The worth of a vision is in its executed reality

A Sardar psycho wrote this about Khair Baux Marri & Sons

“Waja KBM is not a person only .we, the majority of Baluch, clearly  know that he is the name of an ideology, vision, movement and revolution itself and sacrifices of him and his great sons are unmatched in the world of revolution and never be forgettable”

A vision without action is far less  noteworthy than action without vision. A vision must be acted upon; it must be exernalised and articulated. In the end, the worth of a vision is in its executed reality. For the past 60 years Baloch people were led by few elite, gave more misery, sorrow, it’s time for Baloch people to change.

People who use puppets to project themselves as great leaders must know their acts stand public scrutiny that could be a major embarrassment. If you want to become a great leader, try to work with all groups, Not by leading them, not by managing them, but by inspiring them. Try to come out from tribal mindset.


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