Changis Marri, son of Khair Baux Marri a Traitor

Khair Baux Marri's son a traitor ?

Chengi Marri is with Muslim League. Who will question Khari Baux Marri.


One Response

  1. Good that you acted as I said and put up the full image, now people can decide who is who. It is clear from your blog and spewing venom against Nawab Khair Bux Marri that he’s only your target. The rest of the Sardars are Angels and they did nothing wrong. It proves the highest level of your hypocrisy and the lowest level of your bringing up. The language that you used in your blog is worse than the language of Lordi (Mirasis) in Balochistan. Are you sure your parents did no mixing up.

    Why is that if Changyz does something wrong you blame Khair Bux, When Magsi ‘whom you describe as Son-in-law of Nawab Marri, does something you blame Khair Bux but When Khan Kalat’s whole family is with Pakistan you don’t even mention it. Not only you do not say anything about them but you don’t blame Khan for his family’s deeds.
    Dr Allah Nazar rightly exposed these slaves of Pakistan and their conspiracies against Baloch freedom struggle. He clearly said that apart from Nawab Marri all the rest of the Sardars are working for Pakistan and he categorically mentioned Chief of Sarawan, Chief Jhalawan and the family of Khan Kalat. I think if you are against Sardars then you should struggle against all of them. Otherwise there is no difference between you guys and the Punjabis who also like you have Sardar phobia but they talk against only three Sardars. Marri, Mengal and Bugti, because the rest of the Sardars are from them not from the Baloch, they are working for the interest of Punjab not for the interest of Balochistan.

    The people you are trying to portray as middle class leaders Jumma, Munir and Wahid, We in Baluchistan do not know them to be honest with you guys. It is good you invited government of Pakistan to negotiate with them and I am sure that is what they want. I hope you’ll post my e-mail, oh and I’m copying it to National traitors’ blog as well at least one of you will hopefully publish it 🙂

    Long live Baloch Sarmachaars
    Down with all those who are conspiring against our
    National leader and founder freedom struggle Khair Bux Marri , May he live long to see his dream of Independent Balochistan come true – Aamin

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