruel treatment meted out to them by the Sardars and the Sardari system. For example, in one of his poems, Raj Karay Sardar, specifically addressed to the Sardars, he says:

The children cry of hunger,
The old men are homeless,
The mothers weep in hidden corners,
There is nobody even to borrow money from,
But Sardar is our ruler.
There is no end to cries of infants,
Lovers go to bed without food,
The beloved are selling even their beauties but,
O brother! The Capitalist is still hungry,
And my Sardar rules over us.
Without food, without clothes are the miserable people,
Wailing and crying is heard from every house,
But Sardar wants work without wages,
Be it a Gardner or a Bijjar.
Our Sardar rules us, cuts throat, picks pockets, sucks blood.
Leachy creature,
Bones of ribs and skulls are his victims.
O brother! Through the instrument of Jirga.
Our Sardar rules us.
He creates feuds, banishes brotherhood,
Puts brother against brother,
And with both hands sweeps wealth through bribery.
O brother! He is our lord,
Amazing are the ways of my beloved land.
The people go hungry and naked,
But the jingle of money makes those parasites dance.
O brother! Sardar rules over us,
Our lords, these darlings of Crown,
Intoxicated with their power and wealth,
Why should they listen to our cries?
O brother! They are gods of this earth,
These Sardars rule us.

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